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Chapter 3

Josie's POV

I feel the rays of the sun burning into my skin, as it finds its way through the window. Groaning loudly, I turn to my right side to avoid the radiance of the sun that's about to blind me even in my sleep.

And then it hits me. It's morning!
Oh my God, I have work today. How on earth did I remain asleep despite the deafening sound of my alarm?!

I quickly jump up from my bed to get ready before it gets later.
And then I see it, my phone, lying helplessly on the floor with a shattered screen.

The images of last night start to appear in my head. I remember the text, his text that broke me down, leaving me terrified and unable to close my eyes to sleep as fear consumed me. But my eyes acted on their own, going to sleep after hours of crying.

The exact same way I was two years ago, broken, afraid, helpless and silent all managed to find their ways back to me in just one night.

I pick up my phone with slightly shaking hands, drowning down whatever feelings I felt and start to get ready for the day. I can't let this overwhelm me, I've got a child to babysit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"knock knock"

I wait patiently for the door to burst open, but it doesn't. On wanting to knock again, the door opens immediately, revealing a well dressed Mrs Woods, ready to head out to work.

I wonder what job she's doing that requires her attention even on a Saturday morning. But whatever it is, it gives me the chance to make some extra cash from babysitting.

"Oh, thank goodness you're here. Come in, come in. I'm already late for work. What made you so late today?"

"Oh, I..."
I'm about to speak but I get cut off immediately, as she continues what she was saying. She probably didn't even need an answer to that.

"Well, the most important thing is that you're here now. Okay, so they're almost done with breakfast, they've already done their assignments so you don't have to bother about that and I left some food in the microwave in case they get hungry again."
I simply nod my head in response, to avoid being cut off again.

"Feel free to make yourself something too, if you get hungry. I'm out, they're your responsibility now. See you later Josie."

"Have a nice day Mrs Woods!" I manage to say, before she walks hurriedly to her car.

I walk into the kitchen and find the twins still drinking their cereals, "Hello my two favorite kids, Ally and Austin."

"Hello Josie!" they say in unison.
I smile at them, as I ruffle Austin's hair.
"Care for some?" Austin offered.
"No thank you, gentleman."

"Come on Josie, you need it. You look sooo lean." Ally says, supporting her brother.
Ouch, that hurt.

"Oh do I?," I say to her while smiling, as I tickle her from behind.
"Yeah.. Josie, I'm gonna throw up if you don't stop, Josie!" she manages to say, as she laughs in between her words.

"Okay, I'm gonna let you go just this once."
"So, do you twins have anything in mind for our fun time together?"

Please not painting again this time, I barely got the paint out of my hair the last time.

"Nope," they finally respond, popping the letter p.

"Good, cause I have something in mind that I'm sure you're both gonna love!" I say with relief. No painting today at least.

"What? What? What?" They squeal happily on their seats.

"Frozen 2!!"
"The part 2?" Austin asks.
"Yep!" I assure him.
"Yayy," they both yell, as they run to the living room.

Having connected my small laptop to the television, I quickly get the movie playing before they suddenly lose their interest.

After about ten minutes into the movie, I leave them to get the dining table cleaned up and start working on my assignments.

With them watching tv, I think I have enough time to help maths find its 'ex' as usual, and also do some studying.

Let's get started then Josie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After waiting an extra two hours, Mrs Woods or rather Miss Woods, since she's divorced now, finally arrives.

"Oh Josie, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting till now." She says apologetically.
"It's okay Miss Woods, I enjoy spending time with the twins."
I'm tired and a little mad about it, but I honestly love hanging out with those two.

"Aww, here's your pay and an extra for keeping you waiting dear, it's already six. I'm sorry again." Miss Woods says, as she hands me some money.

"You don't have to really, my pay alone is enough Miss Woods," I hand her back the extra $200.
"I insist Josie, get yourself something nice."
"Thank you so much Miss Woods. If you need me again, don't hesitate to call."
"I won't dear, thank you for watching my kids. Goodnight."
"Night, Mrs Woods."

She really didn't have to though, an extra $200? Maybe I should eat out today then, cause I'm actually really hungry. That spaghetti didn't fill up half my stomach, but I couldn't be rude and eat so much while at someone else's house.

Restaurant it is then. I decide to go to Macy's, which is not so far from here. They have amazing burgers. I usually go there when I have some extra cash on me.

There's a special booth I always eat at. It's where I met my best friend, Owen. We still meet there sometimes just to hangout and chill. I should probably call him when I get there, maybe we could hang tonight. I really need a distraction from the thoughts at the back of my mind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally I get to Macy's and thank God, my special booth is empty. A waiter comes over to take my order and I get my usual cheeseburger and fries with a milkshake. It's nice to be the customer sometimes, rather than the one taking orders and serving dishes all day.

Oh yeah, Owen.
I search my bag for my phone so I can ask him if he's free to hang tonight.

On grabbing my phone, I get a message notification.
Suddenly, my heart starts beating faster and my hands, shaking slowly.
It's a text from the strange number of yesterday.


I feel tears rolling down my cheeks but I couldn't make a sound.
His face, his eyes, his words, were all coming back to me just in that moment.

My vision suddenly begins to get blurry, and then all I see is the darkness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Help! Help! I screamed loud enough for anyone to hear. I run as fast as my legs could, just to get away from him to a safe place. But I realized that as long as I was in his house, there's no place called safe.

He was fast enough to catch up with me. On getting to me, he slapped and punched me just to keep me from fighting; taking advantage of his masculine strength on the little girl he once called his daughter.

This was not the first time I was harassed. But he was always able to silence me cause there was no one I could run to for help. I was trapped in his monstrous home.

After being punched like an object, I was thrown over his shoulder so easily, like I weighed nothing. He carried me to what I think was his room.

He threw me on the bed roughly, not caring if I got hurt. He had this deadly smirk on his face, which made me terrified.

I cannot let him win.
I continued to struggled to set myself free, but he had a tight grip.

"My dear Josephine, you are weak enough for me to crush your bones. Dance to my tunes, and you'll be just fine." He said, with no sign of joke or pity in his voice.

Josie, you can't let him win.
I continued struggling like I was at the point of death. And this time, I was able to get my hand on the bed lamp.

Due to the adrenaline rush through my veins, I managed to gather all the strength in me and hit the lamp on his head, hard enough for him to pass out.

But for a second or two, it felt like I was a murderer, but well it was self-defense after all.

I ran out of the house as fast as I could, not looking back once. I kept on running even when I knew I had covered a safe distance. Just the fear of him appearing right behind me kept my feet on an endless race.

Unconsciously, I ran into a car.
The rear light began dimming my eyesight and the screechy sound of the tires filled my ears as force was applied on the break.

I suddenly hear my name being called from a distance, "Josie?"
My eyes slowly open and then I see him.

A/N: That's it for chapter three guys! What are your thoughts on Josie having seen a glimpse of her past life? I, Vanille speaking, since Choco's shy, think Josie is quite strong. She was able to move on from this past and not let it ruin her whole life but suddenly it's like her past isn't done with her.
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