Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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That's The Way I'm Loved

The sounds of the club were deafening right then, or at least Yakusoku had hoped so. He couldn’t believe that he’d said it. He told him... its come out. It IS out! Right out in the open, and where anyone can hear them speaking about it. He had to change subjects, had to get things back onto Gev and his problem. Yeah, he can wrangle that.

Problem with that was Gev had heard him; and before he could open his mouth to change subjects the, as if suddenly, noticeably taller male loomed in on him until Yakusoku’s back had popped up against a wall that’s holding two blue illuminating lights that are a spiral.

Yakusoku averted his eyes to the floor to avoid looking at his best friend, who in that blue lighting looked more menacing than normal with his one silver and one gold vampire fangs sticking out past his frowning lips.

“Who did it?”

That was unexpected. Who did it? He knew who did it, but he couldn’t tell Gev about it. And dammit if it weren’t a sobering topic; the outspoken brash male could hardly keep his irises from flicking back and forth with the drug-induced movement of the room.

Fidgeting, Yakusoku looked out on the dance floor for some backup against the odd behavior his friend his exhibiting. None was found, so none came.

“Yakusoku...” And he took the Asain’s chin in between his index and thumb, to turn his gaze up to him.

And wasn’t amazing that Gev seriously knew his name all this time. Considering, he was the one who’d began calling him ‘Yakuza’ in the first place.

“Who. Did. It?” He said it a little more slowly as if dealing with a paste eater.

He knew he couldn’t silent treatment the male forever, plus, with as close as they’re standing what must this look like.

Rolling his eyes, an exasperated sigh escaped his mouth. “Come on, we gotta get that crap out of your system.”

He went to move but was shoved back against the wall. Glaring, eyes narrowed to slits, Yakusoku grabbed Gev by the chain swinging from his collar and tugged him closer to hiss. “I will tell you in the car; now back the fuck up.”

A little growl in his throat and the ticked off male backed away. Yakusoku was glad for the air and quickly pushed by to free himself. The two of them barge through the dance floor to reach the exit, and once they’re out on the street they trudge silently towards the SUV.

“Do we all, learn defeat... from the whores with bad feet!”

He and Gev sang along with Serj, to the track of Vicinity of Obscenity playing on the rock station. So much for the heart to heart on either matter, because once they returned to Every Night with a bag full of double bacon cheese burgers and fries from the Wendy’s down the street, they couldn’t focus on anything but eating and being idiots. That was Yakusoku’s idea... unsure of how to remove the effects of cocaine from one’s system, he decided food was the best solution.

So, once parked in the lot same place as before- thankfully, no one took it in their leave- and after climbing from the front seat to the back, music blaring, they dig into the greasy fried feast that rest between them.

Their hunger seemed even more pronounced due to the small white stick they’re passing between each other. So really, it was kind of hard to get in on Gev about substance abuse when he himself couldn’t lay off the grass.

“Banana, banana, banana, banana terracotta, banana terracotta, terracotta pie!” They screamed while banging their heads like Beavis and Butthead would to one of their favorite songs.

“Wooo!” Yakusoku let out a cheer while lifting his wrapped burger into the air.

“Song’s over, its over.” To the radio, Gev says. “Play Sugar, come on!”

Laughing, Yakusoku shakes his head. “He won’t play it... play umm, something from this year, though. Something from Sixx a.m.”

It seemed stupidity was a virus because they were both haggling with the radio to play something for them. The DJ spoke for a while, going on about this and that tour-wise and local gigs that are going on in this month or the next.

“Shit, we gotta see that Undead concert in NY. They’re calling to us!” Gev whined.

“I know, right...” He stuffs some fries into his mouth.

“There you go!” Called out the Russian when a Hollywood Undead song played through the speakers. Comin in Hot. Nice one.

“I’m gonna get Da Kurlzz to sign my mask, and tell him their songs are Gods.” Yakusoku drew in a cloudy breath. Might be a good idea to crack a window, or someone will think Snoop has invaded his car.

“I’m gonna get them all to sign my mask.” With a pleased sigh, Gev koala’s Yakusoku around his torso, resting his head against his shoulder. “Can I be all... soft and serious with you man, just have a real... a real gay moment with you?” He whispered up to his friend, surprised he was heard over the radio, seeing that Yakusoku looked down at him.

“Be my guest.”

Snickering, he leans up a bit more and nearly shouts. “I love you, man!” Gev shakes his head to Yakusoku’s laughter. “Noo, no, I’m serious. I really fucking love you-... I’d, man, I’d kill for you.” He sits up and grabs his best friend’s jaw and the back of his head to lay a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

Yakusoku chuckled at that. “Aaaw, Gevie... you’d kill for me? With all that mad-rage you’ve got bottled up.”

“Mmhmmmmm,” He crumpled back against the male. “I’d kill the guy who raped you, shit, I’d kill a dog for pissing on you.”

Impressed, Yakusoku smiled or it felt like he’d smiled. The numbness was heavily taking over him. “Wooow.”

