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I Was Only Teasing

The world alive and active around her, tuned out to nothing more than a distant hum. Her earphones plugged in, with only the lyrics swirling through her head, Amelia felt her body melting into the chair as her eyes fluttered closed.

What felt like seconds later, a shadow loomed over her. “Should have known the peace wouldn’t last,” she murmured, not bothering to open her eyes. “Mimi, what are you doing? We have a school-wide assembly right now, and you’re sleeping. For god’s sake, child.” Having already lowered the volume discreetly, Amelia ignored her friend, pretending not to have heard. The music low, she became aware of the silence around her.

Soon broken by the impatient tapping of a foot against the green and white checkered tiles, bringing the beginnings of an unwanted smile to her lips. A quick peek made her smile grow. Amelia’s best friend stood glaring down at her, arms crossed, attempting unsuccessfully to appear annoyed.

“Mimi, I saw you open one eye, now the other.” Remain poker-faced, Amelia, having already closed both eyes, did as her friend demanded. “Amelia, omg, I swear to god, you really like causing trouble.”

Shifting into a more comfortable position, being careful to keep her face blank, Amelia responded with, “But Tanya, I did exactly what you wanted.” Pausing for dramatic effect, she continues in the most innocent voice she could muster, “I opened the other eye.”

Sinking back into her seat, she closed her eyes, concentrating all her energy into hiding her amusement.

Uh oh, It’s dead silent. Tanya’s probably plotting my death right now. The thought of which threatening to ruin the blank mask Amelia had on. “Mimi sweetheart, open both of your goddamn eyes, and let’s get moving, shall we?” The extra sweet sugary tone calmly delivered was the official death sentence.

Yep, this is it. My murder’s definitely being plotted this instance.

Opening both eyes this time, Amelia took one glance at her annoyed friend before bursting out laughing.

Tanya, hands now on her hips, was looking in the other direction, her nose in the air, lips pursed in disapproval. Turning to a giggling Amelia, she shook her head in mock disappointment, her facial expressions rearranging into one both girls were very familiar with.

“Stop. Tanya, Please.” Amelia gasped through her laughter as she tried to breathe. “Miss Revlinn, what is this shameless display? Tell me what’s so funny. I love a good joke.” Tanya retorted in a haughty voice.

“Oh, Damnn.” A new voice drawled. “Making fun of Mrs. German?”

Both girls paused to greet the newcomer. “Hey Sybelle, as you can see, Tanya’s still a tad mad at the principal,” Amelia replied.

Sybelle only grinned wickedly, eyes glinting with laughter, as she casually turned to Tanya. “Still sore about the basketball recording thing, Tanya?”

The withering glare Tanya threw Sybelles way had Amelia clutching her sides in laugher, Sybelle joining her.

Eyes narrowed playfully at the two girls, Tanya climbed up on one of the desks so she could tower over them. Amelia looked up at her best friend, eyes glinting in anticipation.

Tanya shook her head, aware Amelia was only waiting to die of laughter. Sybelle’s laughter had died down as well, though a gleeful smile remained on her beautiful face.

“Now that I have your attention,” Tanya said, trying to shoot the smiling girls a stony glare. “We must record students, especially if they are doing something wrong. There are camera’s in every hallway, and even outside the building.” Here she paused, her eyes narrowing at the growing smile on Amelia’s face and the smirk paired with a lifted eyebrow on Sybelle’s.

“Therefore,” Tanya continued. “It is not a breach of privacy for staff to record students on their personal cellphone, from inside the school, while the student in question is outside of the building playing basketball.” Tanya finished, putting as much sarcasm, sass and attitude as she could. Her expression, as she tried to imitate the principal’s face, had the girls doubled over in laughter.

I can’t. This is too much. Omg, I have the greatest best friend in existence. I always have fun with this one. Amelia thought, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes.

A slight unease settled in her stomach just then. Through Tanya’s theatrics and the hysterics of Sybelle, she thought she could detect the faintest click of shoes coming from the hallway. Turning her head slightly, Amelia focused on the sounds coming from the corridor, trying to discern if she was hearing things or if someone really was coming, in which case, who?

All the other students would or should be in the assembly right now, meaning it’s a teacher or one of the staff heading this way. Her brows furrowing just the slightest, Amelia took a single step towards the door.

Depending on who, we could have detention. We are technically ditching.

