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Chapter 6

Emilia's POV

An unpleasant smell fills my nostrils, as I style my short hair before heading down for breakfast.
Come to think of it, my hair looks just like Josie's but way shorter, obviously. I take a deep breath again, trying to figure out what this awful smell is.

"What the hell? Something's burning!"
I run downstairs hurriedly, to see what wants to cost me my life and properties.

On getting to the bottom of the stairs, I realize the smell is coming from our kitchen.

"Not again dad." Sigh.
He left the bacons unattended to.
This has been happening frequently these days, it's so unlike him.

I switch off the gas immediately to prevent our deaths.
Well, not much damage had been done; just the pan getting really black, poor frying pan.

I yell, searching for him around the house.

"Where could he possibly be?" I rant to myself.

Few minutes later, I find him at the backyard making a phone call, that's seems so much more valuable than our safety to him.

"Hey dad." I say to him, trying to get his attention and let him know I'm ready for school. He's been dropping me off since my car got spoilt.

He seems not to hear me as his focus remains on this important phone call. I know my dad and he hardly uses his phone, but recently he's been acting all weird and secretive with it.

I know he's hiding something from me, definitely. I just can't place my finger on it.

I was about to leave him till he's done with the call, but then a part of the conversation drew me back.

"No, you can't come over today, my daughter has no idea of what's going on" he said.

Who can't come over and what's going on that I have no idea about? Who is he even talking to?

Different questions run through my head as I try to figure this out.
I decide to hide and listen more to this interesting conversation.

"I'll let her know when I'm ready to, that's not your decision to make. Play your part and I'll play mine. Understood?"

So he's really keeping something from me. I just knew my instincts were right.
Sensing that the conversation was coming to an end, I decide to act natural and call him once more.

"Dad!!" I shout at him.
He turns around swiftly, looking nervous as he shoves the phone into his pocket.

"Yes, how are you Em? Have you had some bacon? I... Oh my God the bacons!" he said, running back to the kitchen.

"Don't worry Dad, the house is safe but not the bacons." I say, as I follow after him to the kitchen.

"Thanks honey, and I'm sorry this happened again. You can have some cereal before you leave." He says, feeling guilty.

"No problem. But Dad, are you hiding something from me?" I ask him plainly but softly, staring into his eyes.

I know my dad like the back of my palm. He usually blinks repeatedly and tries to avoid eye contact anytime he lies.

"Oh Emilia, why would you think that?" He says, looking back at the burnt bacon.

"Dad, you've been acting secretive. You hide to receive calls, you come home late for dinner and right now, you burnt the bacons cause you were busy talking to someone, who I'm sure I can't know about, right? Who could you be possibly talking to that I can't know about? Wait, is it a woman? Oh my, why didn't I think of that? Dad are you dating again, is this what this is all about? Are you scared I'm not gonna like her?"

He just stands there remaining silent and looking somewhat, confused?

"Dad, say something."

"Oh I.. yeah.. I'm...I might be seeing someone? " He says stammering.

I walk towards him and hold his hands, "Dad, I've told you before and I'm gonna say it again. I just want you to be happy, I'm not going to freak out or get mad if you choose to get married again. You deserve someone who would love you and stay with you forever."

"Oh honey, I have you to love me, what more could I possibly ask for? Thank you Emilia, but I really loved your mother more than anything you know? Even if I date, I don't think I'll get serious. Looking at you just reminds me of her love each time." He says, as he hugs me tightly.

It still hurts that I never got to meet my mom, the woman who stole my dad's heart and decided to keep it with her.

Back when I was younger, I always hated myself, thinking I killed my mother by being born. But my dad was there for me always and convinced me that I was too sweet and kind to hurt anyone. I love my dad so much and it'll definitely hurt if I lose him too.

"I love you dad." I tell him out loud.
"And I love you too Em."

"Now let's pause all these emotional scenes before you get late for school dear."

"You mean before you start crying?" He usually cries during times like these, I wonder how long he'll sulk when I eventually leave for college.

He pokes at me as we both start laughing.

"So, what's her name?" I ask him, as we both take a seat to have some cereal; since he decided to kill the poor bacons.

"What?" He says, acting oblivious.

"The lady you're seeing, does she have a name?" I say teasingly.
" of wouldn't she have one yeah?" He says nervously.

"And that is?"
He looks around shaking his left leg like I just asked him a trick question.

", her name? Her name is Rose, yeah, Rose Bacon." He finally responds.

"Her last name is Bacon? Really Dad?"

"Yeah, weird right. I don't really think I'm gonna be seeing her that much yeah. We didn't really have much in common." He says, eating his cereal quickly.

Why is he being so weird? I've told him I'm okay with it. Geez.

"Well alright dad, as long as you're happy."

We finish up our cereals with a little talk here and there, before he drops me off at school; still acting weird all through the ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Josie's POV

"Dylan, for the hundredth time, I can't help you with whatever you want me to. It's Monday, I have work after school." I say to the disturbing pest.

