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Chapter 17

•Josie's POV•

I sit at my usual spot in class, looking out the window and waiting patiently for our biology teacher to walk in.

Ignoring the echoing voices of my classmates, I find myself reminiscing about my life and how fucked up it is. Why can't I just have loving parents and live in a real home, where I don't have to watch my back every minute?

I hear the door of the class open but my gaze remains fixed outside. I'm honestly tired of school for this year. I could totally make it down alive if I jump down from up here, right? If only.

I suddenly feel like there are eyes on me and so I look forward, only to see that it's the crap-bag that I've been avoiding. I turn away at once, to avoid being deceived by those blue eyes of his.

I'm totally still mad about what happened and so I have nothing to say to him. He should learn what it's like to be ignored. I'm not some toy that he can choose when to play with or not. How could he even kiss me?

I try to take my mind off him as I admire the view of the sky and enjoy the feeling of the breeze as it hits me.

"Josie." His deep voice calls out to me in a very soft tone and screw reflex for making me turn around on hearing my name.

The door of the class opens again and I quickly turn my attention to the door.

Perfect timing sir! I bring out my books and pen, completely ignoring Jake's presence.

Thank the heavens for bringing my biology teacher cause I totally had nothing in mind to say to him.

He takes a seat right next to me, resting his elbows on the table and taking in a deep breath before letting it out a little too loud.

I keep my face fixed on the teacher, trying not to look at him. But I find it harder than I thought, especially when he keeps calling my name like some evil whisperer.

"Josie, please I'm sorry." He says this time, gaining my attention but I turn away almost immediately.

He sighs, probably indicating that he's given up.

A part of me feels relieved that he's done disturbing me while a little part of me felt, well heartbroken that he's probably not even gonna try harder to win me back. I'm crazy right?

I see him slide a note on my desk, so I simply throw him a plain look and he displays the cutest face that reads please, I'm desperate now.

I decide to read the note obviously, who could refuse that pretty cute face anyway?

I thought being cute came with a lot of friendliness? :/

I found myself smiling unconsciously as I read the note written in his crappy but cute handwriting. Using my lines against me, really?

I turn to towards him and I see a sad apologetic look plastered on his face.

I give him a small smile before turning towards my teacher. I guess that's enough to tell that I'm on the verge of forgiving him. Why can't I stay really mad at this guy?!

After an hour of listening and taking notes, the bell finally rings, causing everyone to storm out of the class, including me.

I'm not ready to have an actual conversation with Jake anytime soon cause just looking at him alone, reminds me of the kiss I really wanna forget ever happened. Not that I didn't like it though...

"Josie, hold on!" I hear him shout from behind me, before I'm suddenly pulled back by my wrist.

We both stand there for a second, not saying anything but just looking at each other. I guess neither of us know what we want to say to each other after all.

"See you after classes?" I finally say, breaking our unending stare.

I have Maths with Emilia and I really don't wanna be late. I really have much to discuss with her but I also need to buy myself some time before talking to him.

It still takes some seconds longer before he finally lets go of me. At least I'll have time to think of what to say.

⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️

"Josie, are you okay?" Emilia asks.

"Yeah, I'm good. Why?"

"Cause you've been tapping on the table annoyingly, and also staring at nothing in particular. Did you even notice when I walked in?"

"Ohh." That's all I could say at that point.

"You can tell me anything you know? I think we've reached that level, don't you?" She asks.

What exactly am I supposed to tell her? That my foster dad who I once cared about, wants to kill me and use me for Thanksgiving meat? Great, just great!

I try to think of something else I can tell her without necessarily lying to her.

"Jake kissed me." I finally blurt out something that isn't a lie at least.

"What!!" She exclaims loudly, attracting stares from the rest of the class.

"Shhh! We're in a class Em." I say to her in form of a whisper.

"When did this happen Josie? Why didn't you tell me? Is that what you're daydreaming about?! You totally like him don't you?" She continues talking without space between her words.

"Emilia, calm down. It wasn't that big of a deal, I pushed him away anyways." I tell her.

"Oh, why?" She asks.

"Because he obviously just did that to avoid answering my questions. You know how he's been ignoring us these past few weeks right? I tried to get some answers out of him but he couldn't even tell me anything and he keeps telling me to trust him. Trust my ass." I say, explaining to her what actually happened.

"Wow, so you guys had a fight then?"

"I guess you could call it that." I tell her, before bringing out my books.

"But do you regret the kiss? Cause I see you're still thinking about it." She says, teasing me

"No, I mean yes, I don't know, maybe? I don't want to talk about anymore alright? Let's just leave it at that."

"Alright alright, but you better hide those pink cheeks of yours." She says, pointing at my face.

I simply turn away and cover my blushing face with my palms. Why am I even blushing?! I'm still mad at him!

"It's time to find our Xs and Ys people!" I hear Mr Andrew, our Maths teacher, chant his usual line as he walks into the class.

