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Chapter 5

Josie's POV

"You've been a bad girl Josie. I'm sure you know what that means."
The demon said to me, as he smiled deceitfully.

I stood in front of him crying my eyes out. I had mistakenly broken a plate and hid the pieces because I knew he'd kill me if he found out, but sadly he still found out.

His punishments were always terrible, leaving me with a scar each time. When will I be free from this monster!?

"Strip, now."
His voice sent shivers through my whole body. This wasn't the first time he made me do something like this but I hope it'll be the last.

I still stood there, sobbing and begging him with my eyes but this demon had no iota of pity in him.

"Did you not hear me? Do you want to do this the hard way Josephine!" He roared at me with his eyes looking so devilish.

I shook my head saying no and started taking off my long dress. I had always worn clothes that could cover my whole body, leaving no part of my skin exposed, just to avoid his lustful eyes.

He began to smile as I was only left in my underwear. I cried more and more, feeling like a prostitute exposing herself for money.

"Take off the underwear," he said.
I placed my hands at the tip of my underwear and was about to pull it off.

"Stop," the demon spoke.
I looked up at his terrible monstrous face with a hideous scar across his left eye.

"You have a terrible looking body and I can't even bare to see more of it. You disgust me way too much and no one will ever want to even touch you, you are so lucky I'm even willing to take you in." He said, while scanning me shamelessly with his green eyes.

All I could do was stand there in tears with no one to save me from him.

"Put on your dress and get out of my sight. And don't think I'll spare you next time you slut." He spat in my face and walked away.

I broke down there and then, continuing to cry my eyes out.
My head started to hurt so bad like it wanted to explode.

I start to hear a sound that continued to get louder. I kept looking for the source of the noise but there was nothing left around me except my dress.

Suddenly, I see a huge clock coming towards me with so much speed...
And then, we collide.

*ring ring ring*

I wake up sweating profusely and panting, like I had just finished a race.

For once I tap my alarm clock's head lightly, grateful that it saved me from that terrible nightmare—is it even a nightmare since it actually happened?
I feel goosebumps all over, as fear rises in me.

"It was just a dream Josie, he's not anyway near hear." I say to myself, trying to calm down.

*Knock Knock*

My heart beat increases rapidly, as I hear someone banging on my door repeatedly.

"Oh my God! It's him! He's hear! He found me! I'm dead!!" I start panicking, not knowing what to do next.

Calm down Josie, don't give in to him so easily. You can stop him this time, yeah, I can. I was younger back then that's why I was so weak.

*Bang bang bang*

He continues to hit my apartment door like he wants to break it down.

I run around looking for something to use as a weapon. Yes, frying pan!
I grab my frying pan and run to the door.
Okay, breathe in Josie.

*Bang bang bang*

I open the door immediately with my frying pan ready to swing at the demon's face.

"Die you..."
"Josie? what the hell!" I hear Owen's voice which brings peace to my troubled heart.

Throwing my pan on the floor, I jump into his arms,
"Owen! I'm so happy it's you."
I suddenly start crying again, as I let out all my fears into his arms.

"Josie? What's wrong?" He asks worriedly.
"The.. night.. the nightmares... the nightmares are back," I manage to say in between sobs.

He doesn't say anything, but hugs me tightly and lead us to my couch, after picking my weapon from the floor.

"Luckily, I brought some of your favorite soup." I finally hear him say.
He serves us some of his mom's chicken soup, as he takes a seat on the couch beside me.

"Thank you." I say to him, after blowing out my nose with the tissues he gave me.

"No biggie. And seriously Josie, a frying pan?"
"It's the only thing I could find!"
We both laugh over it and then smile.

"Wanna talk about it?" He asks, looking so concerned.

I stare at him, contemplating if I should tell him about the texts or not. Owen has been my best friend since sophomore year. I trust him a lot but I still can't tell him everything about my past. He'll treat me like an egg and spend his whole life worrying about me. He's as sweet and caring as that and I can't help but think of how lucky Em is to have him; even though she's so blind to it.

"Yeah, I'm here."
"What's happening? I thought the nightmares stopped, why are they suddenly starting up again?" He asks with sadness in his grey eyes.

I decide to tell him, he's my best friend anyway. After seeing me looking all broken down like this, he won't leave until I tell him everything.

"Okay, so, I started receiving texts from an unknown number, which turned out to be Da..Damian..."
"Damian!" He exclaimed.

I simply nod my head and he gestures for me to continue.
I spend the next few minutes explaining to Owen what has been happening. Including the Jake part, yeah everything.

