Unpredictable: through the darkness

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The tears continued to seep down Gabrielle's cheeks but she didn't sob. "You can get through this, you can." Ava said. Gabrielle didn't open her mouth, She dashed the tears from her eyes with her shirtsleeve. Ava didn't know what she was supposed to say. She stroked Gabrielle's hair and kissed her forehead, while tears coursed down her cheeks as well. Gabrielle is a teen trying to live her life to the fullest with her cousin Ava. And suddenly unexpected things starts to occur in Gabrielle's life. She unexpectedly leaves her hometown Oakland with her cousin Ava. Stay tune to find out what things the both of them are going to face in Santa Monica and let's meet and explore the new friends they are going to meet. There's family, friends, drama, action and mystery....

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Chapter 1~ Red balloons

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{This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.}

“Don’t you think it’s unnecessary?" A girl with black hair and golden highlights and dark amber colored eyes who wore a red dress said through a cellphone.

“Hey...that should be near the entrance,” She said to a girl who was carrying flowers.

"I am sorry.”

"Huh, So where was I? Emma! Yes, we are out of red balloons. Can we manage with blue balloons?"

"Ava, Is it even necessary? You expect blue to go well with red?"

"Well, we don't have any more red balloons, and we have to go to some other store to buy blue balloons. We must finish the decoration by today,” Ava told in a sharp voice.

Emma took a deep breath and said "Ava, calm down. I know the principal gave you the task of decorating the hall.”

"How can I calm down? With half of the work incomplete."

"Okay, okay. I will buy red balloons,” and Emma hanged up.

Ava was never still. The room always buzzed with energy when she was in it. When she vacated, something was missing. She looked around the room to see if any of her friends had arrived, and she noticed one of her best friends.

"Candice, you are finally here," Ava told a girl who had dark orange hair and wore a blue top with black jeans.

Candice came running towards Ava and said, “Well, I came to check out how the work is going on."

"It's terrible, Candice. I mean, look at them. All are busy mingling among themselves, not dedicating themselves."

Candice looked around and was satisfied with the work all were doing. She knew that Ava was stressed out and was imagining things. They were having their last party for Junior year of high school and was pretty excited as they were heading to senior year.

"MMM, it's quite impressive," Candice said with a cute smile.

"It is?" Ava asked and Candice nodded.

"Where's Gabrielle?" Ava asked worriedly.


"Gabriel, would you be kind enough to wake from your cozy bed and get ready?” A guy who was cooking said.

He was busy making pancakes while listening to sweet music and kind of dancing. He was Thomas Miller, Gabrielle's father. Thomas was in his forties, with dark brown hair and with hazel brown eyes.

"When life doesn't come up with adventures, and you need to discover more adventures other than exams. And you step out of your cozy bed" Gabrielle said with a yawn, and went down the stairs.

" But ends up in the kitchen." She said with a sigh, Gabrielle had black hair and hazel eyes.

"Funny Gabriel, get ready. Ava might be pissed off," Thomas said.

"First, don’t call me Gabriel. Call me Gabrielle,"

"Okay, Dear. Now get ready or else Ava will kill you!" He said.

Gabrielle didn’t like anyone calling her ‘Gabriel’ other than her friends. She dialed Ava's number, but it went to voice mail.

"She might be busy, probably doing the last-minute work." She said and hurried to her room.

Her room looked very creatively decorated. There were photos of her friends and her father. And night lights and a lot of books. She took a shower and wore a purple top with a denim jacket and jeans, and she went down to the hall, switched on the television, and the news reporter said, "It's a bright day in the city of Oakland, and the weather seems to be perfect for picnics."

"What do you mean by it seems to be perfect? The weather is perfect."

Gabrielle was a type of person who didn’t like cliché behavior, she was kind at the same time and sarcastic. But there was kindness in her smile, a gentleness every time she smiled. It was the smile of one who laughed with ease and saw a person under the behavior, a soul-connector. She was the kind of person who lived how she believed people should as if she were sunshine that only radiated from the best aspects of those she met, their flaws entirely invisible to her gaze. She was a calm sea, dancing birdsong and the new buds of spring.

The bell rang and a guy in his early forties walked inside the house, "Good morning, my meeting was terrible they told me I talk a lot," he said.

He was George Miller, Gabrielle’s uncle and Thomas’s brother. He was busy for overall a week as he went for a conference in New Orleans, and he’s wife Isabella went to New York.

"Well that's not an excuse, they know you are perfect that's why they don't want you," Gabrielle said.

"Very funny. Where's Ava by the way?"

"Oh, after you left for the meeting last week to New Orleans the principal asked her to do the decoration of the hall. And she's just a little too stressed out, today's the last day, you see,"

"Oh yeah, your party for Junior Year of High School is this Saturday, right? You bought your outfit?"

"No I didn’t, the girls are just too busy, and after they finish it we will head to the mall." Gabrielle said to her uncle.

He always supported Ava and Gabrielle for everything, not just because Ava was his daughter and Gabrielle was his niece. But because he loved them so much that sometimes others felt he was their age. Immediately Ava and Candice opened the door and got inside.

Ava said "Guess what, we are out of red balloons, and Emma called us and told us that we have to adjust it with blue ones,"

"She's been telling me the same thing for the past one hour," Candice said with a sigh.

"Oh dad, you are here. I missed you. I was all alone there," Ava said with her eyes on her father.

" Well, I asked you to stay at Tommie’s house."

George called Thomas, Tommie and Thomas called George, Georgie.

"Well, I know you did, and I had a couple of incomplete work, so I needed time alone."

Someone knocked on the door, it was Emma, she entered the house and came running towards the kitchen she had Ashy Brown hair, with black eyes. She wore a yellow dress with a black jacket and had a ponytail.

"I went to three other stores none of them had blue or red ones and I ended up buying black balloons."

"What are you seriously black balloons?? How is that going to match with Red ones?"

"Isn't black and red fine?" George whispered to Gabrielle's ears.

"It is, well she doesn't like it," Gabrielle whispered back to George.

"We can ask everyone to wear black and red maybe," Candice suggested.

Ava was looking down, and she hugged Candice and said "It's a brilliant idea. Leave a message in the Class group."

Emma took her phone and left a message to her class group and asked everyone to convey the message to others.

"Now you all better have breakfast and better get off for shopping or, you all will end up wearing old clothes," Thomas said and everyone gathered to have breakfast.

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