"You're coming over today right? We now have a lead on our secret mission." Em says, before throwing me a wink.

"Yeah definitely, I'm totally curious about what's going on with your dad now, I mean Skylar? What's with the whole file about her?"

"Only one way to find out. So my house after school? I've got my car fixed and he said he has to work late tonight so we're all clear."

"Cool, I'm in." I tell her, before we both turn our attention to our boring Maths teacher.

⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️

I glance at the clock and it seems like time has suddenly stopped moving.

Seriously? It's only been fifteen minutes into the class and it feels like hours, more like years even.

I suddenly get the urge to use the restroom. That's a good escape to leave this class for a while though, cause boy do I hate Maths. It's totally pure evil!

I raise my hand up to get his attention before he finally gives me a signal to ask my question.

"Sorry Mr Andrews, but I need to use the restroom please." I tell him.

"Wanna go fuck in there?" An idiot says, causing the whole class to burst into laughter.

I give him the middle finger before turning back to my teacher. I wonder why people like that even bother coming to school.

"Sure, you can leave Ms Allen." Mr Andrew says, before I quickly leave for the ladies.

Finally relieving my bladder, I stay in the restroom a little longer than necessary, just looking at the mirror and washing my hands for over five minutes.

As much as I hate Maths, I guess I still can't afford to miss the whole period.

I dry my hands with a paper towel,
before stepping out of the restroom to get back to class.

"I really hope this whole thing isn't true Dylan. It can't be." I hear a sad voice coming from a corner of the hallway.

Is that Dylan? As in my Dylan? Well technically there are many Dylans in the whole school. So...

"Hey, don't cry. Whatever happens next, it's gonna be fine in the end alright? I'm here if you wanna talk." I hear a deep voice which I recognize immediately as Dylan's.

Yep, that's my Dylan. Awww, so he can actually be this thoughtful. But to who?

I know a normal human being should walk away and mind their business right now but I can't help but be curious about this.

I mean, it's not everyday you get to see this side of Dylan. Am I actually doing this?

Josie, it's wrong.

But it's Dylan, if it was me he'd wanna know too.

Still, it's not nice.

After some arguments with my conscience, I decide on staying a while to find out more.

"Yeah, thanks." I hear a girly voice say.

Wait, I know that voice, is it Tracy? No, Sabrina? Who...

"Tell anyone about this, and you're so dead." I hear the girl say again and I'm totally taken aback by who it actually is.

Skylar?! That mean bitch?! She cries? Nice to know she has a heart.

I move a little closer to actually get a view of them while trying not to get caught eavesdropping.

"You have my word m'lady." He says, before moving his fingers against his lips. Probably to signify that his lips are sealed I guess.

She chuckles lightly before Dylan helps her up from the floor. He gives her a quick hug before they walk in different directions, with Dylan approaching me.

What!! Incoming! Abort mission! Abort mission!

My mind starts to panic as I run around in circles before deciding to come out from my hiding spot and act completely natural.

I start walking with my head faced forward, not bothering to check if he's seen me. Just walking naturally, like the natural person I am, totally not eavesdropping or any...

"Josie!" I hear his voice call out my name, making me freeze on the spot.

"Oh hey Dylan, didn't see you there. I kinda have a class to get back to. Can't afford to miss Maths, you now how much I love it!" I say to him, as I slowly walk away backwards.

"You totally hate Maths Josie." He says with a confused look.

"No I do not, I totally love it." I say to him, still backing up slowly. My God even saying that disgusts me. I totally hate Maths.

"Since when?" He asks, crossing his arms.

"Since like, uh forever? Gotta go bye!" I say to him, before turning back and running away as fast as I can.

⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️

Finally, I'm free! I rejoice in my head, as I walk out of the school halls to go wait for Em outside.

"Josie!" I hear my name being called from my right.

Oh God it's Jake! I totally forgot I said I was gonna see him after school. And I still haven't thought of what to say, shit!

I'm so gonna embarrass myself either way so why wait any longer? Sigh.

I walk towards his direction with my head faced down and my mind trying to come up with the best words to say.

"Um hi." I say to him.

"Hey." He replies.

And then silence follows with none of us speaking, until I decide to say something.

"Soo? Did you want to talk or just stare at me all day cause I can totally give you a picture you know?"

"But you're way more beautiful in person." He says, causing me to blush.

"I...I have to go..." I say, as I start to back up a bit.

"No, don't. I'm really sorry about what happened Josie." He says, pulling me closer by my arm.

"It's, it's fine." I tell him, not wanting him to see me blushing just because he's making physical contact with me.

You're not a hopeless romantic Josie!

"No it isn't Josie. I'm sorry for ghosting you. I'm sorry for breaking your trust, I'm sorry for making you feel what ever way I made you feel." He says sincerely before pausing, and I take that as an opportunity to cut in.

