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Chapter 1

Josie's POV

"Ring Ring Ring!!!"

The annoying sound of my alarm wakes me up and just like the decent human being I am, I slam the head really hard just to stop it from deafening my poor little ears.

Nothing like the start of another school year. I'm so excited the break is finally over. Yeah school can be tiring, but it's way better than the boredom that swallows me in my lonely apartment. I have like an average social life cause I'm mostly busy working or studying to maintain good grades for a scholarship through college.

I head to my bathroom, get myself clean as I listen to my morning jam as always, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because I'm happy!!" I shout at the top my lungs as I use my toothbrush as my microphone. Finally done, I settle for a black jeans and a very big t-shirt that has my name on it. My only tip for dressing is being comfortable. I'm definitely not the classy or chic type of girl but I'm also not a tom boy; just think of me as in between.

"Where the heck are my glasses!?" I scatter my table until I eventually find them. Last time I tried contacts, they almost succeeded in fully blinding me so I'm sticking with my huge circle framed glasses that makes me look nerdy, which by the way I'm not.

Bag, check. Phone, check. "Oh food!" I run to my little fridge, grab my cold burger and quickly microwave before I head out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally arrive at school twenty minutes later feeling so exhausted, so much for not having a car. The hallway is crowded with students talking about how awesome their break went. I on the other hand, have nothing to tell except serving dishes by day and babysitting by night.

After squeezing through the noisy crowd, I find my cute blue locker and arrange my stuff in.
On closing my locker, a face appears right in front of me,
"Owen!" I squeal.
"Hello little one," he says with a grin on his face.
"It's senior year and you're still referring to me as little? Oh come on!"
"Hehe, you'll always be my little one," he says and throws his arm around me.
"Need some help carrying your bag?" he asks while smiling.

I know that good-looking but evil coated smile of his. I refuse his offer just to be safe.
"Looking forward to having a great day then, see you in class!" and with that, he left.

Owen smiling so happily without him scoring a date with Emilia is highly weird. Plus, being all nice to me when it's not my birthday, he's definitely up to something.

I replay our conversation in my head, dissecting every piece of his words, and with that, I know exactly what's going to happen.
"Bring it on Owen," I say to myself with a smirk on my face.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I walk to my first class for the day, English with Mrs Clent. This old lady makes English look like History, but honestly, I still prefer it to Maths.
Owen and I take this class so I better be at alert. No day dreaming today Josie.

I start walking to my seat by the window and I suddenly notice one thing, everyone's eyes following me as I walk.

I get to my seat at last but could still feel their stares on my back. Looking closely at my chair, I realize that it's covered with glue. Well played Owen, well played.

Mrs Clent steps into the class and gets everyone's attention with her usual Monday morning rants about her noisy neighbors. Oh great, here's my chance.

I quickly switch my chair with Owen's right behind mine and sit down comfortably on my glue-free chair feeling so proud.

To cover my plans, I exclaim a fake "OMG!" knowing that's what the whole class has been waiting to hear, and then they all burst into laughter.

"Miss Allen, do we have a problem?" Mrs Clent asks looking at me like I'm one of her noisy neighbors.
"No ma'am,"
"Then keep it down over there."
I laugh silently, waiting for what's coming next.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Few minutes later, Owen finally walks in. My victory time is near hehe. His face finds mine and I give him a deadly stare, as a wide smirk appears on his face. Oh my God, Josie, you are so good at this!

He walks to his seat feeling on top of the world but unfortunately, his happiness won't last long.

Three... Two... One...

"Who the hell put glue on my chair!?" he yells while struggling to get free of the adhesive.

I stand up and smirk at him to show that I'm completely glue-free.
"Wow, falling for your own tricks? That's just sad." I smile deceitfully and take my seat, feeling like the true prank queen.

Mrs Clent gives me a deadly glare while the whole class remains in shock. Oh Josie Allen, you deserve a pat on the back.