"Owen, please say something."
I expected him to react or talk at least, after explaining all that to him.
But all he could do was stare into my eyes and before I knew it, I was pulled into a hug.

"So you've been dealing with this all by yourself, with probably a little help from Jake and you didn't bother to tell me?"

"Oh Owen, you know I don't like bothering you. I just didn't want you worrying too much over me and well I just told you, didn't I?" I say to him, breaking the hug.

"I'm just glad you're alright Josie. Oh one more thing little one, I'll always worry about how you are and you never bother big head." He winked at me, making a small smile spread across my face.

"Thanks a lot Owen, for always being here..."
"And I always will be." He says and kisses my forehead.

"So... Jake huh?"
"Owen please, don't go there now." I said to him, feeling uninterested as I rest my head comfortably on his legs.

"Josie, you know I will. So tell me, you two spent last Saturday alone in your apartment? And you expect me not to question that. I don't think so."

"What do you want to hear Owen?"
"What do you think of Jake, let's start from there."

This is why I had second thoughts of telling him about Jake. I don't even know what I think about Jake myself— do I like him in that type of way or do I just care about him? Isn't that the same thing Josie? Ugh.

"He's a guy that helped me back to my apartment, kept me company and might end up being a good friend I guess."

"Friends." He said to himself.

"Friends don't get lost in each other's eyes even while in a hurry to class. Now do they Josie?"

"Owen, whatever's going on in that mind of yours, brush it off cause it's not gonna happen, never." I say to him, but mostly trying to convince myself.

Is that what I want though? Just friends with Jake or probably something more...

"I never said anything's gonna happen Josie." He says, chuckling.

I roll my eyes at him, not ready for any argument about crushes. Speaking of crushes.

"Owen." I called him, sounding a little serious.
"What's with you and Emilia these days?" I ask him.

"Well, she and Dylan seem to be getting along really well." He said with a bit of sadness in his voice.

"And you're just gonna conclude that she's into him and not you?"
"I don't know, do you think she likes me that way?"

"Well, Emilia and I haven't really talked much on guys, we waste our precious time on other interesting topics, you know?" I say smiling.

"So what, I'm boring now?"
"You said it, not me.."
He starts tickling me and we run around my apartment laughing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I spend the rest of my Sunday hanging with my best friend until he had to leave by 9pm, cause his mom needed his help back at home.

After taking a cold shower, I crash on my couch to watch a movie but I'm suddenly disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing.

I grab the phone from my table and see it's an unknown number. A wave of fear hits me as I realize it could be him. Has he gone from text messages to calls?

I decide on answering it. He can't jump out of the phone anyway.

"Josie?" I hear a deep voice say.
Wait, I know that voice.

"Yeah, it's me. Are you okay Josie? You sound scared." He says.

My heart calms down, realizing it's only Jake, wait Jake?

"I don't remember giving you my number. Are you a stalker now? Trying to find out everything about me?"
I hear him laugh softly into the phone.

"I have my ways Allen. Are you okay though?" He asks again.
"Yeah, I'm okay." I assure him.

For what seems like a minute, we both remain silent just listening to each other's breathing.

"Okay well it's getting late, I just wanted to check on you so... yeah." Jake finally says, breaking the silence.

"Oh yeah, thanks for...checking up on me."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow Josie."
I can't help but imagine his pretty blue eyes gazing at me as he says that.

"Bye Jake." I finally say, as we end the call.
I suddenly feel butterflies in my stomach as I hold the phone tightly against my chest.

What's happening to you Josie? Snap out of it!
I throw the phone on my bed and get back to my movie before my stomach explodes from these feelings.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jake's POV

I end the call with Josie and then my phone starts ringing again.
Oh, it's him.

"Evening boss." I say into the phone.
"How's everything going, are we on track?" He asks.

"Yeah.. yeah we're all good."

"I hope you're not having second thoughts because you can't back out now. You came to the Scorpions for help when your father was in danger, it's high time you repay that don't you think?"

I knew he'd use that as a leverage over me one day.
"I know that, I'm with you." I say to him.

"Good, very good. Keep me updated as always Alfresco." He says calmly.

"Yeah, I will sir."
I assure him, as I know I can't let him down after he helped me.

"Oh and Junior,"
I hate it when he and the gang call me that. I'm nothing near my father, except his looks though.

"Yeah?" I answer him, before he decides to kill me through the phone.

"One mistake, and you're dead."


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