What They Do To Reds

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Chapter 8

There was the Gray guard Livi said was going to help her get to Julian.

The gun Livi had given her was hidden inside her jeans, under her sweatshirt. Kind of an obvious hiding place, but Jake would take care of the pat-down thing.

He was about 30 feet away. When Jamia first saw him, she had a sudden instinct to run in the other direction, and she probably would have if Livi hadn't grabbed her hand and pulled her in the man's direction. Causing Jamia's face to heat up, once again.

When they approached, Livi smiled happily. The man, Jake, didn't seem flattered by Livi's overexcited behavior.

"Calm down Grayson." He said multiple times.

After introductions were complete and they had gone over the plan a second time, making a few adjustments they saw fit. For example: Instead of drawing her gun too early, Jake would simply call the boss and tell him that Jamia demanded to see her brother. Then, once they were in the same room, Jamia would draw the gun and demand their freedom. Jake placed the tracker in Jamia's hood.

"Um, Livi, can I talk to you for a second?" Jamia asked, suddenly, something in her mind had clicked. Something that explained to her exactly why she had been trying to convince the voice in her head that Livi was good.

"Sure." Livi seemed more serious than usual.

"I'm... I'm sorry."

"About what?"

"I'm sorry about what I said when we first met. I know I judged you, and I know how wrong that was. And now I know how good and kind and insane you really are. Insane in a good way. You're fun and carefree, you care about those who others don't, you do the right thing, and you're brilliant. You act like a little kid, but that's not a bad thing either. I've had a lot of fun with you the past few days, even if the whole time I've just been thinking about getting Julian back. I... I hope we can still be friends after this is all over." Jamia extended her hand to Livi.

Livi closed her eyes and scoffed lightly.

"Quit trying to hide things from me. It won't work." Livi grabbed Jamia's hand and pulled Jamia close to her before their lips met.

Jamia's first instinct was to pull away, but she ended up wishing that Livi would never pull away.

But she did.

"Sorry." Livi said.


Jake cleared his throat.

"Time to go." Jamia said.


"See you on the other side."

"Yeah, later."

Jake placed handcuffs around Jamia's wrists as they lead her away and one of them called their boss on a mobile phone.

The man laughed as soon as he saw the look on Julian's face.

"Guess you weren't expecting that." He said.

He walked over to Julian before placing his own hands on Julian's throat.

"We can't have you dying before she gets here."

It was 10 minutes before Jamia finally entered the room, followed by a guard. He undid her handcuffs at the man's nod and she was next to Julian in an instant.

Her right arm was under his neck and her left hand under his head.

"H...Hey" Julian whispered.

"What... What happened?" She asked.

Julian felt tears enter his eyes. This would be the last time he ever saw his sister.

"Hey, why are you crying?" She asked, before she finally noticed the blood falling from his neck.

"Jesus Christ!" She declared, pressing her own hands against the wound, a sudden feeling of dread passing between them.

"Hey, stay with me, Julian. Stay awake." She said, gently slapping his cheek.

"Jamia... I... wanted to say... sorry..."

"For what." She asked, her tone softening.

"For... being so needy... for always... needing help..."

"Don't you dare be sorry for that. I took our safety on as my responsibility. It was my job as the older sister. Just stay with me, okay? Stay with me! Make that your repayment!" She shouted.

"Thanks... for taking... care of... me then... is that... better?" He asked.

Jamia's eyes filled with tears now. Julian didn't want to see her cry. He wanted her to be happy.

"Yeah, yeah that's better."

"I... love you... Jamia..." He choked before the black lining his vision closed around him.

"I love you too, Julian." He heard her reply.

"Julian?" Jamia said.

No response.

"Julian?" She demanded again.

Still nothing.


There was nothing in the younger Red. No response, no breath, no movement. Just the blood oozing from his neck.

Jamia gently put his body on the ground before closing his eyes. She rose, limbs shaking madly.

The Gray man laughed.

