Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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The Land's Couldn't Have Known

The Lands started their morning like any other morning without the oldest boy around; they’re very used to his staying over at friend’s houses because of his last group of friends. So as Quinn fixed her family bananas and cream stuffed french toast with a side of diced fruit, and a piece of toast on the side; she thought nothing of not receiving a phonecall from Yakusoku.

He has his car; he’d wake up, dress, and got to school with his friend. Mission accomplished. He knows that he’s still grounded, and he’ll come straight home after school. Just like any other time.

Good thing being grounded didn’t break traditions, new or old; she loves her little world where she can mingle with Mrs. Delgado, Nono’s mother, while they and their sons bake cookies to tin and give out to family and close friends.

The Lands have been doing this since Yakusoku was 10 years old. The 3 of them would bake, and Reeve would swoop in to taste. A lovely tradition that kept them close over the holidays, and in life really.

Quinn couldn’t have been more pleased than when her son came to them and apologized for his behavior over the past two years. Her heart was swelled when he removed the make-up and hair dye. She was unaware of whom to thank for it, but she was very grateful all the same.

As far as bringing other people into the family tradition, it sort of just happened. The two mothers met when the kids needed a ride last year to the beach; Mrs. Delgado wanted to come along and have her day in the sun with herself and the kids. Regardless her lacking the killer body that the hispanic woman possesses, it made Quinn stick around for the first time, in a long time, and they just had a lot of fun.

Marisol has a very youthful personality, which is why she- unlike other parents- didn’t pay any mind to staying at the beach with the kids. Quinn asked for her address so that she could bake her some cookies over the holidays, Mrs. Delgado said Quinn was amazing because she was not a baker, but she loves sweets; well, Quinn had to do something about that!

So she, Mrs. Delgado, and the kids all got together on the first day of winter break and baked six tins of cookies. It was a wonderful, cozy time, that the Delgados agreed should be repeated until their sons abandon them for college- including Ai, who had a ways to go on that train.

Plating up the meal, she made a note to go out to the dollar store and buy some tins for tomorrow evening. She also had to hit up Walmart to buy ingredients. Quinn continued to reflect that one of the best parts of all is the comfortable conversations had amongst themselves and the kids. Teenagers aren’t usually into speaking with their parents at a certain age, so hearing them speak so freely about their day, or some other day is an oddly comforting treat.

“Hey mom,” Ai greets as he enters the kitchen, grabbing a seat at the table. Reeve had eaten and gone 10 minutes ago. “Can I go to the store with you to get the tins for tomorrow?”

“I’m afraid not, I wanna get that out of the way before the other holiday shoppers rob us of the really pretty ones.” Tapping the powdered sugar over the meal, she adds. “But, you can come with me when I get some more lights for the tree- the old ones have blown out.” She sets a plate of food down before the child. Plating her own meal, she cuts a hunk from the thick piece of fried bread. “Mmm. What kinds should we make this time? I feel like we made so many sugar cookies last year, we’ve gotta go for something else.”

“Ooh! I’ve always wanted to do pirou-...” He starts to say, but reconfiguring the pronunciation, he says. “Prio?”

“I think you mean pirouline- are they wafers?”

“Yeah! That's the one.”

“Alright, I’ll go online and look up the recipe... but what else?”

The two eat their breakfast while thinking.

“I’ll ask Yakusoku when he comes home.” Ai comments. “He might have some ideas.”

“Good, I might wanna try Faworki, I think Marisol would really like those too.”

Faworki is a Polish cookie that’s shaped like a twist of ribbon, deep-fried, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Ai chuckled to himself over the name; it just sounds hillarious.

The two brainstormed until their meals were done, from Empire biscuits to Tim Tams; then Ai kissed his mother goodbye, before heading out the door off to school.

And that is why the Lands didn’t know.

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