Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Another Turning Point

Yakusoku turned his phone over to his father the minute he walked through the door. Heading up to his room, with an extra slice of cake, he undressed and slipped into his pajamas. Opening the vent shaft so the heat can circulate through his room, he sits down on his bed and enjoys the solitude of the act. He should have asked Adamari to come to the club with them, maybe she would have gone? You never know until you try. And besides, it would have been done over the phone, which meant no snobbish girlfriends telling her not to do it.

He’d acquired her phone number around the time when all youth were getting cell phones, and having a ton of numbers was just mandatory. Unless she’s changed it, he had a shot. Shifting over to set his plate down on the nightstand, he heard an odd rumbling sound beneath his blanket.

Reaching beneath himself, he pulls out a purple envelope. It smelled funny like it's been stuck between someone's legs during the hot season. Gross. Lifting the unglued flap, he pulls the slip of paper out. It read: Painted Blue. He hoped not his little red wagon, his car, he liked the black color. His father got it right on that one. If someone was dicking around with it, they’d be very sorry for it. And how did this get in his room anyway? Getting up from his bed, he drifted, with the empty plate in hand, downstairs to the kitchen.

“Mom,” He asks once dropping his plate into the dishwasher. “was someone here?”

“What do you mean?” She looked up from her reading.

“I found this note in my room. Doesn’t make any sense.” Walking over to the couch he takes a seat.

“Painted Blue... what does that mean?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, no one was over. You sure you didn’t do this?”

Taken aback, he asks. “Why would I type and print this out, then forget about it?”

“Honey... I really don’t know, but if that weird smell on you is anything to judge by...”

Quinn gave her son a very long look.

“I only smoke cigarettes, I swear.” He lied.

“You shouldn’t be smoking anything,” Quinn took the letter flipped it front to back, then handed it back to Yakusoku. “be lucky your father has only grounded you for this month, and not the rest of the year. Throw this out if it means nothing.”

“Okay.” He gets up from the couch, heading into the kitchen.

“And go right to bed after you brush your teeth.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

And he did all these things, tossed the letter, went upstairs to brush his teeth, and he climbed into bed feeling sleep wash over him hard. He actually couldn’t wait to go to bed. Chuckling softly, remembering what Ludwig had said about dreams. He hoped he had a sex dream about Adamari, he’d definitely like to be closer to her.

It was around 1 a.m. that the phone rang. Yakusoku, who’d somehow ended up in the kitchen for who knew what, blinked out of his walking coma to answer it.

“You never did tell me, Yakuza,” Its Gev. “who the fucker was that raped you.”

“Why are you up? It's one in the morning.”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“I slept, but apparently my body missed the memo.” Sitting on the couch, he wondered how Gev had the foresight to call the house phone rather than his cell.


“Sleepwalking for a drink.”

“Mm.” He intoned. “So who was he?” He steered the conversation back to the original plot.

“It wasn’t a He, exactly... and technically, it was more like molestation than rape.” Glancing at his parent's door, then Ai’s, he lowered his tone. “It was a girl... my age.”

Gev was silent a moment. “She got a name?”

“You-... you’re not gonna laugh?”

“Why would I?”

“A girl taking advantage of a guy, funny stuff.” He said sarcastically.

“I don’t think it's funny.” Replied the hardly sleepy to the nearly exhausted. “How did it happen?”

“She drugged me, and I had to watch while she fucked herself with my dick.” It felt so good to get the truth out. “I swear, it was awful... I felt so sick afterward, and it went on for what felt like hours. I just kept going in and out.”

“That bitch. What’s her name?”

“Maria Atkinson.”

“She still around?”

“No. Right after that happened, me and my dad went over to her place with a cop... it was so fucking weird, she was just gone. Everything in her house too, like she was never really there.”

“And you haven’t seen her since?”

“Thankfully, no.” He closed his eyes. “I’d like to chalk having seen her at all up to being stoned, but I didn’t know you yet.” He smiled when saying that since it was Gev who stuck the first skinny white one into his mouth and rescued him from sitting alone and sulking those first few months after the Maria fall out.

“Wished I’d known you then, I could have helped.”

“Not if you knew how obsessed I’d been over the mystery of her.” Sighing, he says quietly. “You would have ditched me just like the others before you.”

“No, I wouldn’t, cause I’m not a dick.”

“...I know.”

“Hey, you forget about her, alright. And if she ever does come back... I meant what I’d said, Yakuza.”

Smiling, he shakes his head. Maria can do freaky things with her mind. Not even Gev would stand a chance against that. But it was comforting. “What about you?” He noticed that something moist was touching his wrist now and then. He would have turned on a lamp, but he didn’t want the light noticed. “Why are you so pissed at your parents?”

“I don’t know... maybe I’m just hard hit in the teen angst department, and eventually I’ll get over it.” He sounded sarcastic and snide, but he was serious.

“They love you, you know. Both of them... your mom gets you everything you like, and your dad takes you to the rink to play hockey every December first- even if you’ve had a fight. They’re not afraid of you Gev, they’re just scrambling to know why you’re upset and how they can stop it without asking directly... They wanna show that they know you, without being told.” He could hear Gev sigh over thinking about it. “And that’s my answer.”


“I know, I know,” He said quoting his best friend. “these are some hard truths.” He laughed when hearing laughter. “I’m grounded, you know, I can’t go sledding tomorrow. But you’ll pick up Lud’ to go with you guys?”


“Thanks. Poor bastard’s lived here for ages and doesn’t have one friend.”



“Well, we’ll take care of him for you.”


“I’m gonna hang up now, see you at school.”

“You too, and Gev... real talk man, stop with the cocaine thing.”

The Russian chuckled.

“I’m serious... if I can sound perfectly gay, I can’t lose you to some dumb shit like that.”

“But I already feel that tug for another sniff.”

“Cold turkey, got me. You wanna have nasty withdrawal, do it with me.” Gev let out a very loud groan that went ignored byAsianmale. “And hey, if you knew my name all this time... why did you call me Yakuza?” Yakusoku had to ask before hanging up.

“When I met you, you were small... I thought it sucked, aaand calling you Yakuza made you feel mighty... do you deny that?”

“No.” He shook his head, mouth scrunched in a thoughtful wrinkle. It did make him feel mighty. Being in an imaginary crime syndicate.

“Well, alright then. ...I’m still gonna call you Yakuza by the way.”

“Its fine with me.” And it really was. “Do Nono and Clark know?”

“Nah, they’re idiots.” He laughed to himself. “Bye fucker.”

“Bye asshole- and remember what I said.” Hanging up on his end to a stream of “yeah, yeah yeah”, he walked into the kitchen turning on the overhead light. “What the hell was I doing down here?” He asked himself seeing bleeding dots peppered over his wrist.

Looking for the poker, he finds a knife sitting in the sink, droplets of red decorated the inside of the stainless-steel. Washing his wrist under some warm water, he gave his forearm a squeeze to ensure that no more blood would come from the knicks before heading off to bed. Hopefully, he’d stay put.

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