I'm the queen of pranks but I don't even prank people, rather I make them fall for their pranks. Hmm, so much for resumption.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's already lunch time at East High and Owen is still mad at me. I wasn't the one that told him to prank me after all. He's Owen anyway, he can't stay mad at me for a whole day.

I smile to myself again as I recall my epic move while chewing on some fries. I look around the cafeteria hoping to spot Owen but he's nowhere to be seen. Instead I see Emilia Drake looking pretty as always in her flowery dress. No wonder Owen likes her, she's a cutie.

Her eyes find mine staring at her and she approaches my table.
"Hey Josie!" She says, smiling as sweetly as ever.
"Hi Emilia"
"Mind if I join you?" she asks nicely. We don't really talk much so I'm taken back by the fact that she wants to have lunch with me today.

Does she think I'm lonely? Or is she here to look for Owen? That'd be cute, but I doubt it. I haven't seen Owen say more than "hi" to her, he just turns pink when she's around, rambles stuff and then walks away speedily. Oh Owen, I laugh within myself.

"Josie?" I hear Emilia's voice and suddenly remember that she's still standing in front of me.
"Oh sorry Em, sure, join me. I think I could use some company." She laughs softly and sits in front of me.

"So Emilia, what brings you to Josie Allen's lunch table." I ask jokingly.
"Well for starters I caught you staring at me and thought I should say hi," she says smiling.

She probably thinks I'm some creep now. I think of what to say as I swallow my fries nervously.
"Ughh.." I suddenly become short of words.
"Are you getting nervous Josie? I'm not the queen of England you know?"
"No I'm not, why would I be?" I manage to say.
"Well okay then," Emilia says as her cute dimples come to light.

Few minutes pass with me and Emilia laughing and talking about different things. Who knew Emilia was this cool? I feel the start of a new friendship as I listen to her tell me all about her break.

"Really smart move with the chairs," a deep voice says from behind me, stealing my attention from Emilia's stories.
"I never thought someone like you could do that," he says and I swiftly turn around giving him the "whats that supposed to mean" look.

"Oh my bad, that's not what I meant really, I..." he tries to apologize after realizing what he said.

I just laugh at how nervous he looks and smile at Emilia who's also laughing silently.
"It's no biggie."
"Dylan is the name," he says as he stretches his hand towards me for a handshake.

I'm really not the social type and I'm terrible at keeping up conversations. It's a miracle how I was able to hit it off with Emilia under few minutes. I look at Emilia and she gives me a "go ahead look."

Oh well.
"Josie." I take his hands in return, before motioning for him to sit.
"And this is Emilia, my cute new girl friend," I say to him while smiling at Em. They exchange handshakes as well.

"So why did he decide to prank you," Dylan asks.
"Well, I guess that's just our thing, bullying a friend when you have the chance to," I shrug.

"Weird," I hear Em and Dylan say, right at the same time. They look at each other and laugh over it.

Seeing that they're both getting along, I excuse myself to get more french fries. On my way back, I nearly trip but succeed in saving myself and not my beautiful fries.

My food means a lot to me. I turn around expecting an apology from the guy that placed his feet on my walking path, but all I get is a smirk. Is he kidding me right now?

"I believe there's something called sorry in your vocabulary," I say to him in a low tune while folding my hands across my chest to show I'm actually being serious.

"For the record, it's not a word I use," he says, still giving me that silly smirk.
"Oh really, then learn to keep your feet to yourself so you wouldn't have to use it, jerk face!"

And with that I leave him to swallow back what he's about to say.

"Josie, what the hell do you think you're doing messing with THE bad guy of East High?" Dylan and Emilia ask in disbelief as I take my seat.

"Teaching him not to mess with me and my food!" I say somewhat boldly.

Trust me, a wave of fear hit me when I realized I just messed with Jake Alfresco, East High's most popular bad guy. I just couldn't show it in front of everyone who already think I'm so brave.

What did I just get myself into on the first day of senior year? Oh Josie, you're in for a wild year.

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