What They Do To Reds

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Chapter 3

Jamia pulled up her hood and put on her dark sunglasses. She fastened the hood around her hair to hide her blood-red hair, and made sure the glasses were hiding her blood-red eyes. She stepped out of the trees that cloaked her into the backyard of a rather small house. She quickly exited through the wooden gate to her left and walked onto the sidewalk. The town was incredibly similar to her hometown, except the houses were maintained, the trees had leaves, and there were no hate filled stares coming from the various Greens, Yellows Browns, Blues, and Pinks.

Jamia saw kids running around in the streets and on the sidewalk. One Pink ran up to her.

“Hello Miss.” The Pink said, looking sad.

“Is something wrong?” Jamia asked.

“Have you seen a black kitten anywhere?” She asked, looking at Jamia’s dark glasses with her bubble-gum pink eyes.

“No, I’m afraid I haven’t.” Jamia replied.

“Oh, okay.” The Pink said before running towards a little Pink boy who appeared a few years younger than the girl. He was crying and the girl was trying to comfort him.

Jamia couldn’t bear to look at them any longer, she turned and ran towards the tall buildings of the city in the distance.

Julian sat quietly in the Gray prison he had been shoved into after being shot. Blood leaked from the wound in his side, and his formerly white t-shirt was now stained the same color as his hair and eyes from being used as a makeshift bandage. They had refused to give him proper medical attention.

Every hour one of them would come by the door of the cell to demand where Jamia was. He would tell them he didn’t know, a true fact, and they would kick him in the gut a few times before leaving.

Every few minutes the wound in his side would begin throbbing and pounding harder. He would have to bite his lip to prevent himself from wincing or crying from the pain.

He was lucky they’d only shot him once. He was lucky they’d need him alive to catch Jamia.

As Julian began to feel light-headed, he feared he had already lost too much blood. When he looked up again, he saw a Gray talking to a Pink who was wearing a white coat and hat. She was holding a small box with a black cross on the front. Finally, a doctor. Or at least a nurse. She turned away from the Gray to look at Julian. Her slightly-lighter than bubblegum eyes were a mixture of concern and pity.

She pitied him.

When she was let into the cell, she didn’t even hesitate to kneel down next to him. She gently pried his fingers off the wound in his side.

She pulled a needle out of her small case and pushed the tip into his arm.

Everything around Julian began to grow blurry and the room began to swirl as everything went black.

Jamia casually walked into an alley, trying not to attract attention from the numerous Blues, Greens, Yellows, Pinks, Browns, and occasional Grays. Most Grays lived in the capital city with their families. Any Reds that weren’t in prison were probably in the ghettos, or on the run, or dead. Lots of them were dead.

Jamia only hoped Julian wasn’t one of those many.

She blocked out the thought.

Jamia ducked behind a dumpster before reaching into her bag to pull out a protein bar she had stolen from a convenience store in the town she had just left. She tore the wrapper off before biting off half. She was starving.

“Um, can I have some?” A female voice came from the other side of the alley.

Jamia looked up to see a small girl. She didn’t look older than 14 which could be connected to how thin she was. But what scared Jamia out of her mind was the girl’s hair and eyes.

They were Gray.

She was a Gray.

“No.” Jamia said, looking down, making sure her hair and eyes were concealed.

“Why not?” The Gray asked, whining slightly.

“Because I’m hungry.” Jamia replied, trying not to give away any semblance of fear or loathing while taking the final bite of the protein bar.

The Gray looked disappointed as she started to sit up.

“I’m Livi by the way.” She said, obviously trying to be friendly.


“I’m wanted for helping a Red escape and hiding a few in my basement.” Livi said, smiling.

“Why would you tell me that? For all you know I’m one of the people looking for you.” Jamia replied, hiding the hate in her voice.

“No Gray would ever be hungry, so they wouldn’t sound so genuine when saying something like that.” Livi replied, a smug smile on her milk white face.

“So, how do you know I won’t turn you in?” Jamia asked.

“Because of how you’re deliberately hiding your hair and eyes from me.” Livi said smugly. A knowing look on her face.

“Fine. I won’t turn you in. But that doesn’t mean I trust you.” Jamia replied.

“What’s your name?”

Jamia just glared at Livi through her dark glasses.

“Red it is then.” Livi said.

“My name is Jamia.” Jamia said, anger in her voice. hiding the fear that lurked underneath.

“So, Jamia, you’re a Red right?” Livi asked, leaning the top of her head against the wall and staring up.

“Yeah, so?” Jamia replied.

“Nothing, it just assures me that I’ll have to earn your trust.” Livi replied, closing her eyes.

“Maybe you’ll never earn my trust. Maybe I hate you and am about to tell you to f*ck off.” Jamia replied, letting herself use a hateful tone.

“That was rude.” Livi said, looking Jamia in the face and maintaining a calm demeanor, “You know, I’m planning on helping you.”


“Because I want to change the system just as bad as you do.”

“Why do you want to change the system? You’re a Gray, if the system stays the way it is you have so many advantages.” Jamia asked, slightly dropping her threatening tone.

“Because, with our current system, my advantages would be coming at other’s expense. I don’t want to feel guilty that there are people out there living in tiny, destroyed, dirty, awful towns while I sit comfy in a fancy house with three floors and four bedrooms.” Livi explained, looking directly at the ground in front of her.

“Basically it’s so you won’t feel guilty.” Jamia replied bluntly.

“No. People are people. Hair and eyes don’t matter.”

Jamia reached into her backpack before pulling out another protein bar.

“This doesn’t mean I trust you yet.” Jamia said, before throwing the snack to Livi.

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