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Josie's POV

Walking quietly with my head down under the dark and angry clouds along the quiet street that leads to my lonely apartment. Getting drenched by the rain was more of a comfort than concern, as it hid the unstoppable tears that rolled down my puffy cheeks.

Today was another disappointment I had to witness this week in my intensive search for a job. I get the same reply for the fifth time in a row, "We need a college graduate," they act like college is everything that matters.

Even though Hailey, my foster mom, didn't really acknowledge me when I lived in Maryland, she taught me one thing, "College degrees aren't everything, you had better not be a spoilt brat else you'll die poor." I remember her loud voice ringing in my head like it was yesterday.

Lost in thoughts and drowned in the sound of the rain that seems unending, the roar of a car's engine pulls me out of my head and stops right in front of me. My legs start shivering not because of the cold, but the images that flash through my mind as I recall how I know this vehicle.

Stay calm Josie, it's not possible. Before I could finally run, a bag is thrown over my head and next goes my wet body tossed into the trunk like an object.

The smell of cigarettes fill my nostrils and I finally hear a voice, "hello Josephine."
My heart feels like it's about to explode, only one person calls me that. Oh my God, the demon found me!

A/N: Sorry to interrupt your reading lol. Please leave your comments as the story gets interesting, we would love to read them! Bye for now!
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