Probably Never

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Audry is a 17-year-old junior in high school. She is an overthinking, ADHD having, resentful independent chick. Jason Campbell is a 18 year old junior in high school. He is a normal teenage boy with major trust issues and a bad backstory. What is going to happen when the two cross paths? And how did Audry's life go from this: "Glad to know the sight of me takes your breath away" while I'm busy laughing at myself a pair of feet wrap around my legs and trip me." To this: "YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I BELIEVED YOU WHEN YOU TOLD ME I WAS STRONG!...I HAVE A 9 INCH...GASH IN MY SIDE! TURNS OUT I WAS WEAK.” %%%% CAUTION!: There is explicit language,adult like topics, and slightly explicit scenes in this book. There are mentions of depression and suicide, if you are sensitive to these topics it is advised that you do not read this book. %%%%%

Drama / Romance
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0) little insight

Hey guys! So, this is my first book (kinda). I've tried writing other books and they all fell through. So this is (I think) my 4th re-try.

My name is Rebecca, I am ADHD and super crazy. I laugh at horror movies and I'm a nerd for tons of stuff. My brain skips places constantly so if y'all see any mess ups please tell me. I'm from the state of hell most commonly known as Texas.

To be honest, I don't plan on being an aspired writer. I've read tons of books and I have thoughts in my head that act like a book so, I thought I might as well write it out and see what people think about it.

I really hope I don't offend anybody who use this type of book writing interface to get their work out there, to publish their books that they want to be a hard cover novel or series. I applaud those who have the passion and dedication to do that because I do not.

I have absolutely no idea how this book is going to work out but here we go. I hope y'all give a little grace for the chick that is just messing around here.

I really don't know what my writing level is; if y'all have any feedback on how to make my writing better than it is, it would help me big time. Especially when college comes around.

Also just a little WARNING:

There is explicit language. If you don't care for curse words please feel free to leave the book. I'm planning to cover some adult-ish topics like a broken home, depression, dark thoughts, dirty thoughts, bad relationships etc. I have no idea to what detail they will be in. but this is a heads up. Just in case you read something you didn't want to you cannot get angry with me because I put a warning out. Just sayin.

So with knowing that I put a warning up, and without further ado, and with major hope that I don't delete this book here is Probably Never.
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