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Part 1

Once upon a time there was a family called Awola's they were a small family who were the mother, father their son David and their two daughters Ogechi and Amanda their father owned a very big land in Akwa_ibom Yamaha so he was known as the best farmer in that land one sunny afternoon the father and son went to the farm and Ogechi and Amanda went to wash some clothes at the stream.

When Mrs Awola was cooking she heard a knock on the door and then went to check it and it was a middle aged woman she was above 35 to 40 years old. When Mrs Awola asked her why she was there the woman said her name was Azimwa and she came with a message. Mrs Awola was surprised but she asked what the message was the woman and said the Prince heart shall find comfort in one of your daughters therefore become the Royal family the woman said do not tell your daughters so the mission shall be fulfilled when her husband came back she told him.

Few days later the Prince of their land arrived from Canada and was looking for a bride, Amanda the elder sister to Ogechi was more beautiful. So the day the prince wanted t pick a bride the parent sent Amanda to go but asked ogechi to stay, when the king saw all the girls he said his heart only drawed him closer to Amanda. So he asked amanda to come and stay with him so he could decide whether to marry her or not, Ogechi was angry that she couldn't get to the contest so when Amanda was packing everyone was happy except Ogechi. So the next day Ogechi went to a village herbalist to make a love potion for her the herbalist gave her a powder that she should use the powder only when she sees the prince so she went to the palace when she was on her way to the room she applied the powder.

Unfortunately when she knocked on the prince door it was his younger brother who came out and immediately the younger prince saw Ogechi he fell in love with her.

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