Her eyes quickly glanced around the room. And we’re alone. In a classroom. Without a teacher’s supervision. Or permission. Oh, and there are no cameras. Yeeeah, depending on who walks past this class, we could be in serious trouble.

Amelia was about to warn her friends when in walked the principal herself. Any hints of amusement she still had, vanished. Amelia felt her body stiffening, her breath, unconsciously held. Tanya’s back was facing the door, and Sybelle was too busy laughing to notice the addition.

Tanya had just begun a tirade only moments before, and Amelia was willing to bet, with the volume Tanya was using, the principle heard everything. Straightening almost imperceptibly, Amelia eyed Mrs. German warily. Her eyes trapped on the currently unamused, forty-something-year-old woman.

Damn. I’m acting like she’s is a panther or something. Like she’ll eat me the second I look away. Amelia couldn’t avert her stare in any case. The deep, dark, seemingly onyx eyes held her own, almost trance-like. Amelia, get it together. You know damn well the woman isn’t going to eat you, so stop freaking out already.” Amelia’s heart stuttered at the cold exasperated voice in her head, yet she refused to look away. After what felt like an eternity, the principal shifted her attention from Amelia to the other two.

Amelia let out a breath she had been holding, not realizing how badly she had needed air. Just as her breathing finally returned to normal, her heart stopped dead.

“I swear to god, I can’t stand this woman. What does she think exactly? It’s the twentieth century, for Christs’ sake. She be acting like we live in the freaking 80s,” Tanya ranted. As if that wasn’t enough, Sybelle joined in. “Bruh, did I tell you guys about the time she found out me and Trent were dating? It was none of her business, but she went and called my parents to hold a fricking conference.” Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, Sybelle continued, “Like what the hell, mind your own business bi-” She never finished the sentence. Amelia had heard enough.

Stepping forward, Amelia’s small hands firmly grabbing Sybelle by the shoulders, and in a swift, decisive movement, spun her around.

Any other time, Amelia would have been laughing at the horror and the popping noise, Sybelle made when her mouth fell open in shock. The principals’ expression left no room even for smiles.

Tanya, still standing on the desk, glanced back. Wanting to see what the fuss was, she nearly tumbled over when her eyes landed on the principal. Yet another comical moment I would have found so funny, except if I laugh, I forfeit my life. Amelia thought somewhat amusedly to herself.

Well, that was fun. Amelia slung her backpack over her left shoulder and roughly shoved the school doors open, stepping out into the crisp fall air. Pace brisk, eyes on the pavement and head chaotic, Amelia would have walked right past him, never noticing. Had his amused chuckle not caught her attention, that is.

“Where’s the fire, Mimi?” He asked, just as the sound was registering in her head. Stopping short before turning to face him, her previously closed-off face lit up in delight. “Hey Anike.” Amelia smiled at him. “Hey.” He took off walking. “Didn’t school end an hour ago?”

Amelia, keeping up with his long strides effortlessly, clenched her jaws. “Hmmm, So what if it ends earlier?” Her voice, deceptively calm. His lips quirked ever so slightly, “So you like staying back after school? Wish I knew that before I waited on you outside. Over an hour too.” There was a slight disturbance in Amelia’s pace, but she continued walking silently.

“Mimi, wait!” Amelia raised an eyebrow at him, both of them slowing down as they came to a busy intersection. “Listen, you’re five, and five-year-olds can’t press the traffic lights’ changing button.” Amelia frowned in confusion. What is he saying?

“Children should be careful crossing the streets.” He began, a slow smile spreading across his face. “And since we both know you’ll strain yourself, tiptoeing, trying to reach the button, I’ll press it for you.” Amelia narrowed her eyes at him, which only widened his grin. Resisting the urge to stamp her foot, specifically on his, Amelia took a breath and ignored the jab at her height.

As they stood waiting for the lights to change, Amelia finally took a good look at him and watching the wind ruffle his thick, wavy black hair, a faint smile graced her face.

No one else. This is the only person. One second I would be happy to see him, the next, he will have me reduced to a spoilt child. In my defence, not many people can infuriate me to the level he can. But at the end of the day, it’s Anike. I can never stay mad at him for long. Sadness stabbed at her heart as she thought of no longer having him in her life. Right, the letter. I need to finish and give it to him. The sooner, the better.

Amelia glanced up at him once more, and listening to the soothing timbre of his voice, decided if he left, it would be his voice she would miss most.

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