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Chapter 14

~Jake's POV~

I take off my shirt to change and then my hands slowly move to my back. The spot right below my left shoulder that holds so much regret and will always remind me of the shitty place I'll forever be a part of.

Every time I think about its presence there, I'm reminded of my mistakes caused by desperation, my craving for freedom and a better life. Little did I know then, that it'd come with a price. A price that my hands will forever be stained with blood, the blood of both the guilty and innocent; and now with her blood.

I stare at my reflection as my mind starts to replay what happened last night.

I walk down the quiet street I have unfortunately become familiar with, since the day I ran to them for help with my father's debt.

Sometimes, I just wish I never followed him that night, the night I lost my mother to cancer. And sometimes I'm thankful I did, cause if I hadn't, that night, 6th of July, would have taken both of my parents away from me.

The street was filled with tons of huge and uncompleted structures that now house the homeless and us...

I finally reach the incomplete building which was now known as our meeting place. Seeing the structure, arrangement and plus, the elevator, seems like this place was meant to be a mall or something.

Ignoring the liquor bottles scattered all around, I head straight for the elevator to get to the basement—our main hangout. I'm very certain it was arranged by D-boss, probably to avoid any random beggar walking into one of our meetings. I doubt they'd even dare it anyway.

"Hey man, hold on." I hear a voice yell, as I step into the elevator.

Lucky for him, he was fast enough to catch up before the doors close.

"Oh, Junior, it's you. What's up man?"

My head remains down, completely ignoring his words. I really hate it when the guys call me that.

I already knew who it was, an idiot that took it upon himself to get on my nerves every single time.

I 'm certainly not interested in having a conversation with him since it always ends up with us throwing punches at each other and I am definitely not in the mood for that right now.

"Sure, ignore me."

I still don't say anything but look straight at the ceiling with my hands in my pocket.

"You got on Boss' nerve again right." He says, more like a statement than a question.

"Of course you did, you're good at screwing things up." He adds.

I take in a deep breath trying not to get angry, as one of my hands is already in form of a fist.

"Your pathetic self couldn't just drug that chick and the bitch you call a cousin would..." I don't let him finish his statement before my fist connects with his ugly face.

I pull him by the collar and slam his back against the wall of the elevator.

"Diego, don't you fucking talk about her like that!" I say through my teeth.

A smirk appears on his face and I realize we're already at the basement and everyone's eyes are currently fixed on us.

I release my hold on him and walk out of the elevator.

"Hey man, calm your nerves, boss is really angry right now and I'm sure you wouldn't wanna make it worse." Sam, one of my guys, says.

I nod my head slightly, ignoring him as I walk towards Damian.

"You can leave." Damian says, dismissing some guys in front of him.

I sit down on a chair opposite his and pour myself some vodka sitting on the table.

"What the fuck do you want this time?" I ask him, throwing another glass down my throat.

"A plan." He says, bringing his cigarette between his lips and lighting it.

"Another plan, since you screwed up the first one."

"Thanksgiving is fast approaching." He continues.

"So?" I ask.

"And that is when we will strike, when her guards are completely down. And you, Junior, will be the one to do the job."

"Fuck you!" I spit at him.

"Why the fuck must I be the one to do this, can't you get someone else to? Why in hell do you even want her? Can't I be on that Mr Drake's mission?"

I really don't want any bloody work.

"No son. You've started this and you must end it. She cares about you already which means she won't suspect you. And why I want her, is none of your business." He says.

"Don't you fucking dare call me son. And it definitely is my business, seeing you put me on the job!"

"Watch your tone boy." I can sense his anger already rising.

"Don't fucking tell me to watch my tone Damian!" By this time, I'm already on my feet, staring right at him.

"What the hell will you do to her when I bring her to you!" I ask in rage.

"That again, is none of your business. You have no right to question my orders." His patience has also reached its peak, seeing we're both on our feet yelling at each other's faces.

"I have the right to. I fucking have the right to! You fucking want me to break the trust of an innocent girl that already feels terrified by you?! Why the fuck are you after her, to kill her?" I shout back at him, trying to get some answers.

"Junior!" He shouts, sending me a warning with his killing look. But I didn't even flinch, I was way too angry.

"What are you gonna do? Pin me to the wall and punch the hell out of me? Go ahead and hit me you maniac!! I walk towards him and stop right in front of him, not breaking eye contact.

But he does what I least expected. He sits down on his chair and brings his cigarette back to his mouth.

"No one brought you here you know? It could have ended with your Uncle but you chose this yourself." He says, pouring himself a glass of vodka.

"Don't you fucking go down that line!"

"I'll give you my loyalty you said..." He continues, quoting my exact words from that night.

"Those were your words, not mine." He says.

"Shut the fuck up!!!" I yell, snatching the bottle from his hand and throwing it at the wall, causing a very loud noise.

I hated the memory of that night.

"Jake." I hear Sam call my name and the footsteps of some of the guys probably behind me right now but I simply ignore their presence.

I notice Damian's bodyguards had also taken their stand, prepared to take action incase I try to do anything irrational.

But I certainly don't care, the rage in me is already at its peak and I'll let it take control of my actions.