"Your little family has been fun, Jamia Redfield. Your parents were never supposed to die you know. Neither was your little brother. It was just supposed to be you. Just you. We determined you as the biggest threat to my position. You were always talking about how you wanted to be the president, how you would fix the system that I worked so hard to put in place. We couldn't allow you to actually go through with that little dream of yours." He laughed harder at the slight twitch of confusion in Jamia's cold glare, "Oh, you didn't know? Well, yes. I'm the president. I run this country, the system, and the prison you are currently standing in and will never be leaving." He spread his arms wide in an extravagant pose, "And we heard everything you ever said about wanting to be president. In fact, that's the only reason we came after your family in the first place!" His laugh grew louder and louder, "How does it feel knowing it's your fault your entire family's dead?"

"Why?" Jamia's voice trembled. The normal serious tone she had when speaking with Grays was replaced with a broken and pitiful tone. How a person who's lost everything and has practically resigned themselves to death sounds.

"Why? Why'd I kill your family when I just wanted you?" He asked.

She nodded.

"Because, they wouldn't tell me where you were. It was a punishment. But there was another reason. You see, a hobby of mine is human psychology. Yet, I find it immoral to experiment on real humans, but you Reds are the perfect substitute. I killed your family because they wouldn't talk. And we would've left your brother alone if we had caught you instead. But, the turn of events we got was so much more fun, don't you think? Even if you don't, we have this beautiful product of my accidental experiment. You've clearly lost it. You've lost everyone. You've lost everything you care about, and now you're looking for someone to blame, anyone but yourself. So you're blaming me. You could have stopped this you know, if you had just turned yourself in, or been there when we came to your house."

Suddenly Jamia thought of Livi. Livi, who would be busting in here as soon as Jamia grabbed the gun in her jeans. She still had Livi. But... Julian was gone... how was she going to do this without Julian? How was she going to run this country without Julian? He was going to be her advisor, her helper. He was always there for her. But not anymore.

Jamia quickly lifted the back of her sweatshirt and grabbed the pistol. Before the president could even lunge at her or call for reinforcements, there was a bullet in his foot and he was screaming bloody murder. Then there was an explosion in the wall to Jamia's right and Livi came charging in, another gun drawn.

"Hey Jamia!" She declared happily before looking around the room.

Livi's eyes landed on Julian's body, laying next to the back wall.

"Oh my god." She stated, covering her mouth in shock, "I'm so sorry." She said, sincerely, patting Jamia on the back before refocusing on the president.

Then the door was thrown open and a Gray woman ran inside.

"Sir! Are you alright?" She demanded, trying to help him up.

"Don't move!" Livi declared, "Wait... Lucy!" Livi suddenly said.

"Liv!" The woman, Lucy, declared.

"You don't get to call me that you backstabbing bitch!" Livi shouted, obvious anger and past grudges in her voice.

"Mom and Dad deserved what they got. They were criminals harboring criminals." Lucy shouted.

"And what about Lex? Did he deserve that? Did he have anything to do with it?" Livi shouted like a toddler having a tantrum about how unfair a punishment was.

"You have no idea what you're talking about. You know nothing." Lucy hissed.

"SHUT UP!" Jamia shouted.

Both of them turned to look at her. The pistol in Jamia's hand was pointed at Lucy.

"Livi." Jamia said.


"Do I have your permission to shoot her? She's obviously your sister, and she obviously did something that resulted in the deaths of your parents and someone you cared about named Lex. So, do I have your permission to shoot her? If you want to do it yourself I get it, but I'm getting the president and if you want to take her you can." Jamia explained in a quiet and emotionless voice that was almost scarier than her normal angry tone.

"Do what you want, but I'm killing her." Livi replied.

"Okay." Jamia pulled the trigger of her gun and the bullet went into Lucy's foot.

"Who in this prison 'questioned' my brother?" Jamia asked, finding herself unable to say Julian's name.

"That was me." Lucy said, the underlying tone in her voice seemed to be pride.

