Every Friendship has a Beginning

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Another Year Ends

The last term of the year went by in a flurry as usual. There was the end of year exams to be sat, swimming races to be run, entertainments to be prepared.

But finally, in the last week of term came the day that Harry and Charlie had been looking forward to all year. Sports Day!

Everyone had to take part, Anthony gave his best shot at the long jump, but came in last place.

As there weren’t enough girls to compete against, Charlie competed against the boys.

Harry and Charlie might have been going out for nearly a whole year, but on Sports Day their feelings for each other got thrown out the window.

Harry won the 1500 meters, but only by a few seconds. But then Charlie beat him in the 200 metres freestyle swimming.

It all came down to the assault course. They had both been practising all year, in the rain and the cold, climbing through the mud in cadet practice. But it all came down to today.

Charlie nodded to Harry as they waited at the starting line. There were about fifteen people taking part in the junior’s assault course, but most people were only watching two people, Harry and Charlie.

The piston started and they both started at a run, climbing the wall, running through the tires, walking the rope.

It was a tight finish, but Charlie finished ten seconds ahead of Harry.

“Well done Charlie!” chuckled Harry patting her on the back as they finished.

They were both splattered as they were handed out their medals, but for some reason, they just didn’t seem to care.

“Knew you could do it Charlie!” beamed Athene as they came running over.

“I’d hug you,” said Julie, “but I don’t want to get muddy.”

Charlie and Harry both looked at each other ominously before smiling.

They both scraped the worst of the mud off their faces and Julie’s face went white.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she stammered.

“Wouldn’t we?” said Harry smirking.

Julie legged it and Harry and Charlie ran after her laughing preparing to throw mud at her face.

“She kind of brought that on herself didn’t she,” chuckled Anthony.

Anthony was wearing his cricket whites which somehow always seemed to stay pristine white. This was a good thing because the white made a good contrast to his dark hair and eyes.

But although he looked very good in his cricket whites, he wasn’t actually very good at cricket which is why they stayed quite so white, whereas Harry’s cricket whites were splattered with patches of grass and mud.

A few days after that was the last day of term and everyone was getting picked up by their parents.

“It’s strange isn’t it,” muttered Athene as they stood on the driveway with their luggage as they waited for their families to pick them up.

“What’s strange?” asked Anthony, who was still thinking about how much of a prat he had looked earlier when he had gone to collect the Junior Latin prize and had tripped in front of the whole school.

“Well we’ve been here two years, but we’ve only got five years left,” she explained, “Simon’s not even coming back next year.”

“Hmm,” he muttered, “I suppose so.”

At this point though Captain Llewelyn pulled up with the car.

“I’ll see you in August!” beamed Athene giving Anthony a quick hug before helping load the luggage in the car.

Athene noticed that Anthony waved somewhat dazedly as the car pulled away from the drive, she supposed he was still distracted about nearly tripping earlier.

“You had a good term kiddo?” asked Uncle Davy as they drove to Aldershot.

“Yeah,” she nodded, “I got the Junior prize for French and Home Economics.”

“I know Cariad,” he chuckled, “I was there!”

“Anthony and I actually tied for Latin at the end of year exam, but I’d already won some other prizes, so I let Anthony have it.”

“That was very nice of you,” he nodded.

“You excited for the holidays?”

“I suppose so,” she muttered.

She was worried that she wasn’t going to have any friends at the new base. She had had a few friends at the Pembrokeshire base, but she was never the most sociable of people. She would probably just spend days reading on her own in her room whilst Uncle Davy was at work.

When they got to the new base, they pulled up in front of a small cottage. It was only a small house, as there was only the two of them, but Athene would get her own room and would be left alone.

She helped Uncle Davy pull her suitcases up to her new room, which was already full of boxes of possessions, from the old house. She noticed that under the towers of books there was her desk from her Grandparents house.

She took a deep sigh, before getting changed into her jeans and a rugby jersey so she could be more comfortable.

Then she tackled the unpacking. She couldn’t stand an untidy and unorganised room. She started by unpacking her school things before clearing the desk, so she could set up books and diary properly.

As she unfolded one of her quilts from her trunk and lay the quilt on top of her bed, she placed several black and white photographs of her family on the bedside table. She also found herself placing the photograph of Anthony and her with the family photos.

When she had unpacked, she tackled the boxes.

Most of the stuff such as her children’s books and her primary school uniform, she hadn’t used in years. She packed all those carefully back in their boxes and left them to put in the spare room, which her and Uncle Davy were going to use for storage.

As she reached the last of her boxes, she found the fabric that her Granny had bought her for Christmas. It seemed a waste for it to be unused, they were such beautiful fabrics! She’d have to think of something to use them for.

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