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Chapter 13

~Josie's POV~

I look around in search for Emilia but I end up seeing something more interesting at a corner of the bar.

Some group of men at a table. One guy has on a hoodie that looks exactly like that of Jake's. Wait do I still have that or I returned it?

Then I notice a scorpion tattoo on the arm of another guy who's sitting next to the one in a hoodie. I really don't like where this is going...

Some also have the same logo on their shirts. They're like the whole gang itself—the Scorpions. My heart suddenly skips a bit. It's feels like I just stepped into a death room.

But then there's a good looking man, probably old enough to be my father. He's dressed formally, putting on a blue suit with really dope shoes if I may add.

Why is someone like him with those kinda people? What could he possibly be doing with the Scorpions? They look dangerous. Correction, they are dangerous.

What are you doing with a dangerous person like Jake then? My subconscious asks me.

That's totally different, or is it? But well at least I don't see him with those guys. Maybe he's not in that deep. I hope so..

"Josie! Over here" I turn and spot Em before walking over to meet her.

"You came!" She exclaims before giving me a hug.

"Friend of yours?" A bartender with the name-tag Scott asks Em.

"Yeah this is Josie. Josie, Scott." She says and we both exchange pleasantries.

"Need a drink?" Scott asks me.

"Um.." I don't think I want to really. That's the last thing on my mind right now.

"No time for drinks now Scott." Em cuts in.

"Your wish is my command Strawberry." Scott says before he walks to the other side of the bar.

"Strawberry?" I turn to Em, demanding for an answer.

She just blushes before saying, "I'll explain later."

Is she over Dylan already?

"Alright so what's the big deal? Where's the emergency?" I ask her, because I don't see anything wrong with her so far.

"See those guys at the table over there?" She says, pointing at the same table I was just looking at a second ago. Wait does she know about the Scorpions too?

"Yeah, what about them?" I ask nervously.

"The well dressed guy there, that's my dad." She says,almost screaming before turning back to me. "I called you here to see yourself, so you won't say I'm just being paranoid over nothing."

"That's your Dad!!" I ask loudly or shouted rather, causing heads to turn towards us. Luckily, her dad's table is close to the speakers so they didn't hear me shout.

"My God Josie. Are you trying to make him see me?"

"Sorry, but really that's your dad? What's he doing with such people?" I say a little quieter this time.

"I wish I knew. I told you he was still hiding something. I just knew it." Em says, looking at her dad at the corner.

"Well I didn't know it'll be this complicated. So it's not a woman then?"

"Do you see a woman Josie? There's definitely no woman! He hasn't even mentioned her in weeks." Em says with a grumpy look.

"How long has he been over there with them?"

"Too long, if you ask me. I should just walk over there right now and ask him what this is all about right? I'm tired of his suspicious acts and whatever all this is. I'm gonna go ask him right now." Emilia says before standing up from her seat.

"Em, hey take it easy." I say trying to persuade her otherwise.

"I'm going over." She says.

"No no no, you can't." I drag her back forcefully, making her fall back on her seat.

The last thing she'll want is pissing off those scorpion guys. At least with what they did to Jake, which I'm definite they did, that's enough for me to know they're nothing but bad news.

"Why? Why can't I go?" She asks me, trying to set herself free from my grip, but turns out I'm stronger. Hehe.

How do I explain this to her? I can't start telling her about the scorpions or Jake, she'd just freak out and I don't think Jake would even like the idea.

"Well.." I started off, trying to think of the right words.
" wouldn't wanna create a scene."

"Create a scene? I don't even care about that now. I'm just worried about my dad, he's all I have left." She says the last part quietly and stops struggling to get loose of my grip.

"Hey, don't say that. Sure you have him and he's definitely not going anywhere but you also have me, and Owen and Vivian, even Jake and maybe parts of Dylan huh?" She looks up at me with a small warm hearted smile before giving me a hug.

"I still haven't talked to Dylan actually, been avoided him since the party." She says, releasing me from the hug.

"Oh well you can't do that forever Em, it'll ruin our group." I say with a puppy dog face.

"I know that, I just need time I guess." She says.

"Just promise me you'll talk to him, whenever you're ready at least."

"Yeah, promise." She smile at each other before she turns towards her dad again.

"So, what do I do about my Dad?" She asks with her eyes still on him.

"How about you talk to him about it when you get home or we'll find out ourselves, it'll be our own secret mission." I say, earning a chuckle from her.

"So, you in for plan A or B?" I ask her.

"If I ask him myself, he might come up with another lie. I've had enough of those, so plan B it is." She says with a smile.


"So what brought you to your secret hideout in the first place, especially on a week day?" I ask Emilia while driving us to her place with her car. She's definitely not in a good state to drive right now, seeing she had a bit more than her usual.

"What, are you planning on scolding me ma'am?" She says with a small chuckle.

"Just asking Em, I know you only go to your hideout when something's wrong. Tell me." I ask with concern.

