Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Peaceful Friendship

“Yakusoku!” He hears his mother’s voice calling from downstairs.

Groaning, he rolls over on his bed further burying his head into the pillows. But he knows, on a birthday morning, he cannot get away with lazing around. Someone would come for him, and that someone had always been Ai.

“Come on, bro!” Shouts the younger male bursting through the door; right on time. Leaping onto the bed when the distance lessened he bounced on his knees causing the lounging male to jiggle and shake all around it. “Get up! Come on!”


“But it’s your birthday!” He said with enough enthusiasm to have one think that it is, in fact, Ai’s birthday.

“I’m aware.”

“Are you?” The boy cast him a doubtful look that went missed by the receiver due to his being under the pillows and blanket. “Come on, dad made breakfast. Belgium waffles with strawberries, inside and out. You gotta come on!” He slides from the bed and chose the direct approach at moving the male, which is to grab him by the arm and physically haul him out.

“Nooo!” He said through a fit of chuckles.

He knows he can’t escape his fate of the birthday rituals. Big breakfast, more hugs and kisses than any guy his age should receive, the guessing of the gift inside the shiny paper- always a crowd pleaser- and lastly all the events in the outside world before the stagger back to the Land home to partake of more pizza, soda, and cake than should be allowed into a human body.

Now a lump on the floor, he let Ai drag him one last inch before he brushed the boy off to get himself up from the floor.

“Okay, okay. I’m coming.” He tousles his brother’s spiked bedhead. “Can I, at least, take a piss first?”

“Oh sure, but I’ll be listening out for any attempted escapes through the window.”

“Oooh, I’m shaking.” He said teasingly then stepped away for the bathroom.

Calling through the closed door, Ai adds. “Did I mention there’s Cool Whip involved?!” Tapping the door when he doesn’t hear peeing in the next second. “Move your butt, Promise.” And he took off down the stairs.

Shaking his head, he snickers quietly while tugging his boxers down. He’s actually really excited about today. It’ll be nice to have a birthday that doesn’t end with a lump of guilt in his gut for blowing off his family, or a monster sized headache from getting himself piss drunk. Unwanted or even remembered sex with a stranger. He still intended to smoke, though. Hell, he actually could use one right now. No. His second mother would be on him again, and then he’d be chewed out for smoking a substance.

He’s gotta find a way to kick the habit... that, or save the cravings for Gev’s house. Pulling up and tucking in, he then walks to the sink to wash his hands. Glancing at his reflection in the mirror, part of him wondered why he hadn’t seen a message written there from the perfume bandit that was in his bedroom yesterday: Happy Birthday, Promise. is what it would say.

Shaking his hands-free he then dries them on a hand towel tossed over the bar behind him before heading out of the bathroom, and downstairs to his charmed fate.

His mother screeched with joy like he’d been in a coma and just woke up and came down for an oversized waffle. The teen actually grunted he’d been hit so full-force with a hug. He chuckled as hefty kisses smacked onto the side of his head; his father was at his side clapping him on the back in any location where his mother’s rubbing hands weren’t owning him.

Ai clasped his hand bouncing excitedly before he threw himself against his side for a hug like he hadn’t just recently seen his brother upstairs. You see what he meant by horrible tradition? It was always nice when it was his father, mother, or Ai getting the work over. But not himself.

“Alright, enough of that, let’s get some food into us so we can head out,” Reeve announced by walking away from His Grace to grab some plates to load up for the family.

Once they’re all situated, Yakusoku dug into two thick waffles plunked onto a white plate, dripping with maple syrup and strawberries with strawberry syrup and a heaping glop of Cool Whip- on both waffles! He ate 3!

Ai barely finished his second, his mother only had one, and like himself, his father went in for a third. Breakfast lasted about an hour and a half then the family broke up to get washed and dressed so they can head out to Gev’s and Ludwig’s to pick them up for laser tag. Yakusoku hasn’t been to that oversized warehouse of lasers and fake landscape in ages; its gonna be great! Him and his friends against his family... to be honest, the three of them are going down. No ifs, and, or but’s about it.

