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Everyone thinks Amber has everything in life. She desperately wants to believe so, Yet deep down she knows she has very little. Summer holidays are here and she decides it's time she finds her self worth. Will she end up losing the little she has or will she finally realise that what she has is more than enough?

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"Do you really have to go Amber?Do you?"
I smirked at my best friend's question,
"Ashley,I swear if you make me answer that question one more time I'll wring your neck."
"Aaaaah...screw you.My summer is gonna be so boring."
"I don't think am the one who makes your summers interesting Ash,and if by any chance I am, sorry, you'll have to stay in bed for the whole of your holiday, okay?"
I got out of the chauffeur driven car and started towards Elianna's house.
Elianna was my mom's best friend,and we lived in her house because she had no kids of her own,we didn't like staying on our own and my mom was almost never home due to work.She was also a doctor, which made it perfect because....
"Hey,by the way have you talked to Dylan about all this Hawaii thing? Didn't he blow up and ask you to just stay in London?I expected him to react that way, atleast he would have succeeded in changing your mind."
"Lucky me,he didn't even try to change my mind."
"Isn't it obvious,I haven't told him yet."
"Are you crazy? He's your boyfriend girl, he's gonna cut your head off if he finds out!"
"I dunno about beheading me but let's look at the bright side."
"Which is?"
"He won't be able to stop me from going."
I pushed the door open and let Ashley walk in before getting in and shutting the door behind me.
"Lets hope someone doesn't end up being single or worse, headless.You know....."
Ashley was cut short by the eight year old blonde haired girl who came bouncing down the stairs and flew right into my arms,"Hey Amb."
"Hey Brittany,how was your day sweetie."
"Boring.I missed you so much,"she pecked my cheek and pressed it against hers.
"Awww,I missed you too.How was your chemo session today?"
"It went great,am glad it's all over,"she turned and noticed Ashley standing next to me silently listening to our dialogue,"hey Ash....I miss you."
"I miss you too pumpkin,come here,"she stretched her arms out.
Brittany wiggled out of my arms and hugged Ashley,"You know,I am really going to miss you once we go to Hawaii....."
I left them to their talking and dumping my shoulder bag onto the nearest sofa, sauntered off to the kitchen to get myself a drink.I served myself a glass of tropical juice and stood leant against the counter.
Brittany,my baby sister,was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of four.Later that year my dad abandoned us.I have never understood why he did so but it had something to do with our financial status coupled with Brittany's condition.At that time we were a middle class family with my parents working their backs off every single day to earn a living,but we were a very happy and close family back then.
After we received the news of Brittany's cancer all the meager savings they had gunnered suddenly disappeared into thin air.One Sunday morning we woke up and he was not there,like he just varnished.From then on we never saw or heard from him,ever.
My mother almost broke down completely because of it but she managed to pick up the pieces and get herself back together just in time.
We moved from our two years home in Hawaii and moved in with Elianna in her home.She was a prosperous doctor in London and she really had my mom's back the whole time.She got my mom a job at a fashion designing firm and offered to look after us.My mom dove right into her work and a year later,she managed to start her own company and kept expanding it.She opened branches in different parts of the world and didn't stop there.She bought a new house in Kahala, Hawaii.
We only went there every once in a while to get away from London.Mom only came home twice or thrice a year.Elianna looked after us all year round...
"Hey, you back from school already?"
I was interrupted by Elianna's melodic voice as she walked into the kitchen.
"Yeah,we left early today.Anyway,have you talked to mom yet?"
"Uh-huh,and she bought the tickets for the plane.The only available ones were for tomorrow in the afternoon."
"It's okay.uh....Elly?"
"Do you think it's a wise idea to take Brittany to Hawaii?I mean,is it safe? what if something comes up?"
"Don't worry sweetie, besides, you will be going with Emma,she can help you look after Brit.And if anything goes wrong, you can always call me."
"Hmh,I feel so bad for taking Emma's summer away from her."
Emma was Elianna's favourite nurse and her number two best friend.
"It's fine.Besides,she seems excited to be going to Hawaii,she has always wanted to go there."
"Hope so.Anyway, have you packed Brit's stuff or should I..."
"We already did that.Am actually happy you are going because after everything, you deserve a break from the city.Brit also needs to take a rest.Am sure the change of climate will do her good."
"Hope so...need a drink?"
"Nuh,am good.Lemme go say hi to Ash if that's her I hear in the living room."
I gave her a small smile and wondered how anybody could be so good.

Oh hell,I still have to talk to Dylan.

I sighed and sipped my drink.Dylan was my boyfriend.It always delighted me how head over heels he was for me.It was so clear in his light brown eyes how much he loved me whenever I looked into them.We were a perfect match,if such existed.We had alot in common except our egos which really varied,like big time.He was this kind of guy who always wanted to be at the top,he was never satisfied with his position.He just wanted to be a kind of king or something,like the best of his kind.As for me,well,I was a bit more conservative and tried as much as possible to avoid attention where it wasn't a necessity.But I liked him okay, nobody could be perfect.

Mental note: Talk to Dylan as soon yet as late as possible.
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