Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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New Kids In Town

“Keep it down.” Yakusoku hissed into Gwen Sholts’ ear.

“Mhmm,” She panted incoherently and bit into her bottom lip to stifle her little moans, moans that were mostly pained whimpers.

The Land teen is not exactly gentle when it comes to this sort of thing. You’d think that he wanted to hurt you with the way he plunges his fingers into your body with a little slickness to assist them.

“But you’re hurting me, a little. Could you let up some?” She asked in a small voice.

Squaring off with her, his dual colored eyes look dangerously into her icy blue ones. She wasn’t seriously asking for him to be gentle, was she? Maria? Ha! Fat chance. Yakusoku wrapped an arm around the girl’s waist, and in one quick motion, he stabbed his condom covered fingers right into her scarcely prepared entrance. His hand gripped tightly in her blonde hair; it took a few rough thrust before Yakusoku got her to spill over the condom. He honestly didn’t care whether or not his partner got off, he got what he needed out, and that was that.

Shoving away from the girl, Yakusoku removed the sullied condom dropping it to the floor. Let the librarians find it, it's not longer of any use to him. Tucking himself back in, he glances at Gwen, and for a second he wondered what must have just gone through the girl’s mind. Was it anything like he’d thought?

Keeping her eyes on the floor, she looked utterly embarrassed but seemed to be trying to keep some sort of dignity about her, as she leaned over giving him a kiss on the cheek. “I understand the rush, maybe next time we shouldn’t be in the school library.” Gathering her things, she swiftly exits the darkened passage between the shelves and hurries from the library.

Yakusoku heard the librarian scolding the girl for hanging around back there; would you believe that students use the darkened space between the moved-out bookshelves for make-out sessions?! What is this world coming to!? Well, that was done with. Now back to the real reason he was in the library- book report. A rather overdue book report at that.

The class got a good few laughs when Yakusoku explained why, twice, he didn’t have it. One was that he was rereading it while going to the bathroom and he ended up pissing on it. The other excuse was that on his way to school, he gave it to a homeless man to eat off of, since the gentleman did not have a plate. Gotta help your fellow man. He was beginning to live in detention, even had a special seat that was molding to his butt grooves from how frequently he’s been planted in it.

Walking from behind the shelves, he was surprised to see that the librarian hadn’t noticed him leave as she’d spotted Gwen. That’s just fine with him, he likes being invisible. Although, with his new look, he greatly stands out. It sure was weird how though the librarians don’t want kids behind the bookshelf, they rarely leave their place behind the checkout counter to do anything about it. What? Do they think they’ll be beaten up by a student under the near darkness of lighting? Weirdos, all of them. Returning to the task at hand.

Yakusoku rolled his eyes when seeing his friend, Clark Daily, exiting from between the book shelves- big deal, right? But its the fact that, as Clark’s leaving, a side of his body bumped into the book shelf; and when he took a seat at one of the tables in the large room he again popped his lap into it. The reason for this constant event is that Clark Daily is a dick-sicko. And by that, it means Clark will do anything to have someone or something touch his dick. It doesn’t matter if it hurts, no, that little fuck invites people to kick him in the crotch during gym. True, he’s wearing a cup, but it still bangs up against it all the same.

Mrs. Pepper, the math teacher, she seemed to notice too because she’d narrowed her eyes at the teen when he took particularly long sliding into his seat at his desk, being sure to keep the edge of the desktop pressed firmly into his privates.

Yakusoku, as he enters the shelving aisle that holds books about presidents and junk, wondered if Clark was a masterbator or could he not get off by jerking, like normal guys?

“S’up Yakuza.” Clark waves.

Nodding, Yakusoku flipped his friend off when disappearing behind the shelf. That was another change he had to get used to. His new friends didn’t bother with pronouncing his name correctly; and with the attitude he carries with him they’ve just decided to get close enough and call him Yakuza. But it only bothers Yakusoku when he gives enough of a shit to notice, other than that he could care less if they call him asswipe. He’d do the same, why expect differen?

