Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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What's Eating You?

Yakusoku had gotten Ludwig’s address while he and Gev were up in his bedroom blaring the gift from his best friend over the stereo. And when night fell he drove over to the male’s home in his new car to pick him up, then Gev, and they went over to Every Night where they met up with Clark and Nono.

Since the club is for young adults it isn’t terribly dark inside, but the lighting is dim enough to give a sort of underdone Christmas light effect; present, but not overpowering in neon oranges and deep blues. Large round tables line the back walls and just a single tablespace onto the spacious dance floor. There’s a long glass-top bar that serves sodas and sparkling ciders and a few other virgin drinks.

There’s even a place to play pool. You would believe- if you knew what 21 and older club life was like- that you were at an actual night club. The loud music and semi-sexually charged atmosphere proved that. There was no end to hook-ups and make-out sessions going on. None of them were immune to gravitating to a hot girl on the dance floor to grind against.

“I’m Drita!” A girl called over the music. “Wanna dance?”

“I thought we were!” Yakusoku called back knowing that he’d been brushing asses with her since he’d started dancing with another girl he knew from school, Angelique. Her braids were illuminated in the neon orange, it looked so cool. But he just ditched her in favor of wrapping an arm around the girl’s shoulder and the other around her hips, she took the lead in trying to penetrate herself with his penis through his jeans.

Her mini-skirt inched up as the roughness of the denim brushed against it. Drita planted a kiss on his lips before turning herself around in his hold to grind her ass against him. And oooh, it was a good feeling. Kissing her neck, he appreciated her hum reverberating against his mouth. Not to be outdone by whomever this tramp is, Angelique pressed herself against Yakusoku and with her mouth to his ear, she nibbled on the lobe.

Dancing over to the trio, Ludwig leaned into earshot and shouted. “Happy birthday to you, huh?!”

Yakusoku flicked his hand at the male telling him to ‘get lost’. Laughing, Ludwig returned to his fiery red-haired vixen in the very tight leather pants.

The music boomed through the air, rattling glasses at the bar and shaking through the teens like a defibrillator. Drinks flowing and snacks aplenty, a person could stay all night. Unfortunately, it closes at ten- which is why parents are so cool with it.

“Angie, how ’bout a dance?” Clark whispered into the girl’s ear.

Turning her head, brown eyes looking the strapping jock up and down, she shrugged. “Alright. See ya birthday boy,” Pinching Yakusoku’s ass she then turned her attention to Clark.

Hopefully, this is what’s needed to get the girl’s admiring attention off of Yakusoku and onto someone who wants to be with her. Clark.

“Wanna get a drink?” Yakusoku asked Drita.

“Sure. Get me something with cranberry in it. I wanna keep dancing.” Bending forward she starts to whip her hair back and forth.

Snickering, Yakusoku pats the girl’s bare back as if to tell her, ‘she’d be alright’. Making his way to the bar, he leaned past a pair of guys chugging root beer like it had the cure in it. Making eye contact with the bartender, he says loudly enough to be heard. “Can I get a grape cranberry and a Canada Dry?”

“Sure thing.”

Awaiting their drinks, Yakusoku’s dual eyes look out over the dance floor spotting his odd dance partner grinding on someone else. A girl like that probably forgets she’d asked for a drink at all. She’s all about the music and a warm body. His eyes then scan the room for his friends. Ludwig is swaying back and forth with his lovely little partner, tongue deep in her throat. Well, alright. Nono was a little harder to find, the chubby guy isn’t very tall but then he found him four seats away at the bar talking to a curvy girl with gorgeous brown eyes. Clark was with Angelique, he knew that much... Where the hell is Gev?

“Here you go.” The bartender taps Yakusoku on the hand to get his attention.

“Huh? Oh. Thank you.” Fishing out four dollars he drops them on the counter top. “Actually, can you watch these for a minute?”

“Umm, sure.” Replied the man, giving the younger kid a look like he’d lost his mind.

Walking over to the closest guy, he grabbed Ludwig by the bicep. “Hey, you saw Gev?”

Offering his friend a very snarky look, he asks. “Why? Don’t tell me you’re worried about him.”

“Shut up, asshole.” Retorts Yakusoku. “Have you seen him?”

“Yeah, he went in back with some guys...” Looking across the room he points. “Yeah, up there.”

Turning his head, Yakusoku looks up to where Ludwig is pointing. The tables on the upper floor. “Hey, go blow yourself next time.” He patted the male on the shoulder for the ‘thank you’, then speeds off. He wasn’t even on the landing before hearing Gev’s voice singing louder than usual with the song playing over the speakers.

“Gev, what the fuck!?” He jerks the male from his seat. “You’re snorting? Seriously? Don’t you know that shit’ll mess with your brain?”

And he looked out of it. Completely unaware of who or what was talking to him. Proof of that, he stuck his fingers up Yakusoku’s nose trying to figure out why a waterfall was talking to him in Korean.

“Leave him aloooone.” Droned Luther in the background.

“Shut up.” He snapped at the male whom he sometimes, with Gev, got high with. “Come on. We’re gonna get something to drink, maybe eat... play some pool...”


“Because, you shouldn’t be doing this shit with a bunch of people you don’t really know.”

“I know them.”

“Really? Aside from Luther, name one.” And he couldn’t make out anyone’s face.

It's a lot darker up here than it is down there. Which probably adds to the fact that it smells like ass and sex. Someone must have slipped the monitor something to buzz off.

Gev only blinked. “Name one what?”

Rolling his eyes, he grabs the long chain hanging from his best friend’s choker collar and tugs him along. “Let’s go.” He said forcefully enough that the loopy Russian went along. Yakusoku stalked off to a dark corner where he could properly dig into his insane best friend. “Seriously. What the hell?”

“What the hell with you?” Gev jerked his chain from Yakusoku’s grip.

“Suddenly you’re a crack head?”

“Have been since before we met.”

“Well stop it.”


“Why not?” And now his tone was bordering on hissing.

“Because, best friend, it makes me feel good.” He leaned into Yakusoku’s face with a glare in his eyes that could crack glass, but the Asian took it with a grain of salt. He’s fought Gev before, and he’ll fight him now. “Weren’t you the one talking about bullshit the other day? How do you think I get rid of mine?”

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Oh no. Then tell me... how about you?”

Yakusoku sucked in a breath to steady himself, but it shakily came from his nose. “It’s complicated.”

“Complicated how? Huh?!” He smacked him on the side of his head. “How?! Do you live in a constant, unknowing as to why, rage? Huh!” he shoved him against the wall, closing in on him. “Do you look at your own parents and wanna snap them in half, when honestly... you just wish they’d fucking care enough to try to help you?!”

Yakusoku only blinked. He honestly had no idea how to respond to that.

“So tell me, Yakusoku...” He practically spat his real name in his face. “What’s eating you?”

Glaring, he looked his friend in his mad eyes and said through a stiffened jaw. “I was molested.”

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