Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Gev Didn't Know

Gev. His reason started last night. He’d been trying his damnedest to keep his promise to Yakuza not to smoke crack, but dammit... it was fucking impossible! So, rather than lighting up his bong, or rolling out a hit, he instead chose to knock himself out with some a sedative, so he could sleep off the last amount he took earlier in the day during one of his classes. Quitting is a slow process... don’t judge him.

But, alas, that rest was short lived when his door swung open revealing his plucky and cheerful little sister. Her stringy brown hair is done up in a bun from where she’d just finished taking a bath, and had gotten her hair washed.

“Geeeev.” And she leaped onto his bed beside his collapsed body, before bouncing on her knees. “Don’t... be... a monster tomorrow.” Ordered the little girl, her mother’s accent showing well in her words. “Be... Gev. Okay?” She stopped bouncing long enough for her older brother to answer.

So much for sleeping one off. Rest won’t come with Vicky in his room using his bed as a trampoline, as she often does. Groaning, he rolls over onto his back and sits up, grabbing the girl to steady her from bouncing again. He’s drunk as hell with exhaustion and doesn’t need the added jolt to be awakened.

“Vix, I will personally bag the entire toy section of a store for you. Of course, I’ll be Gev tomorrow.”

“Yay!” She actually opened her mouth after that and let out a high pitched little scream; eyes all wide with excitement, making her brother laugh.

Tweaking her nose, he says. “Beep. But,” with a finger up, he adds. “you have to be a monster tomorrow.”

“And I don’t have school, so that means I caaaan,” She sounded very sneaky as she poked a finger into the male’s puffed up left cheek, cracking up at the deflating balloon sound her brother made from his mouth.

Victoria pulled the monster look at school once, and they sent her home fast with a note pinned to her brother’s Eat it! t-shirt. They also weren’t digging the half braided side of her head that sported rainbow colors, one given to each braid, to give her spirit.

“What should I wear?”

“Hmmm?” He really seemed to think it over. “The purple wig, aaaaand...” He twists his mouth around in thought. “how ’bout my Undead hoodie?”

“Uh-huh, and can I wear a choker?”

“Not the spikes, but yes.”

“Okay.” She shoved herself free of his grip and flounced to his closet to get her outfit together.

Gev was fortunate to not have to go out to buy something to wear; he keeps this outfit and that lined up for when his sister is having ‘I miss the human’ moments. He’s told her numerous times, “I like this look because my soul is a monster.” And she understands that. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t like her brother as he could be too.

And that is what happened last night. But when the Russian showered to clean himself, for the first time in a week and to wash the red out of his hair, he noticed in the mirror that the red had stuck a bit more than usual and instead of washing out, it looked... well, brown. That was odd; he always sure to use cheap dye, that way he can change his hair color within minutes if he wanted to. So why would the red be holding on now?

Maybe he didn’t scrub hard enough? Couldn’t be helped, sleep was hitting him hard, and he just wanted to conk out and get the drugs out of his system... anything for Victoria. So walking out of the bathroom, he just dropped onto the bed, face down, butt-naked, and drifted off. He locked his door so there’s no chance of any young eyes coming in and catching him bare-assed, and dead to the world. So he could sleep nude if he wanted to.

The next morning, Gev threw on a pair of pajama pants to leave his room before heading for the kitchen; he fixed himself a bowl of Frosted Flakes, which he ate at the kitchen table alone. He then got himself dressed for school and headed out.

Gev walked to school today feeling... not naked... more like... slow. His gray eyes were scrutinizing over everything they saw without the contacts over them as if trying to figure out what he was looking at. He didn’t wonder where the others were, they were no doubt driving to school in their cars.

Ludwig would be driven to school with Yakusoku, who stayed would have stayed over at his place last night; and he would have called his best friend to ask for a lift, had it not been for the fact that he wants to give the two alone time.

Call him crazy, but Ludwig seems like he needs a foundation in this friendship of there’s, and it seems he’s chosen Yakusoku as that foundation. Which is fine. But at the moment, it sort of really fucking sucks because he’s the only one in the group without wheels, and that’s just balls of annoyance!

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he kicks a clot of snow from the sidewalk. He could at least ride his bike; but he’d done that one year back when he was a kid, the ice made the wheel slip causing him to land painfully on the street where he received a nasty bump to the head and a scar on his left hands knuckle from the ice tearing the skin away from it.

“Balls.” He spat under his breath. He wondered if Yakusoku was already gone from Ludwig’s house. Screw kindness, he’s fucking cold!

He may look like a Russian, but he’s all his American father insofar as cold weather is concerned. That woman can walk around the house in shorts and a tank like its no fucking big deal! Victoria is the same way, she’s even picked up her accent, where Gev has none. But he looks more like a male version of their mother, and Vicky a female version of their father- brown hair and blue eyes, to his black hair and gray eyes.

“Maybe we’ll just have it out... and everything will be cool then...” Ludwig muttered to himself as he walked right past Gev, without recognizing him, and kept going.

Blinking, the dressed-down goth cocked his head at the sight of the rambling friend, before throwing his head back to bark out a laugh. He didn’t recognize him! Not at all! His laugh died into a pleased snickering, and Gev shook his head.

“Well, how could he, he’s never seen me in my human skin.”

Kicking another clot of snow, he leaves the male alone. He seems distracted enough on his own; the last thing he’d want is to break it. What if he wanted to talk about it?! Ludwig seemed like the type to wanna talk about it, and he isn’t high enough to deal with another persons’ troubles on top of his own. In fact, coming down off yesterday’s high is making him really itchy.

How do people function without a proper joy stimulant? He supposed a normal cigarette would do for today, but he doesn’t have any. Something just dawned on him... ‘If Lud’s walking to school, where’s Yakuza?’ Glancing around the area he spots the school not far ahead. ‘Must be out sick today; I warned him about walking around like the cold is your friend. I’d better drop by later and cheer him up with a couple of laughs.’

He picked up his pace and hurried into the building, with its automatic heat turned up on full blast. The melting snow on the student’s sneakers and boots had them squelching and high pitched, wet squeaking their ways down the hall. There are small miracles about going to school when you can walk into a warmth like this.

And that is why Gev didn’t know.

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