He’s got a lot of odd new friends: Clark, he’s a jock and even dresses all preppy-like, his best friend Gev London, who dresses goth as well; is heavy on the drug use; he’s also mixed like Yakusoku is- Gev is white and Russian, Nono Delgado the group punching bag, but he’s a good guy, which is why picking on him sort of sucks a little. He’s bulky too, and yet... a gentle giant. He’s the only one of them with his own car- well- Clark has one, but he hates to have the guys in it because its so damned ‘ooh la la’ expensive.

‘Who the hell keeps doing this?’ He wondered to himself.

He had to, after seeing the sixth book in the line up on the shelf turned the wrong way- meaning that the pages are sticking out and the binding is hidden out of sight. This is not the first time or even the second time that he’s seen something like this. For the sake of his formerself, he wanted to beat the crap out of the moron responsible, and absently he found himself fixing the books by turning them right side out, as they are meant to be.

“So you’re the one who’s been messing with my progress.” Said a voice from around the shelf Yakusoku is currently standing before. “Here I’d thought it was the librarians; what are you some do-gooder goth-boy? Angst ridden idiot by day, but when the afternoon comes he’s as soft as a kitten?” He chuckles.

Yakusoku ignored this, of course. He couldn’t care less about what some loser says or thinks about him. Glancing up from the many titles his eyes are scanning, he briefly locks gazes with the culprit. Eyes narrow at the dark blue gaze, dark enough to look black almost, and he decided in that instant a moment of ‘why not’.

“You’re the fucker flipping the books around?” He asked in his usual snip of a tone.

“As I live and breathe.”

Yakusoku could tell that the male grinned because his eyes scrunched up a bit.

“You’ve been admiring my work?” He asked teasingly.

Knowing that it must have annoyed the male, because he was good and pissy with the way he’d fixed the turned around book; popping them down into place hard enough to bend the tips of it in a little. He follows, with his gaze, the progress of the male around the other side of the shelf as he walks over to where he’s standing. His danger alerter went off, and he started around to the side of the shelf that the boy had just come from.

“I don’t do autographs, you know.”

“Why are you running?” Yakusoku asked, still following after the male with an air of intent.

He actually needed this fight. He wanted it. Nothing made him feel better these days like traumatizing a few blue eyed blondes, or beating up on some poor idiot who doesn’t even know what they’ve done wrong.

“Who’s running? I’m just keeping a considerable distance from you.” The male shrugged. “I like an air of mystery.”

Catching sight of the back of the male’s dark brown hair covered head, Yakusoku picked up his pace. “Dumbass.”

“Ohhh, it doesn’t take much to degrade the mighty warrior's language, now does it?” Taunts the male. “Yaah!” He yelped out of surprise when Yakusoku stood right before him.

Before the annoying teen could defend himself, he caught the aggressive male’s fist right in the left eye. Staggering, he keeps his footing due to help from grabbing a shelf.

“Okay, okay,” He holds up a hand. “I get it. I won’t fuck with the books anymore. Let’s call it a day.”

But it seemed that that was not good enough for the puffed up punk, who pinned him to the floor and let the blows fly!

“Heeelp! Help somebody!” The victim called out.

What a little bitch. It only seemed to fuel Yakusoku’s fire, as he attempted to rain blow after blow down onto the male’s face, which is being shielded by his forearms. The floored male managed to somehow roll them over, only he doesn’t pick up the winning end of the fight, he instead runs for his life towards the exit.

Practically snarling, Yakusoku called out after him. “You’d better run!” His eyes dart up when hearing someone clapping beside him. He rolled his eyes in annoyance, seeing as the spectator was Clark.

“Good job, Yakuza. Do you think he’ll call down the heavy on ya?” Walking over to his friend he reaches out a hand to help him up.

“Shut up, Clark.”

Dick-sick shrugged. He honestly hoped that his friend would stop with the violent outburst, he can’t have detention every freaking day. Doesn’t it bother him even a little? He, Clark, at least, has made a conscious effort not to bully. It would get him kicked off the football team for sure, and he’d miss out on a lot of stuff as well. But that doesn’t seem to bother dear Yakuza in the least.