“I know, I know... these are the hard truths man.” He blinked rapidly.

“Oh God!” The ‘loved’ male turns his head to the side when Gev starts smooching his neck up. “You’re not gonna make love me to are you?”

“What? No, no... you’re my brother, man. And that would be weird.” He sniffles when feeling a bloody nose coming on. Leaning forward to check the rearview in the glow of the streetlight, he sits back and wraps his arms around Yakusoku’s torso again. “This would be a bad time to say I’ve got a substance-boner, huh?”

“Yeah.” Drawled Yakusoku, feeling a bit sleepy; the two of them erupted into a fit of laughter.

“Mmm,” Gev hummed thoughtfully. “Do you mind if I take care of this beast?”

“By all means,”

“Thank you.” A fiendish ring had been in his tone. And with one hand he undid his jeans and stuffed his hand beyond the border of his boxer shorts.

Aware of the hand still firmly gripped around his torso from behind, Yakusoku cocked a brow when Gev’s fingers dug into his side as he hit his stride in getting off. He snickered when his best friend turned his head to moan into his shoulder, practically under his armpit really since he’s not seated upright but rather on a slant. Having a pinch of the, thankfully, still warm fries Yakusoku wondered if he would allow Nono or Dick-sick to do the same? Definitely not. What he shares with Gev is... well... its like a silent understanding of each other, their own silent world. Where, yes, he would let his best friend jerk himself off beside him while moaning into his armpit; and, no, he doesn’t mind that Gev is kissing him on the neck, or squeezing him particularly hard when the feeling hits just right. There’s really nothing sexual about it, regardless how sexual it is.

But if it were Clark or Nono... he’d of slugged them until they lost a tooth. He’s got a private world with each of them. Clark and he play football over the weekends at the park in the summer. He and Nono bake cookies with his mother, Quinn, when winter break starts. And Yakusoku’s pretty sure they have little things with each other as well- after all- they’ve known each other long before he’d ever come along.

“Ow, Gev. Ow! You’re biting now.” But every understanding has a limit.

He lurches away from the male before he clamped down onto his neck with those false fangs like it was a soup bone.

“Here... dammit.” And he pulls a burger from the bag, unwrapping it for the cloudy-minded male. “Bite into this not me.” The burger slammed into the male’s closed lips.

Shaking his head, bangs moving to further messed since his forehead is pressed into Yakusoku’s shirt, eyes closed, he says. “Mm-mm, I’m almost there.” Head thrown back against the seat, he releases with an elaborate moan that would have silenced the lambs, so to speak. Panting, he chuckled before winking an eye open. “Fuck me... You got clean up?”

“Yeah. I think.” Leaning forward to the front seat, he opens the glove compartment. “Thank you for worrying mothers of the world.” He has tissues for his runny nose, and wet-naps, because all teenagers eat in their cars since they just do not see them as valuable as an adult might- except for Clark. He thinks that thing is solid gold. “Here.”

“I’ll send her a fruit basket.” Joked the Russian tugging his jeans and boxers down just beneath his ass. “Ugh, what a mess.” He crinkled his nose in disgust.

Yakusoku winced at the sexual scent that flooded the car, mixed with the scent of cheese burgers and weed when Gev whipped it out to properly clean himself off, one stroke at a time. He really should crack a window. Rolling his eyes, he scoffs in disbelief. “Don’t make yourself hard again.” And he glanced over at the male. “Geez!” He commented wide-eyed over the size of Gev’s length.

“Right.” Agreed the well-endowed.

“I feel sorry for who ever you’re with if she’s gotta stick that anywhere.” Cocking his head, he lifts his arm to it. “Its as thick as my wrist... shit man.”

“Tch. Not like I make her suck it, I-...”

And the door swung open beside them. Ludwig stopped what he was about to say, it literally slammed into a brick wall at the sight of the two; Gev with his arm around Yakusoku, dick in his other hand. Yakusoku’s hand dangerously close to that slab of beef on his best friend’s lap; he was looking at it before turning his head to the opened door where he then cocked his brow in Ludwig’s direction. The moment was much too intimate for anyone but the two of them to be privy of, and his gaze hit the concrete hard. The scent of sex wasn’t missed either. He really should not be here.

Their eyes have a predatory slit saying as much about anyone seeing them like they are now, mostly they glared at the offending opening in the car, for letting anything from the outside world in. Ludwig imaged that if the two were in the Armada bare-backing; but unlike tweenagers who would have jumped apart when caught in the act of messing around, after they learned where their naughty bits align, he and Yakusoku would have spared nothing more than a look of “do you mind, you’re letting the heat out” before, shamelessly, returning to what they were doing.

Gev spoke first, by saying. “Ballantyne, scooch over to the left.”

Doing so, without raising his eyes, his field of vision is invaded by something white and wet flinging from the door and hitting the ground with a sickening slap. It was a wet-nap covered in semen. Yakusoku’s laugh rang out seeing this flying thing hit the ground. “Go. Return to that from which you came.” And then both of them erupted with laughter.