‘Shit. I never saw Ludwig’s address when I ran into his house.’ Thinks the teen running his hands through his hair to make it look plausible. Satisfied with the look, he walks into his bedroom to retrieve his phone. ‘Do I even know his number?’ He thinks on it.

And it’s freaky how wave-lengths work isn’t it. Because no sooner had he moved his thumb to start dialing does the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it!” He called being the only one ready to go by now. Clomping down the stairs, he tugs open the front door. “Hey, I was just trying to figure out how to call you.” He told Ludwig, who- despite his telling him not to bother- bought him a gift.

“Yeah, I was trying to figure how to call you when I remembered that you’d only written your address down.” He holds up the slip of paper from yesterday, then hands it back figuring he doesn’t need it anymore. “Here.” He hands a bag over. Its got Happy Birthday on it, decorated with printed stars and confetti and its got that flimsy paper inside hiding the gift a minute more than necessary.

“Thanks.” Cocking his head to the side, he invites the male in. Walking over to the coffee table, he reached into the bag pulling out its contents letting the bag fall and hit the table. “Chocolates?” He holds up a blue bag of Lindt.

“Best chocolate made in my opinion.” He takes the bag to open it. “My Ma says whenever you don’t know what to get someone sweets is always the way to go. ..Plus, I think she secretly wants to make people bigger than she is.” He shrugged.

Removing a piece from the bag of 24 individually wrapped balls of chocolate, Ludwig is a bit surprised to have it snatched from him.

“Not ’til cake.” Dropping it back into the bag, he sets the sweets down on the coffee table then moves to the front door. He’d seen Gev rounding the sidewalk to come up the drive.

“You’d better have a warm drink ready, Land.”

Gev’s not even at the door yet and he’s demanding service. Typical. But its said in a half-joking tone.

“Coffee pot’s still on.” Yakusoku points to the kitchen. “You want anything?” He asked Ludwig.

“Sure.” He said slowly; taking in Gev seemed to still the male’s speech patterns.

Wouldn’t it have to for someone not used to the guy’s... colorful looks. He seemed to wanna look good today too; his hair was done in a mohawk when normally its just a mess all over his head making him look permanently sleepy. 4 inches of the front is dyed red. His eyes are one blue and one red.

“Fa-la-la-laaa french vanilla.” Sung the Russian while pouring a drink. Turning, he leans against the trim of the counter and finally takes notice of the new guy in the room.

Ludwig does the same, the twos eyes are locked in mental combat of scrutiny. Yakusoku watches the exchange, then takes the initiative. “Gev, this is Ludwig. He’s gonna hang out with us from now on.”

Cocking a brow, Ludwig looks at Yakusoku in disbelief, wondering when he’d ever agreed to hang out with the mad thing that is Gev London or the rest of the rat-pack.

“Oh. I thought your mom adopted another one.” Replied the male.

“Hi.” Ludwig extends a hand.

Laughing with enough force to tilt his head back, Gev reaches for the offered hand “This guy is priceless.” he says. A funny thing happened when their hands clasped, they both jerked them back.

The surge of electricity was so loud that Yakusoku had heard it from where he’s standing at the cabinet 2 feet away.

“Must be colder than I thought.” Said the Russian before pushing away from the counter. Patting Ludwig on the shoulder he then walked into the living room to make himself comfortable.

Ludwig watched the goth’s exit with a heavy look on his face. Yakusoku watched Ludwig, wondering what the expression was for.

Grabbing the coffee pitcher from its base, he jiggled it before the spaced male’s field of vision. “Drink?”

Snapping out of it, he nods. “Yeah. Thanks.” He takes the offered mug.

“Everyone’s acting friggin’ screwy lately.” Muttered Yakusoku before taking a swig of his own drink.

Ludwig hung back when Yakusoku went by into the living room, unmoving until he heard the Land male saying to his friend “Seriously?” for dipping into the gift he’d received.

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