“I’m only looking out for you, bro.” Sticking his hands into his pants pocket, he pats them against his thighs while they’re in his pockets. “Are you gonna be able to make it to Gev’s house tonight? He wants to hang out, he’s got the new Hollywood Undead cd.”

“I know, he called me earlier this week about it.”

Despite his will not to, Yakusoku watched his friend pat himself as he’s unable to miss the fact that Clark’s genitalia is tucked off to the left, where he seemed to be patting the hardest. Sick.

Shaking it off, he says. “Anyway, I have to get busy on this stupid report, or I’m gonna flunk out or some other dumb shit.”

“I understand. If you need any help-...”

“No, Mr. Perfect, I’ve got it covered.”

And he does. Yakusoku may be acting like a fool, but he isn’t one. He’s still an A B student. He’s just an ass, and takes his time with homework or schoolwork rather than getting right down to it. It was just a shame that the books on this shelf couldn’t be checked out because they’re so heavily used. Maybe his father has one stashed away somewhere, or he’ll take him to the public library later, if he doesn’t manage to finish the assignment in the next 15 minutes.

The two boys got down to work with little conversation between them after that point. By the time the bell rang Yakusoku was satisfied with his work, and tucked the loose sheet of paper into his folder.

“Say, what were you doing with Gwen back there?”

“What else.” Yakusoku replied getting up to leave.

Smiling, Clark shakes his head. The guys he gets mixed up with could fill a book. “You’ve sure got a thing for blue eyed blondes, huh?”

“Yeah,” Yakusoku said darkly. “a thing.”

“I mean there was what... Tasha,” He lifts a finger to represent each girl. “Salima, aaand” He only smiled when Yakusoku rolled his eyes. “Joy, Anissa, Chandler... and now the recently invited Gwen.”

“Thanks for the round up.” He heads for the door; leaving the book on the table. Let the librarians deal with it, its their job.

“And the thing that gets me... is these girls aren’t even pretty. They don’t have big boobs or anything! Are ugly girls really a good fuck?”

“Its a warm hole, what does it matter what they look like?”

“Hn.” Clark scoffed in amusement. “And you mean to tell me you don’t even want some nice bouncy tits to distract you from the hotsy-notsy’s face?”


“Talk about a type-whore. You know, Angelique has been dying for your attention, why don’t you let her down already so she can stop looking so whistfully at you, and maybe focus some of that attention on me.”

Angelique Thompson is the only female member of their group, but she doesn’t often hang around since she has her own little group of friends to kick it with- the popular black girls- and the only reason she hangs around them is that Gev is somewhat of a dealer as well as a do’er. And in recent development she has a crush on Yakusoku. He had to admit the girl is pretty, he likes her dark blue weave and her green eyes. She can also speak real African which is just bitchin’, but... he can’t. He just can’t. Fuck ’em and feel ’em, but never date.

He doesn’t want a girlfriend, and he surely doesn’t wanna get off this high he’s on. It actually makes him laugh when he lays in bed at night, thinking about all the girls he’s slept with and been rather rough about it, yet they still come crying for more. Women are such sluts for abuse. Its almost sickening.

“You should ask her out if you like her.” He says to Clark.

“Naah, I’d rather be chased than do the chasing.” He sounded a little too proud about that.

“Yeah, nothing beats running after Dick-sick.” Yakusoku smiled.

He knows that Clark has no idea about the real meaning of the nickname, as he’s made up his mind for himself about what it means. He thinks it means that his body constantly calls for loving, so he’s ruled by his dick when in fact... well, you know.

“Sick as I may be,” This made Yakusoku laugh, but Clark ignored it. “I’m very desireable. I just have to get the ladies to see that I’m not always looking to get in their pants. And yet, you’ve always got someone moaning on their back- what is your secret?”

“I don’t have a clue.” He muttered.

The P.A. system sounded overhead. It seems library-boy finally got someone to care enough about his swelling face because Yakusoku was called to the principal’s office suddenly.

Clark’s mouth dropped so fast it made a popping sound, he gaped at him and asked. “Your name is Yakusoku?”

Glaring in disbelief of his friend’s stupidty, he mouthed profannities at the male while heading for the principal’s office.

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