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Stevie Bell - An Autobiography

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My autobiography, life love and loss

Drama / Other
Stevie Danielle Bell
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Chapter one - Introduction

Some of my first memories are about going to the beach with my mum and dad, I loved the nice warm air, the long drives through the country side, playing on the machines in the arcade and the best part was when we had fish and chips and ice creams for dessert.

The thing is I don’t remember a lot of positive things when I was young. I remember all the kids used to pick on me and I didn’t have many friends, when I was eight it was discovered that a close family friend I called my uncle, was molesting me throughout my childhood, it was a dark part of my life and it changed me as a child. I’ve kind of blurred out those parts but he used to tell me if any one ever found out, my parents would disown me, so when it came out I told my mum he didn’t do it to me, but after thinking about it I told my mum.

After that happened I had to change schools which wasn’t good either because the kids from my old school talked to the kids at my new school and told them I was a weird kid, I suppose I didn’t have much going for me and that’s why I came of weird I was always shy and only wanted friends.

On my 11th birthday October 2nd 2011, after having an amazing party with a few friends and family, my mum sat me down and told me she had cancer, at first I didn’t really understand but she told me it’s a disease in her gullet and it basically means she’s sick, and the doctors are giving her medicine and they’re trying to help her. She did also tell me I would have to look after when she’s sick which of course I agreed to!

A few years after things were the same but it was finally time for secondary school! I was excited but also happy because it was a fresh start for me.

I used to love school because I was young and I had 4 best friends who I spent most of my time with. My bestest friend changed my life I used to go to her house and have sleepovers and I knew I had her back, she took me away from the bad times of having to stay at home helping my mum almost all the time.We used to make our own films on her iPad and watched movies a lot, her dad made amazing food and we always had fun when we were together.

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