"It's fine, I'm not..." I try to speak further before he interrupt me.

"Ain't done Josie...I'm also sorry for kissing you without your consent, not that I totally regret it though." He adds, ending the last part with a smirk.

Okay, now I feel like I want to explode. With his hand still on my arm and him saying that while looking directly at me, I think I'm totally about to embarrass myself right now if I haven't already.

"It''s fine. We're good." That's
the only thing that I could say at this point.

"You sure?" He says, squeezing my arm a little.

"Definitely, yeah, yeah." I say with a small smile before I'm engulfed into a hug.

We both remain on that spot for what seems like a minute before he finally let's go. At this point, I might as well dye my hair pink to match my cheeks.

"Back to friends?" He says.

"We never were." I tell him, just to tease him.

He looks at me with a completely confused face, wondering what I meant by that.


"Now that's just being mean." He says, clearing the look off his face.

"It's called payback Alfresco." I say with a chuckle.

It's like my mind's picked up a whole stored up confidence from somewhere. Wasn't I just a mute pink-faced nerd a second ago?

"Josie!" I hear Emilia's voice from behind me.

"If you both are done flirting, we should really get going now." She shouts loudly over the distance, attracting a few glances and causing the pink-faced Josie to return.

"I'll be there in a second!" I yell back at her, giving her a look of I'm so gonna kill you.

"What's with..." Jake starts to say something before I cut him off.

"I've gotta go now, I'll see you around bye!" I spill out, before turning and jogging towards Em.

"Later!" He yells back.

⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️ ⚜️

"That's a picture of her exiting the school, a picture of her in the mall with her friends, this is another picture of her entering her house." Emilia says, pointing on each picture.

"Hold on" I say, interrupting her as a picture gets my attention.

I grab the picture and I suddenly realize why it stands out among the others, "That's a picture of her in school and it doesn't look like it was taken from a long distance Em."

"Okay, so?" She asks, completely clueless.

"It means whoever took this, was definitely within the walls of East High Emilia." I explain to her and she grabs the picture to take a closer look.

Jake and Josh immediately top my suspect list.
Considering the fact that Mr Drake has something to do with the Scorpions, either of those two might be involved in this.

But I guess there's also a possibility that those two aren't the only scorpions at East High.

Jake just got on my good side, he better not be involved in this or I'm gonna flip.

I pick up another picture which brings me sudden relieve on seeing it. Jake's in the picture with her, meaning he possibly can't be the one spying on her.

"But why exactly would be my Dad be spying on Skylar? What could he possibly have against her? He's not gonna try kidnap her right?" Emilia asks in fear.

"Hey, we don't know anything yet so no conclusions. We'll sort this out together." I say, trying to prevent her from freaking out.

"Yeah, okay." She says calmly, before taking a sip from the glass of water on her nightstand.

I pick up the file and bring out the remaining documents in it, spreading them out on Em's bed, which is already covered with lots of Skylar's pictures.

They're just random snapshots of some important documents like her international passport, transfer request, school IDs and other random stuff.

None of these really answer any of our questions but only creates even bigger ones. Seriously, what's with her dad and this girl?

"Oh my God Josie, my dad's back!!" Emilia yells in panic, as she starts to grab all the stuff on her bed.

"Emilia calm down! He could hear you!"

"Calm down? My dad just pulled into the garage, he might catch us if we don't return all these right now."

"Well if you keep shouting and acting like that, he's gonna get suspicious!" I tell her.

"Okay! Fine, now help me with this!"

Em manages to calm herself a bit as we both arrange the documents back into the file as fast as we can.

We hear the sound of the front door opening, causing us to look at each other in fear.

"Let's stay calm and quiet and get this back into his office." I say to Em, as I try my best to remain calm as well.

"Yeah, okay." She says, before letting out a deep breath.

We both tiptoe into her dad's office quickly, dropping the file on his desk before running out.

"That was close." Em says, seriously panting at this point.
"Really close." I say, smiling at how we escaped being caught.

We both lean on the door of her dad's office, letting out deep breaths as we try to calm down.

"Em, you up there?" Her dad asks, making us jolt up immediately.

"Just a sec dad!" She yells before turning towards me in panic.

"What do I do? What do I do!" She whispers so her dad can't hear.

"We'll go downstairs, act natural. He doesn't know anything Em. Let's just go!" I whisper back to her.

"Okay, acting natural. Come with me." Em says, pulling my arm.

"What? Why! He's never seen me!"

"Well he's gonna see you now, let's go!" Emilia whisper yells, dragging me down the stairs with her.

"Hey dad! How was work? Meet my friend Josie, we've been upstairs studying." Emilia tells her dad, while I stand there like a statue, looking anywhere but at him.

"Oh you didn't tell me you were having a friend over. Hello Josie." I hear her dad say, making me turn towards him.

"Um hello Mr. Drake." I say, finally meeting his eyes.

"Su...Susan ?"

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