"Well yeah, something was and still is..." She says, bringing out a paper from her bag.

"...I got a big fat D on my test today!" She places the paper right in front of me for a second before shoving it back into her bag.

"Ohh Em. I'd hug you right now but my arms are kinda busy. I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's alright."

"So what do you plan on doing about it?" I ask her, looking at her for a sec, before turning back to the road.

"I don't know Josie." She says with a shrug.

"You know, I can help you study if you want." I offer.

"There's nothing... Wait! What? Really?" She says with a soft tone.

"Yeah. I'm not so bad at it and anything for you Em." I tell her with a small smile.

"Oh my God! Thank you Josie!" She says, bringing herself to hug me tightly.

"That's if we don't have an accident before then. I'm driving Em!"

"Oh yeah. My bad." She says before letting go of me, but the smile doesn't leave her face.

Em can be the cutest thing ever sometimes, I'm so glad I have her in my life.

"Thank you again Josie, I don't think I can stand failing another test yet again."

"It's the least I could do Em."

We continue the ride to Emilia's house singing along to the loud music blasting out from the speakers. It's like our very own Karaoke special.


"So, I think that's all on Calculus, pretty simple now right? I ask Emilia, while writing down the final answer of our last question.

We decided to study for our paper tomorrow, before going ahead to discuss plan B.

It took a lot of convincing to make Emilia study first, before starting our secret mission.

"Yep, I understand." She says closing the book in front of us and pushing it aside.

"So, what's up with you and Jake?" She asks out of the blue.


"What? We're done studying. I'm definitely gonna ace my papers. I got all the questions you gave me to solve right." She says, defending herself.

And yes, I did give her a little test. That's my personal way of teaching and my cute little student complied.

"Okay, fine." I decide to end our studying, she did do well after all.

"So...what's up with the both of you? You both seem a little bit distant lately. He doesn't come over to our table despite Skylar's tantrums, no coming to bug me in school asking where you are every single time, no..." She continues rambling, before I cut her off on hearing the last part.

"Wait, he does that?" I ask her, as I feel a blush coming on my cheeks.

"Is someone blushing?" Em teases me as she pokes my poor little cheeks.

"So tell me, what's wrong? Did you have a fight or something?" She asks.

"I honestly don't know myself. Right after Skylar's party, his attitude seemed off. And then I see him on Monday with a swollen face, same as Josh. They probably got into a fight maybe. I tried talking to him but it seems like he's avoiding me or something. Like what do I have to do with his grudge with Josh?" I ask Emilia.

Like seriously, what do I have to do with this?

"Stay away from Jake.." Josh's words from that day, ring in my head. Why would he want me to stay away from Jake? I never really tried connecting the dots though. I've been preoccupied with my test and interviews. What could possibly be...

"Josie! Are you even listening?" Emilia says, waving her hand in front of me.

I totally forgot she was here for a second there. I didn't even hear a single thing she said.

"I said well, we don't know why Jake is avoiding you, but do you think he has anything to do with my father?"

"What! Why? Why would you think that?" I say a bit too quickly.

I don't know why I'm trying to defend him or something, but I know that I really don't want Em to know Jake is a Scorpion.

"Oh, um one of the guys that my dad was with, had on a hoodie that looked like the one Vivian or rather Jake borrowed you, you know, the day your clothes got messed up." She says.

Oh dear Lord, what am I gonna do now?

"Anyone can have a hoodie with a scorpion on it, the producers definitely didn't just make one. Its all just a coincidence. " I say a bit nervously.

"I guess so, you're probably right." She says, which brings relief to my troubled heart.

"Okay, so enough about Jake, tell me about that Scott guy from the bar?" I say with a smirk, switching the attention to her.

She blushes before explaining how they met and how he's just a friend, well doesn't seem like it to me though.

We spend the rest of our time talking about boys—I tell her about Hunter, different bizarre ideas for our oh-so-secret-mission and random girl talk, completely ignoring the Grown-ish series playing right in front of us. It doesn't take long after that before Em finally falls asleep.

It's just 8pm and she's wandered off to dream land already, she's probably exhausted anyway.

I leave her a small note on the table before gathering my things and heading home. It's been quite a day.


"Hey my little Star, did you miss me?" I ask my little cutie on entering my apartment. He continues meowing, probably waiting for me to carry him.

"Awwnn, you definitely missed me." I pick him up, giving him a nose kiss.

"Well I definitely missed you too. Let me just go shower and then we'll have our Josie and Star studying night. Alright?" He simply meows in response before I drop him back on the floor.

I walk to my bedroom and Star follows along, settling himself on my bed.

I drop my bag on the table, take off my jacket and then I notice a piece of paper fall on the floor.

"Hm, where'd that come from?"

I slowly pick up the paper from my bedroom floor, opening it to read what it says:

"Need some answers? Call this line—099564123."


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