"Don't you dare use my words against me, you left me with no fucking choice!"

He stands up from his chair again and walks towards my direction.

"And now I've given you a choice, bring me my girl or I take yours." He says, releasing the cigarette smoke into my face before walking out of the room.

"Jake! Are we still going to the pizza place or not? I'm kinda starving here and your dad isn't back with the groceries yet." I hear Vivian shout from her room, pulling me out of my deep thoughts.

"I'll be right down, we'll leave in a second...foodie." I shout back at her before grabbing another random shirt.

"What did you call me?!" She asks in a threatening tone.

"Nothing Viv, let's go."

I feel a small smile spread across my face. I really can't lose Vivian, she's like my little sister. I can't let Damian harm her. Sigh.

Once you get into these things, there's really no turning back. What other choice do I have anyway? There's no way in hell her hazel eyes could fall in love with mine after all.

I've gotta do what needs to be done to keep her safe, no matter the cost.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Josie's POV~

I try to reach for the last slice of pizza on the table before Hunter slaps my hand away and grabs it instead.

"Really? Why do you get to have the last slice?" I ask him with a scrunched up face.
"Because I want to. You got something below your lip by the way." He says, pointing at me.

I take up the serviette on the table and wipe my mouth.

"Gone?" I turn to Hunter and ask.
"Nope, still there." He says with his mouth full of what's supposed to be my pizza.

I wipe my mouth again before asking him, "how about now?"

"Are you even trying? It's still there." He asks after finishing the last slice.

"How on earth can it still be there, seriously?"

"I'm not kidding Josie." He says with a smile.
"Whatever just leave it there." I say, as I'm already frustrated at this point.

"Hey, let me just get it for you." I hear Hunter say.

"Oh..." My words are cut short as he already leans in to wipe the side of my lips with his hand.

The moment his soft thumb slightly brushed my tender skin to wipe it off, I couldn't deny the warmth that came along with his touch, sending scary shiver down my spine. I look at him and he looks back at me with those pink lips just few inches away from me. He's your best friend Josie, a voice in my head suddenly reminds me.

I look away and clear my throat before he returns back to his seat directly in front of me.

"So, this was fun." I finally say, trying to relieve us of the awkward silence.

"Yeah, I actually thought we'd never see again." Hunter says.

"Yeah, me too. It was nice to catch up on things."

"So where do you stay now, since you didn't get, you know, adopted." He asks trying not to sound rude.

"Oh well I have an apartment not too far from here, I live with my cat, Star." I say with a small smile.

"You finally got to name your own cat that." He says, earning me a wide smile. I can't believe he still remembers that.

There was a cat named White we usually played with together back at the foster home. Me and Hunter were like his parents but I still wanted my own cat that I could call Star and now I finally do. I guess wishes do come true.

"I can't believe you still remember that." I say to him, trying to avoid blushing.

"Of course I do, Mrs White."
"Very well then Mr White. Would you like to meet my little Star?" I ask, playing along.

"It would be an honor my lady." He says before we both burst into laughter, earning stares from people around.

"So, tell me about your sister. Is she adopted too?" I ask him after recovering from the laughter.

"I think so, cause she doesn't really look like either of our parents. But I've never really asked to be certain. There are pictures of her as a kid around the house so it's either she was adopted as a baby or she's their actual kid who knows." He explains.

"Oh alright. She's in high school?" I ask. Maybe we'll get along really well.

"Actually she's also in East High, your school. She just started there recently anyway. You might have heard of her, her name's..." The sound of my phone ringing interrupts him.

"Sorry, let me get that."
I reach into my bag and grab my phone to check the caller ID.

This girl sure loves calling these days.

"Emilia Drake, have you ever heard of texts?" I say on answering the call.

Hunter mouths some words saying, The same Emilia again?

I simply nod my head and smile. This is the second time she's interrupting us.

"I got a B on my paper!!" She screams into my ear.

"Aww I'm so happy for you Em." I tell her, after recovering from her shout.

"Thank you again Josie, oh yeah you said you had something to tell me earlier, what's up?" She asks, making me remember the strange note I found in my jacket.

I thought about telling her but later decided to forget about it. I don't need more problems to deal with so I just shoved it somewhere in my drawers.

"About that, yeah don't worry about it. I'm okay." I assure her, even though I can feel a look of worry plastered on my face.

"You sure Josie?" She asks with a concerned tone.

"Yeah. I'm okay, so I'll text you later?"

"Sure thing, byeee!" She exclaims a bit too loudly, before ending the call.

I'm just glad she's happy, I don't need to tell her about the mysterious note to burden her with my own worries.

"You okay?" I hear Hunter ask.

"What...yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"You looked kinda worried for a second there, you can talk to me about it you know? We're still friends." He says, reaching for my hand from across the table.

Where would I even start from? I embrace the warmth of his hand, still not saying anything yet. I can't possibly start telling him about Damian right now. Sigh.

"It's complicated Hunter, but I'm glad I have you back in my life." I tell him whole-heartedly.

I look up at him and notice his attention is now on something behind me.

"Why's that guy staring at us?" Hunter asks.

I turn around to see that the creeper is none other than Jake Alfresco.


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