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Beano lived a normal life until his best friend kill herself, then shit hits the fan and everything seems to go against him. TW: suicide, depression, eating disorder This story is LGBTQ and it's depressive and a it will dwell onto horror later on just wait

Drama / Horror
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The stars shined brightly at the small cliff on the little town called, Eden´s Garden. It was just a small speck of dust on the gigantic bedroom which was the great world. The little town was well known as the perfect spot to see the sky. This was the town where every star was visible, is just like staring at a great sea of lights. And in the middle of this peaceful cliff laid someone. Their hair lying on the grass as they stared at the stars in wonder.

Will they ever be one?

Will they ever get a second chance? They hope so, that´s why they came here anyways.

You see this cliff was very famous, as someone had taken their own life in this calming nature spot. Maybe it was far from anybody´s view or it might be some supernatural reason it called people to go there. For the second reason the cliff got a very distinct name, Siren´s Appeal.

Pretty cynical or sarcastic if you asked them.

After what felt like ages, they got up. They didn´t come from the stars, besides it was calling them, “they” were calling them.

So very calmly and with a smile on their face, which they had worn the whole day, they walked. Every step was taken with confidence almost like they were ready for a test or trying a new outfit, so they studded each step, adding force and velocity to their almost run to the end of the cliff, and out of the blue they stopped.

Their face twitched with confusion as they stared at the life ending pit. They had forgotten something.

Very carefully they took out a package filled with notes, and they laid it on the ground. And with new found tears rolling out of his eyes, they finally said goodbye, not to their friends, neither to their family, they just said goodbye to the world.

They will be meeting them soon.

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