Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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A Mystery Caller

Yakusoku sat down in his usual chair surrounded by the same two people. Part of him wondered if Shelby would call in about her brother getting his ass served to him, and how he’s stopped trying to violate her. But the call never came. He would have todiscreetlyy ask about it. Or maybe get someone else to do it. He took a few phone calls before he was back to none.

He wondered, as he waited, if he were getting cancer from the old-fashion house phones because a slight headache was buzzing in the back of his skull. He thought about excusing himself for a bathroom break when the phone rang.

“Teens Helping Abused Teens.” He sneered at Meina when she gave him an odd look.

Caller: “Hi...”

It was that same caller from the other day, not Shelby, but the other girl. Sitting back down, he tried to relax his pained head. “Hi... you’re the girl from yesterday right.”

Caller: “That’s right, my name is Amari.”

“I don’t think you’re supposed to use names with this.” He looks around as if the conversation is being overheard, and someone can offer him the answer to that puzzle of whether real names are acceptable or not.

Caller: “That’s okay, it’s a fake...” Amari was silent a moment. “You got a few minutes... I’m feeling kind of down, and I need someone to talk to.”

“Yeah. I’m not sure if that’s the purpose of this program, but go ahead.”

Caller: “It’s about last night... When my boyfriend got in.”

“I’m listening.”

Caller: “He had sex with me... it was good. We were on the carpet- the fuzzy one, so you know that it was gre-...”

“I’m sorry but you’re not supposed to say things like that... is this a serious call, or are you messing with me?”

Caller: “I was leading up to it... I have a right to tell you what happened don’t I?”

“Yes, I’m sorry... Please continue.” He rolled his eyes.

Caller: “Good... listen up then. My boyfriend got in last night and he was so fired up- hot and heavy... God, he and I had some wild sex on the floor... Mmmm, I can still feel him.”

“Great, please get on with it.” This is a prank call. She’s gotta be fucking with him. Even still he was becoming uncomfortable with the content of this conversation. And why did he have to be the one to get this nut- twice!

CALLER: “Don’t be shy, it’s just sex after all... Anyway, our kid comes in-”

“You have a kid!”

Was she kidding?! He looked around the room at all the staring eyes, and waved it off that he’d keep it down. He didn’t know to what extent these two were bound together before the kid, but knowing that one is involved, probably, unless this is all bullshit; but its another reason as to why she won’t leave the abusive prick.

CALLER: “Yeah, she’s the cutest thing in the world... I just love watching her play with her dolls...” It seemed like she had drifted away for a moment, then she spoke again. “So anyway, she comes in and sees us there... Daddy licking beer off of Mommy... Ahahaha she thinks that he’s attacking me and she starts to beat him up.”

“I can imagine, that must have been weird and hard for her to see... How old is she?”

CALLER: “Seven... Anyway, her father explained to her that he and I were just playing like grown ups play, but she ended up crying...”

And why did it sound as if that were the kid’s problem and annoying to her?

“I’m worried though, my boyfriend took her back to her room and they were quiet for so long... then he comes back out and says she won’t bother us anymore.”

Now Yakusoku felt sick. Physically sick. A naked man taking a girl some place private. It was wrong! Your child or not. “Do you think that maybe...?” He couldn’t finish the sentence.

CALLER: “Maybe, yeah... who the hell knows.” Amari laughed quietly. “Those two have been having a lot of quiet time together lately, but I don’t know... maybe he beat her to sleep.” She laughs again only louder. “I’m scared... I’m scared that I’m next... he doesn’t look at me the same anymore.” There are tears in her words now.

“Amari, I have to call the police. What you’re telling me isn’t right... it’s not healthy.” The girl seemed to be listening. “Your boyfriend is an abusive- could be child molester and you’re letting it go on just as long as he doesn’t touch you... Amari- if you’re not going to help yourself than at least help your daughter.”

CALLER: “Are you calling me a bad mother? Because I’m not, I love that little girl, she’s just like me... Now I don’t know about you... But I wanna get back to what I was doing last night, he’s so sexy when he’s all fired up.”

“Amari wait!”

CALLER: “Yeah?” Her voice sounded amused now.

Yakusoku was growing angry with her now, his fist clench and unclench so hard it made his knuckles crack. He had to find a way to trace these calls so that he could call the cops on both her boyfriend and her, and hopefully save that poor little girl.

“I... I can help you, personally, just give me your information and I’ll... Hello?” There was just a dial tone. She hung up on him. ‘Fuck!’ He slammed the phone down.

“Mr. Land...” Mr. Lord walks over to the enraged male. “Promise... what is going on? Did you have a fight with one of the callers?” His hand rests on the boy’s shoulder.

Yakusoku shakes his head, then stands. “I’m sorry, it’s just... ridiculous.”


"Yes,” And now he felt a fit of hysterics coming on. “this caller... She calls me, and- and I think she’s asking for help with an abusive boyfriend but-... then she laughs as though she’s just joking. Now there’s a kid involved... I don’t know what to do?”

The man seemed to be thinking about what he had said. “I see... well, it is highly possible that someone would be calling the line just to pick on you. Have you had any other prank calls?”

“Well, one... something about chickens legs.” He shakes his head at the stupidity of man.

“So you see, regardless the calls topic” And the man shrugged. “Its probably just a joke to mess with you. Ignore them.” And his kindly blue eyes met with Yakusoku’s to wink at him, as if to say, ‘I know you’re smart enough to figure that out.’

‘But what if she’s not joking? What if she’s actually afraid and trying to reach out but madness has her hands tied... fuck!’

After detention, the walk home was getting to him. He kept asking himself this and that but nothing came out of it. Just a walk in a circle.

When Monday came again, Yakusoku was practically on speed to get through class and back to the THAT room. His friends were making plans all around him, but he couldn’t get involved in that. Still grounded. But these calls, they were like a new fix or something- especially when his mother found and toileted his stash. Damn school for assisting in not keeping your parents out of your room and off of your stuff.

It was like he was the queen and Amari was his Scheherazade, telling him these tales to keep him engaged and yet, she’d always say enough to make it seem like she were lying and just making things up. It went from Monday to Friday with a new horrible tale of what the abusive boyfriend were doing to her, and possibly doing to their daughter. She said she called the police, but they had no proof and left the matter alone.

Shelby had told him that her brother backed off, especially when Nono came over and asked her to a movie over the weekend- as if he were still playing enforcer. Yakusoku couldn’t have done better himself.

Yakusoku thought that Amari’s boyfriend could use some mental torture, and he asked about her address. She said she couldn’t give it. That would be wrong, he’d known. He asked her to bring him along and meet him someplace but then realized. Grounded. He can’t go anywhere. But he was determined, especially when she said that she took pictures of a bruise she got on her leg, and the cops believed the boyfriend when he said she’s a klutz.

He begged his mother, pleaded with her that he be let free of his sentence. She didn’t waver. And she’s the lightweight! He asked Clark and Nono to go in his place but they couldn’t, they believed that the girl was fucking with him. He thought about sending Gev and Ludwig but that didn’t sit right with him for some reason. And so it went unsettled. Vacation was coming up, they were running out of time. He had no choice but to sneak out. But when he got there... no one. She was fucking with him. Damn.

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