The boy who lived

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This book is about this boy who grows up with a crazy life, and tries to deal with it as much at he can, it show a life as a boy who goes through a lot of things, from when he was a little kid , and till his grownup life ,it’s for you to dive through his life and understand him and his life story,to feel what he feels ,to understand his feelings ,so read and find out what life could be like for this young man / #LGBTQ #LIFE

Drama / Other
Luis Colon
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CHAPTER 2 Gay in the fam

I have a very strict family, that is why I always kept things from them especially my father, I have a wonderful gay uncle, and two gay sisters/ one married to someone I like very much, and the other one has a life of her own, and on my mother’s side I have lots of gay cuzins, but the sad this is being gay sometimes comes with a sickness I don’t wanna explain it but my uncle is very sick, and my father hates to see him like that but I know deep down that he’s ok. But I have a secret of my own. Something I wouldn’t even tell my favorite sister.

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