School of secrets

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"A fresh start in a private high school can't be bad, right?"., at least that was what she thought. Meryema who was quite positive with her parents decision to move in new country, hoped for the best. When she made her first appearance in school, something felt wrong. The whole school was divided in two classes. Wolfs and sheeps, but Mer didn't fit anywhere. Will she be able to stay in peace without getting targeted?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Welcome to Ran Felton high

Brightness that was gently touching Meryemas face with hint of warmth, left her in thoughts. A lot things happened in short period of time, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Everything was more likely exiting. New country, people, faces, just like in those teenage movies. Sadly peace didn't last forever. Van in which she drove to school with few other rich kids, came to it's destination.
Ran Felton, private high school who can get you in any college you wish, if you graduate from it. One of the best in country and hard to enroll only with scholarship. Fortunately Meryema, transfer student on second year , never had problems with studying. As she was walking in courtyard many things were different from where she came from. Teens are more relaxed and playful, like they don't have classes.
- I guess this is the magic of privet school?- she murmured to herself. First time in her life Mer wore uniform and liked it. White shirt and plaid skirt with cute shoes. While being in her own world someone bumped in her.
- I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose!- A boy with brown hair and green eyes behind dark glasses is intensely apologizing. Looking at his face expression, he was in hurry.
-It's fin....- Just when she was about to replay someone called him from behind.
- Hey Jan we were joking, come back! We haven't finished playing together!- The group of guys were slowly approaching us laughing. The atmosphere between them and Jan weren't the same so Mer got confused. Not long after she noticed that the boy was no longer standing beside her. Instead he was walking fast towards building entrance, turning his head to see where were they. He tried to say something but nothing came out. After all she saw, Meryema decided to help by stopping them from following him.
- Excuse me, can you tell me where is teachers office?- Beautiful girl with brown hair and hazelnut eyes was standing in front, blocking their path.
-Of course, you're new right? I will take you there personally. Guys head to class without me.- He proudly stood out while Meryema gently smiled. Then other guys started encouraging him, like he was asking her out. It felt even more awkward.
- Then shall we get going now?- She asked him politely. Big smile broke out on his face as he hurried to her side. Many reasons came in her mind to why Jan left. She clearly saw that he didn't feel comfortable around these group of guys.
- Oh, by the way my name is Ronald and yours?- The silence stopped with his question.
- It's Meryema, thanks for helping me out.
- It was nothing, but I must say how your name is unique.
- Believe me, it's not from where I used to live.- She found their conversation pleasant. When they were passing by in hallways, it seemed how some students didn't dare to cross paths with Ronald. He may look scary by his height and muscles, but that won't be the only reason, right? Everything wasn't fitting in well.
- Office is behind the corner
- thank you, I will now go on my own.- She was eager to get away from him so Mer didn't wait for his replay. Soon after she met with her home teacher who instructed her in which class she is. As electronic bell ringed she followed him quietly to classroom. There he introduced her to classmates where she recognized Jan among them. The seat Meryema got was just behind him by the window. Hours passed quickly and lunch time came. She didn't want to be all alone. Luckily girl who sits beside her has already invited her.
- What do you think newbie?- Mer's classmate asked her during lunchtime.
-Well to me everything is strange, is it like this always, Sasha?
- You're not far off girl, this whole school is divided in two. It took me three weeks to realize that. Unlike you I was not alone. All newbies were be confused.
- What do you mean by divided in two?
- Hah, welcome to Ran Felton high!
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