Figuring their love spell was broken; Ludwig found his voice on the ground, dizzy with stars circling its head from hitting that brick wall. Dusting it off, he straightened it up and spoke. “Clark and Nono are... busy. I couldn’t find you two so, I thought maybe we were going?”

His words were met with silence, and just when Ludwig was thinking “close the door”, he hears a rumpling sound from inside.

Yakusoku had reached into the bag of cheese burgers and holding one outward towards the unexpected guest, he says. “Burger?”

Looking up to see if it were a joke or something, Ludwig spotted Gev beside Yakusoku offering him a nod. “O- okay.” Taking the offering he climbs inside, closing the door.

It was official, he was let in. Not into the group as he’d thought he was being offered earlier, but it would seem it was the two of them he was embraced by.

The three of them sat in the car, singing and laughing, and telling each other stories that may or may not be true until eventually Nono came out of the club; and his knowing about the two’s world, knocked on the door to break the spell they had going on inside before pulling the door open to announce, while very surprised to see Ludwig inside with the soul-twins, that he was ready to go. Clark, he said, was having some private time with Angelique in the back of his car, so he had to go home with them.

They listened to Sixx a.m. on the way home; of the bands his best friend introduced him to, he took to the smooth sound of Nikki Sixx and the very talented James Michael, and DJ Ashba the best. Yakusoku had popped the cd in since the radio was turning on rock classics instead of the good stuff. And damn these guys can play. He wished it was they who were having the gig in NY.

Ludwig was the last to drop off, and the male couldn’t help but glance at Yakusoku’s neck where two little knicks sat very present for all eyes to see. Smiling, he shakes his head trying to remove the laughter he felt coming on.

“What?” It went noticed, the stifling, so Yakusoku had to ask. Although, part of him thought that Ludwig was just feeling the effects of second-hand smoke.

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s something, otherwise, you wouldn’t be holding it in. So what’s up?” He asked. “And who was that girl you were with?”

“Eevie, she said.” Smiling, he waved his phone. “Got her number too.”

“She’s hot, I love red heads.”

Again, Ludwig had this weird look on his face and a smile to match.

“Whaaat? What is so damned funny?” It drove him absolutely nuts when people did that whole coy, taunting thing.

“I was just thinking that a good portion of Gev’s hair is dyed red.”

“Good for him, and?”

“Honestly...” He saw Yakusoku nod with a shrug. “I’m not saying anything, I’m just talking shit... alright.” He holds his hands up defensively. “You can’t hit me for this...”

“I promise I won’t hit you, just say it.”

“I think Gev wants to fuck you.” There. He said it. Closing his eyes, he awaits the fist in the face and is vastly surprised when laughter came instead. “It's true. You didn’t hear how pointedly he was singing that line from the song.”

He could still see it, they ate burgers and fries until the bag was flattened between them; and they sang through hazy slurs anything that came up. But that one song Gev seemed to like in particular ‘Christmas in Hollywood’. There was a line that goes: Santa's back up in the hood, so meet me under the mistletoe let’s fuck.

And Gev sang it into Yakusoku’s ear while the oblivious sang to the roof of the car. There have been other things too, he openly stares at the Asian male, and forgive him for being a baby about it, but if that were him he’d of been paused up and down the street for it.

“You’re crazy, Gev is like... my brother.”

“And Ai would sing that he wanted to fuck into your ear?”

“God, let’s hope not.” Yakusoku teased. It really is stupid. “You’re making too much out of nothing.”

“Really? Then where’d you get those bite marks?”

“Gev.” He slapped a hand to his neck, glad the male hadn’t been wearing lipstick tonight.


“Dude, you’re pushing your luck.” But he still had humor in his voice.

“I’m only saying, that’s what I get from him.”

“And you’re such an expert.”

“Well, no. But, there were statistics... four out of ten groups of friends have someone within the group that has a sexual attraction to one of the others. It may not be from a dating point, just a need to fuck them because they either feel close to them or they want to be close to them.”


“No really. There’s a dream book that says if you dream about sleeping with someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you wanna have sex with them, just that you wanna be close to them.” He shrugged. “As couples, we use sex to be closer to the one we’re with, our subconscious doesn’t know any better and so it offers a dream.” He shrugs again. “Some people dream out loud.”

Snickering, he shakes his head. “Gotta get you laid bro, better call that Eevie soon.” He pulled the car into Ludwig’s driveway. “Reading dream books, and looking at weird polls, can’t be good for you.”

Rolling his eyes, he sighs in unheard agitation. He should have known not to bring it up. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He opens the door.

“I’m not so sure about that, I’m still grounded for the past two years.” Turning the volume down on the radio, he checks the rearview before backing up very slowly. Calling through the window, he says. “I’ll see about getting it lifted. If not, don’t be a shy little fucker- Gev’ll pick you up for sledding down Breakneck hill.”

“Why would I wanna sled on something named that?” He muttered to himself.

He wondered if the story for that grassy hill were the same as the one from that story book: The Fog. Waving a hand, he heads to his home.

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