What They Do To Reds

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Chapter 4

When Julian woke up he saw the shirt he had been using as a bandage for his wound was gone, replaced by a real bandage. Next he noticed the color of the floor. Crimson. Identical to his hair and eyes. The floor was covered in blood. The next thing he noticed was the pain in his side was reduced to a dull throb that was more annoying than painful. The last thing he noticed was a Gray standing right outside the cell.

“Good, you’re alive. Where’s the other blaze?” The Gray asked.

“I don’t know.” Julian replied truthfully. They had only planned as far as meeting up at the huge tree in the middle of the woods, not where they would go after or what they would do if one of them was captured.

“Where do you think she would go?” The Gray asked.

“I don’t know.” Julian said again.

“You stupid blaze. You know what we can do to you. We will not hesitate to make your life a living hell!” The Gray bellowed.

“Yeah.” Julian replied.

“So answer the damn questions.”

“No.” Julian smiled innocently at the Gray as if he were a little kid who had just disobeyed his parents.

“You little bastard!” The Gray shouted before unlocking the door and storming into the cell.

Julian closed his eyes and braced himself for the beating he knew was coming. The Gray hit him with punch after punch, kick after kick. Eventually the Gray just started hitting the wound in his side, but Julian kept his mouth shut.

When the Gray finally left, accepting the fact that he could not make Julian talk, Julian was covered in bruises, cuts, and blood. Well, more blood. The floor was even redder as well as the wall Julian was leaning against.

A few minutes later the Pink nurse was back and applying bandages to his new injuries. She was probably the only person in the whole building who would look at Julian with concern and care. He knew it was probably fake and she actually despised him, but it made him feel somewhat good that someone was at least pretending to care.

“If you just answer their questions they won’t hurt you.” She told him.

“I won’t let them get my sister.” He said with some difficulty.

“Would you rather they killed you? Are you that protective?”

“She’s the protective one,” Julian replied, “and she would do the same for me.”

“Maybe your life is more important than delaying the inevitable.” She said, beginning to change the bandage on his side.

“And maybe it isn’t.” He countered before hissing in pain.

“If you think that, I can’t stop you.” She replied, as she finished wrapping to new bandage around the wound.

“Why did you run?”

“If we had gone, they would have hurt us, if we resisted they would have killed us. Running away was our best shot.” Julian replied, grunting in pain as he attempted to push himself back up the wall.

The nurse stood up and left. The concern in her eyes replaced with something different. Pity. Her eyes were full of pity. That’s when Julian realized just how often he’d be seeing her.

“How old are you anyway?” Livi asked.

“What?” Jamia asked, being brought out of a small trance.

“How old are you? If I’m gonna help you, I need to know about you.” Livi replied.

“I’m 17. How old are you?” Jamia asked, glaring again.

“19.” Livi replied, matter-of-factly.

Jamia’s glare was replaced with a look of shock.

“You’re 19!?” Jamia asked in shock.

“Yeah.” Livi replied dully.

“You don’t look 19!” Jamia declared.

“Well, how old do I look?” Livi asked, sounding slightly bored.

“I’d say you look... about 14.” Jamia replied.

“Well, I’m not. Deal with it.” Livi snapped, staring at the ground in between her and Jamia.

They sat there in silence for a full two minutes. Livi staring at the ground and Jamia staring at the street.

“Sorry, I’m just kind of small and I don’t like people pointing it out to me.”Livi said, breaking the silence.

“No, I’m sorry.” Jamia replied.

“I won’t slow you down, I can run pretty damn fast.” Livi smiled.

“So, where are we going then?” Jamia asked, slightly angrily, trying to communicate that she still didn’t trust Livi.

“Our first goal should be to get out of the city undetected. Then find an abandoned house or farm and hide out there until we don’t feel safe anymore.” Livi explained, adopting a more serious look.

“Let’s make one thing clear,” Jamia started, “I’m in charge. I don’t care if you’re older than me, or if you’re a Gray. If I have ANY reason to think you may be a spy, I will not hesitate to kill you.”

“Understood.” Livi replied seriously.

“Okay, we’re going in the morning.” Jamia said, lying down and putting her bag under her head. She closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.

“Mommy? Mommy what’s going on?” Julian asked as their mom dragged a half-asleep Julian and a fully-awake Jamia towards the backdoor of the house. Jamia had already grabbed everything they would need and was carrying both bags she had packed.

“You’re leaving.” Marian replied.

“Why? Where are we going?” Julian asked, just after he asked a loud crash came from the door.

“You’re going as far away from here as you can get. Your sister will explain when you get somewhere safe.” Marian replied.

Julian and Jamia stopped before leaving. They pulled Marian into a hug.

“I love you Mommy.” Jamia said, tears moving down her cheeks.

“I love you too sweethearts. Stay safe.” Marian replied before quickly pushing them out the back door.

Jamia quickly grabbed Julian’s hand and pulled him towards the woods. A scream came from the house.

"Mommy...” Julian said, trying to turn back.

Jamia held Julian’s arm and prevented him from running back towards the house.

“Do you want them to come and get us too?” Jamia asked, pulling him back towards her.

That night Jamia and Julian slept in the woods under a huge tree. Really Julian was the one who slept while Jamia stayed awake all night as lookout. Once she was sure that Julian was actually asleep, she finally let the tears she had been holding back slip down her cheeks. As she thought about how she would never see her parents again.

Jamia woke up with water covering her face. Livi was sleeping across from her in the alley. She almost got up to run at the sight of a Gray before she remembered the conversation she and Livi had had before she had gone to sleep.

Now that Jamia was looking at Livi, she had to admit, she was pretty for a Gray. The messy hair covering her head and hanging in her face was a silver color. Her face was slim and white as paper.

Jamia quickly looked away from the sleeping Gray. Instead she focussed on the entry the alley as she sat up, waiting to grab her stuff and Livi if need be. As she replayed the dream in her mind, she quickly checked to make sure Livi still had her eyes closed before letting more tears fall down her face.

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