Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Party! Party!

The first place they’d gone to was the lazer tag building called Long Shot. The place is massive, decorated to look like a forest in the middle and army bases at the ends. There are at least six rooms to purchase time in and once Reeve gathered their guns and handed them out, the 2 sets of 3 enter the building at seperate times so they wouldn’t know where one another chose to hide amongst the phony weeds and trees.

Choosing up sides, the three teens against the adults and Ai, they hurry away to hiding places that might land them in a perfect attack situation. The best part of this tag is that you have the option to flat out kill the opponent or mess with them a little by disabling them in the knee or elbow. And they must follow the rules and limp occordingly or lose the use of that limb.

“Yak’,” Ludwig crept up at his side, hand landing on his shoulder to give it a little attention shake. “Is Gev on anything?”

“Yeah dysphoria. He hates the cold.” He looks on up ahead where the one-armed Gev crouched in wait for an attack; Quinn had been the one to spot the male and shoot his left arm out of commition, and now he’s waiting for her to exact revenge.

“No, seriously?”

“Yes, weed. We all do it!” He hissed, growing sick of the subject already. “What do you care?”

“I mean, anything that you don’t know about?”

“Well if I don’t know about it, then how would I know about it?” He shrugged then.

Ludwig looked at Yakusoku as if that were the dumbest thing he’d ever heard. “You ask him, duh.” He even had the balls to lightly punch him in the side.

The Land teen laughed at that. “He’s my best friend, and I’m not gonna invade his privacy because some fanboy took interest in him.”

“Dude, get the fuck off the gay thing for one minute, you homosexual prick, and listen to what I’m saying... the glazed look in his eyes? Its not the cold that’s bothering him.”

“How do you know that?” He again shoots a glance at his best friend.

“Because... because, okay! Just trust me on this.”

“I’m...” But he trailed off when said male in question approached.

“Yakuza, your parents are freaking me out.” He said in a low tone.

The male was so worked up under the darkness and heat of the room that his mohawk was now just a moat on his head. Gel can’t hold up to the sweat of a teenaged boy it seemed.

“Where the fuck are they?”

“I don’t know.” Looking over the little metal wall he’s hiding behind, he strains an ear for the sound of movement. “Noth- wait! Over there!”

Leaping out from behind the protective barrier, he charges off into the brush. Maybe he heard something and maybe he didn’t. But he knew one thing for sure, he wanted away from that conversation with Ludwig. Let him talk to Gev if he wants to. He can be the one to get that punch in the face from trying to intervention someone on substance abuse, but he’ll stay out of it, thank you.

“Attaaack!” Ai cried out from what sounded like his left side.

Turning, Yakusoku was just in time to miss having his leg shot. “Guys, they’re here! Swarm, swarm!”

Gev and Ludwig came running, battle cries shouted to the roof as Quinn and the screaming Ai came out of hiding.

The battle was waged and Quinn was shot in the knee while aiming for her son’s chest. Ai retaliated that blow to his teammate by shooting Ludwig’s arm out, then the other. The violinist rolled free from the battle field and hid behind the partisan wall.

“Hands to the sky.” Reeve whispered in the boy’s ear.

“I can’t.” Replied Ludwig, squeezing his eyes shut knowing his end is near.

“That’s a shame, son.”

And Ludwig fell dead when the shot to his back buzzed. Yakusoku and Gev weren’t fairing any better when their arms were removed and they, on their knees, sat like sitting ducks to the closing in devil’s rejects.

Looking at each other they shouted to the sky dramatically. “Nooooooo!” Before they were finished. Yakusoku laughed histerically while Gev milked his death. Recovering from the floor with help from his little brother tugging him up, he brushes the fake grass from his pants. That was the best way to kill nearly two hours.

Rock climbing was by far the most fun Ludwig’s had all day. The guy is clearly an air baby. Gev punked out and didn’t go any higher than a couple little foot holds. Even Ai had to chuckle at the teen’s frightened expressions, and quivelled voice when he thought about going for that forth groove. Reeve even coached the boy and showed him how it was nearly impossible to fall, but still Gev refused.

Halfway through the rock climbing and crater crawling experience, Reeve slipped away for about twenty minutes and when he came back he ushered them all to the parking lot so they could go bowling.

“Yeah!” Cheered Ai rushing out of the building at the speed of light.

When Yakusoku pulled open the car door of the passanger’s row, his father cleared his throat. “Its great that you wanna ride with us, son, but wouldn’t you rather take your own car?”

