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If you have a happy family this probably isn’t for you. This is about a family and how it’s been till now. I hope reading it makes someone who feels the same way feel better and relate. Anyone who’s been going through something just know that you’re not alone and you’re brave.

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My family

So it consists of me and my two sisters. Just kidding. It consists of me, my two sisters Angelina and Maddie and my parents. So this is how my family is we can’t ever have a normal conversation and pretty much every conversation turns into an argument. And we never really sit together and eat because none of us can stand each other. Sometimes I look at other families and wonder what went wrong with ours. We never go out together. Most of the time my dad never accompanied us. I wish if I could change one thing I’d change the way we response and would love it if everyone sat together to eat and would be respectful towards each other but that seems pretty impossible. My sister Angelina once said “if a fresh fruit stays with rotten fruits it turns rotten too” I think this spoke volumes and I’m afraid this might happen. As our surroundings really have a great impact on us the way we think. I’ve tried to comfort myself with false hopes that maybe things will change, maybe my parents will appreciate my existence but nothing changed. To me family means two sisters because they are all I have.
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