"Josie But please.."
"Dylan, NO! And please, don't make me feel like a bad person." I say to him, slamming my locker shut.

"But you are a bad person." He said, pouting and crossing his hands against his chest, looking like a six year old.

"Would you stop acting like that. What are you? Six?"
I need him to quit annoying me, as a terrible driver has done great lengths of that already.

He didn't get to reply, as our conversation thankfully got interrupted by Owen and Emilia.

"Oh my God!" Owen exclaimed.
"What the hell happened to your clothes?" Em asked.

They stare at me waiting for an explanation.

"She jumped into a sewage..." Dylan says and Em and Owen look at me like I've gone insane.

"She..." he tries to continue with his blabbering.

"Oh shut up!" I tell him with a mean look before he gets to say another word.

"Well, a terrible driver thought my outfit was too plain. He or a she I think, decided to give it a splash of dirty street water. And to think for once, I was actually admiring the beauty of a car, but you see where that got me?" I say frustratedly, explaining why my clothes look so dirty.

"It doesn't look too bad" Owen says, scanning me from head to toe, "Right Emilia?"
"Well...your hair looks nice." Emilia.

I hear Dylan start to laugh silently and I hit him in the stomach with my elbow.

"Ouch!!" He clutches his stomach in pain.
"One more word and I'll hit you again!"

"Why didn't you just go back home?" Em asks.
"Yeah, that would have been better, don't you think..." Owen says.

"I couldn't, it's almost first period anyway..."

The bell rings interrupting me and we all head to class, agreeing to meet at lunch.

Walking hurriedly to class, I bump into someone who ends up spilling her coffee all over me, like my day couldn't just get any worse.
I look like a mess right now. Sigh.

I quickly try to gather my books off the floor before I get any later.

"Watch where you're going next time dear, you just wasted good coffee." A doll-like voice says.

I look up and the spiller turns out to be a blonde, dressed up like she came here for modeling.

"Are you for real now? We both bumped into each other cause I was in a hurry and you were tapping away on your stupid phone, before you ended up spilling your coffee all over my clothes! And not even a single apology could come out of that thing you call mouth?" I ask the unfamiliar blondie. I don't think I've seen her face before. She might be totally pretty but she's definitely a rude bitch. Her eyes, they look like...

"You were already a mess before, so no difference dear." She says, interrupting my thoughts.

Her calling me dear just makes the anger in me rise. I think of all the awful words I can say to her but Josie, you have a class to attend, don't waste your words on this brat.

"You're just so pathetic." I say to her fave. And with that, I walk away, heading to the girls restroom to do whatever I can to look somewhat presentable.

"First, the silly driver and now, a coffee spill, seriously!!" I say to my frustrated self as I try to get the coffee stain off my shirt.

Few seconds later, the door opens revealing a dark skinned girl that I surprisingly haven't noticed before at East High.

To be very honest, she looks so pretty. Maybe even more than that brat who probably feels she's a model. Her skin makes me remember that song Beyoncé sang with some African, Wizard or something.
With such flawless skin, she's even more beautiful. Wonder how I've never seen her around.

"Hey, are you okay?" She asks, looking concerned.
"I heard someone murmuring from outside and thought I should check..."

All I did to answer her unreasonable question was to point to myself, telling her to take a look at me. I mean, does she have to ask?

"Oh my...You look..." She looks surprised, so she didn't notice as she came in?

"Don't worry about it, its fine..." I tell her.
"Nooo, it's not, really." She said, trying to pull out something from her bag.

"You can have this for now, here."
She hands me an oversized hoodie, that has the image of a scorpion at the top corner, as I wonder how it's hers.

" Oh, wow. Thanks a lot..." I just realize I don't even know her name.
"Vivian, I'm Vivian." She fills in for me.

"Well, thanks a lot Vivian, you really didn't have to. Oh and I'm Josie."

"It's the least I could do. Now we should probably head to class, cause I'm guessing we're already late." Vivian says chuckling softly.

"Yeah, definitely. See you around then?" I smile at her.
"See you around Josie, bye."

We wave goodbye as we both run in opposite directions to get to class.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I burst into the class panting, as all eyes turn towards me.

"I'm so sorry I'm late Mrs Bay. It'll never happen again," I say to my biology teacher with pleading eyes.

After lot of hesitation, she finally replies, "Alright Josie, go have your seat."

I walk to my seat and then realize Jake's is right next to mine. When did he start taking Mrs Bay's class? I just hope he won't be a distraction.

"Where did you get that hoodie from?" He asks, as I take my seat quietly to avoid any more stares.

"Way to start a conversation jerk face."

"Yeah, yeah. Where'd you get that hoodie from?" He asks again.

It's just a hoodie for crying out loud. Is it so obvious it's not mine?

I turn to him fully and ask, "Why do care so much about where I got it?"

He leans closer and whispers, "because it's mine..."


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