“What car?” Yakusoku asked. Then the words really hit him. “Shit, you got me a car!?” Whirling around he asked in a flurry of questions. “Where? What color? Screw that, what kind?”

Reeve laughed, and Quinn smiled with pride at her son’s gleeful enthusiam. His father reached out a hand and pats a large black Nissan Armada.

“Holy fuck,” Gev touched it. “sweet ride, man. My parents would never give me a car.” He squeezed his best friend’s shoulder with approval.

“That’s because you’re a bum.” Chided Yakusoku.

Handing the keys over, Reeve accepts his ‘thank you’s’ though he advized that there be a little less swearing next time. Sliding into the driver’s seat, Yakusoku could have cried. He’d gotten his license two months ago; and it wasn’t easy with the three times it took to pass the test, and the five times it took to pass the driving test; he really isn’t the best at turning right. The sweep is to wide. He didn’t know how other people did it. Which is why this is such a shocker, because there had never been a discussion of cars, he’d been hinting about certain beasts that he wanted should he ever get one. This may not be one of his beast, but its his. And he’s not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

“Can I ride with you, bro?” He looks at their mother then asks. “Mom, pleeease? Can I go with Yaku’?”

“If its alright with him?”

“Yeah, get in.” He said from beyond the car out the window.


Honestly, Reeve and Quinn would rather their youngest drive with them. They trust Yakusoku, but should anything happen with the semi-icy roads... well, its better Ai be with them. But their oldest will be fine. Reeve was sure to take him through small driving courses in every condition of weather. So even with these slick roads, he should do alright. Plus, the tires are meant for this type of weather; and despite the early snow, its fairly warm out today and the cool air has warmed enough to melt away the seasonal chill.

Yakusoku followed his parent’s car with the music loud in his own, the passangers bumping to the rock blasting from the stereo. Man he wished he had his cds with him right now; he prefers bands that he knows he’ll like the music, rather than whatever the station decides to play; which half the time is oldies- you know, grampa rock.

Gev turned down the volume when the song was over. “Man, I love ‘Christmas in Hollywood’.” Drumming his fingers on the dash, he adds. “The Undead fuckin’ rock.”

“I thought they were Grateful Dead?”

“Naah, man, its Hollywood Undead... Where the hell is this guy from, Yakuza?” He juts his thumb over the shoulder of the seat.

“I don’t know, but he listens to classical music.”

“No shit?” He looks over the seat now at Ludwig. “I can see that.”

Wondering what that little comment was supposed to mean, he ignored it in favor of Ai tapping him on the shoulder to watch him play Mario Party on his Nintendo DS. It took them ten minutes to get to the alley, and in that time the four conversed in pairs over music and video games, having it end with all four of them talking about video games and an invite to Gev’s house tomorrow afternoon for a round of fucking each other over Wii-style. The Russian bragged about his archory skills all the way through the double glass doors.

“Choose up.” Reeve said once everyone had their ugly bowling shoes on their feet.

“I get Quinn!” Called Gev.

The Swedish woman laughed at the eagerness. Her bowling skills were legend in the Land home. She’d often watch the kids bowling in video games and coach them from the kitchen entrance at where their Mii should stand.

“Three man teams,” Called Ai. “I get mom, too!”

“Nice.” Reeve scoffed in mock offense. Typing in their names, he looked at his two teammates. “We can take ’em.”

“Yeah!” Ludwig cheered rolling a ball around to size up the weight for his arms.

“Uuummm.” Yakusoku was chuckling into his fist. “We’re screwed.”

And they were screwed, because Quinn brought their A game. If the marble swirled balls didn’t get a strike, they picked up the spare. It was frighteningly amazing! The slaughter made team B restless to take their turns of gutter balls and poorly made splits; it made them hungry as well.

And to the Russian’s delight, pizza came. The greasiest, cheesiest pizza ever made on the planet. It was Heaven. Yakusoku is a real slut for cheese and sauce, he doesn’t know what it is. He’d always joked that if he were never turned on, the scent of cheese and sauce would get him hard in a minute’s second.

This was turning out to be the best birthday. Maybe he didn’t need Clark and Nono after all. Yakusoku thought it would be better if all his posse were with him but they don’t suffer a lick without Dick-sick rubbing his crotch into every little thing, or Nono’s shy demeanor bringing down the mood. After some teenaged slaughter over video games both fighting and race car driving, the group went back to the Land home for gifts and cakes.

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