Something in Jamia snapped. Snapped further than when Julian had died in her arms just a few minutes ago. Knowing the woman who had tortured him was right there, sitting next to the man who had killed him. She could kill them right here and now, and she fully intended to. There was a huge mix of emotions and thoughts that all swirled together in her head. Sadness, anger, confusion, desire, fear, and indecisiveness. She wanted to kill them, or at least the president. She didn't care that one was Livi's sister, or about what her mom had told her about not sinking to their level.

But, when she lifted the gun and pointed it at the president's head, she hesitated. She stopped dead.

This was what she wanted, wasn't it?

This man had killed her mom and dad, and then he had killed Julian. He had ruined her life, hunted her down for her aspirations, no matter how small her chance at actually achieving them was.

And on top of all that even, he was the president. The man who had set this entire damn system into place. He was the reason Jamia and Julian had been bullied, treated terribly, and harassed. She could shoot him right here and end this whole thing.

'You'd be confirming what they already think about you.'

"I don't give a damn." Jamia said aloud, the shaking in her limbs getting worse.

'Yes, you do. You want to be a good person. You don't want to hurt anyone.'

"I want to hurt him."

'But you can't. Mom wouldn't want that. Dad wouldn't want that. And we both know Julian definitely wouldn't want that.'

"But... he... he... HE'S A MURDERING BASTARD!" Jamia shouted, suddenly her limbs were stone still as tears fell to replace the shake in her limbs.

'But you're not.'

Jamia fell. She fell to her knees and placed her palms on the ground in front of her. She was shaking again. The gun now lying next to her and out of her hands.

"But... he... he... killed... my baby brother." Jamia's voice sounded like that of a small child. "He killed Julian..."

'You're better than him. He deserves a bullet in the brain, and you deserve to be the one to pull the trigger, but you're better than him and you can hold yourself back. You don't enjoy pain. You know they'll never let you be president if you do this. You'll be locked up for the rest of your life. You won't be able to run for the position and you'll be dooming all Reds to a life of discrimination and hatred. You don't want that.' Jamia wondered where this voice had been when she and Livi were outside, the times when the other voice that was trying to convince her to kill Livi had come.

Livi. She had been falling for Livi the whole time. And this woman was Livi's sister. She wasn't going to kill Livi's sister, she knew that, but everything except her rage and hatred told her she shouldn't kill the man. She still wasn't sure if they won out over the rest of her.

"Jamia? Hey, you still awake?" Livi asked, making her way over.

"I'm awake. I'm awake. I'm awake." Jamia repeated herself in an attempt to clear her head.

She had reached her decision.

She stood slowly, grabbing the gun on her way up and tucking it into the back of her jeans.

"I-I've decided... that I'm not... gonna... kill... kill... you. I... I won't sink... sink to your... your level." Jamia stated, trying to stop her voice from trembling with rage.

Jamia could practically sense the surprise emanating from Livi behind her.

Livi then stepped forward, she took Jamia's hand and squeezed it.

"Jamia, are you sure about this?" Livi whispered.

"Y-Yeah." She said, looking away from the president and over at Julian's body, "It-t's n-not wh-what h-he would-d want." She finished, closing her eyes.

She turned back to the president.

"You are going to agree to fix the system. You're going to promise to fix the system, or else I just might change my mind." Jamia threatened the man the shake of her voice gone.

The man merely nodded, obviously desperate to save his own life. Jamia thought about how pathetic and helpless he looked.

"And when you've finished with that, you'll turn your position over to me." Jamia finished her threat before pulling Livi towards the giant hole in the wall.

"Wait... don't you want to... you know..." Livi seemed uncomfortable having this conversation.

Jamia knew exactly what she meant, seeing as her gaze was continually wandering towards Julian's body. Jamia just nodded slightly, not moving as Livi walked over and picked up the Red boy's body.

Jamia didn't try to hold back her tears this time. She just walked ahead of Livi in an attempt to avoid looking at Julian's body again. Livi seemed to understand this as she stayed behind Jamia when she could have easily caught up.

But, Jamia perceived this moment as more bittersweet than purely bitter. She was accomplishing her dream. She was going to be president. She was going to change this country. And she wasn't going to forget this. She was going to remember this moment. Julian wouldn't be forgotten. Not if she had anything to say about it.

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