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You look up and you see a couple of wonders before you.

For one, there's a twinkle in your date's eye, one that tells you you're going to get some tonight - and let's face it, you thought that would never happen again.

Also, she's smart and sarcastic, kinda no-nonsense until the moment she drops all pretense and gets downright silly.

And she's attractive, not that run-of-the-mill beautiful, but just your type.

The biggest wonder, of course, is that she likes you too. You're asking yourself why she would, but don't wanna start a pity-party in your head that would most certainly mess with how lucky you feel.

Tonight, everything comes together in that you come together with your date. Her name is Maya and you have a good feeling about her. The way her sheer presence heals you, though you have to remind yourself that this shouldn't be about your broken heart.

It's about new beginnings, maybe even with Maya.

You lean back, you smile, you try to mirror the twinkle, but feel a little ridiculous about it. But that's part of life, too - feeling ridiculous.

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