Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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‘So this is what I’m thinking about while dying... Gev. Ludo’... Clark and Nono. Enid’s over-the-summer big tits. Violin music, and rock.′ He can’t feel anything. ‘Great. Maybe I’m already dead, and now I’m doomed to think these same thoughts over and over in a loop. I miss them already. But hey, if I can think this freely’ His eyelids scrunch. ‘Huh. Wonderful. Passed out drunk again.’

Wasn’t the first time he’s come back to the world dazed and confused. There was that birthday when he’d first met Gev, Nono, and Clark. Then there was that other time when he’d fucked Natasha... he was definitely wasted when he’d done that. But he’s never been down this hard, though. It felt as if someone had sledge hammered him directly to his brain. So much so, that he couldn’t open his eyes, he can’t even feel anything yet! He can only think... but slowly, and with a huge effort, Yakusoku’s senses woke up one at a time.

First, his sense of smell: mildew ran up into his nostrils, dust, mold... the air is thick and heavy to breathe in. Next was his sense of touch: its cold. That’s what screamed at him the hardest. It’s cold, freezing. Whatever he’s laying on, its very hard... almost concrete. He felt nauseous, instantly; and when parting his mouth to breathe in, it was filled with a dusty moldy taste that had him flicking his tongue in and out of his mouth, like a snake, to spit it out. Okay. His tongue works. Now if he could move the rest of his body.

One digit at a time, his fingers wriggled. It is concrete! Cold, freezing, concrete. ‘Alright, vision time. Come one eyes!’ He willed himself.‘Open!’ They stuck hard too. God! It was like being in surgary and you’ve woken up, but your body is still under. Doctors digging in and out of his body, scalpals cutting into him, and no one can hear him screaming inside. That’s what this feels like. He’s going to lay cloystered inside of his own body, dying of frost bite and hypothermia.

‘Come on body... jump!’ It took so much effort to throw himself to move, he actually cried out in physical pain from it. He spluttered and coughed over his dry and raspy throat. Panting hard, he moved his aching body to sit. ‘I still can’t get my eyes open.’ Rubbing the back of his hands against them, and the sides of his hands, making sure to get his fingers in there well to remove the accumulated eye crust, he finally.. finally blinks them open.

Blinking, he looks left, then he looks right. Blinking again, he raised his pale hand to his face seeing nothing. Perfect black. A shocked gasp cut from his throat. Was he blind!? Was his headache so bad that he’s lost his sight? Could that happen? Holding a very frozen hand to his head, he tries to recall what happened. Its a blur of colors and highbeams.

He can’t remember. Maybe he’s knocked out somewhere and dreaming this? He could have blacked out in his car and just smashed into something. He’ll wake up in the hospital; his parents filled with concern, and they’ll tell him he’s an idiot while hugging him. But it feels so real.

‘Maybe I’m dreaming in my death? Is that possible?’ He scratches his head. ‘I could already be six feet under and cold, waiting to see God, where he’ll tell me what a disappointment I am and snap! Hell fires.’

Leaning over onto his hands and knees, he decides to find out where he is by touch. The new position alerted him to a certain something that he should have caught onto from ‘Go’, had he not been so busy wondering over eight other different things. He’s naked! Sitting back on his haunches, he feels himself up: chest, torso, legs, crotch. All bare! His hands and body are so cold, that he doesn’t even notice one cold from the other. But he does recognize the fact that his clothes are no longer where they should be.

Panic was setting in now. Rubbing his arms, he rocks back and forth to steady his breathing and prickled nerves. ‘Relax. Relax. It’ll be ok... you’re fine. You’re perfectly fine.’ That wasn’t helping at all! ‘Oh God... don’t freak out. Don’t freak out!’ His eyes are shut tight, though it wouldn’t make a difference if they were open, since he can’t see his own hand infront of his face. His fingernails are beginning to break skin, he’s rubbing himself so hard. ‘I’ve gotta get out of here!’

His way of doing that... he ran. Standing, he pointed himself forward north, and took off at a sprint! Fear hurled itself against his body as a rattling sound filled his ears with each step that he took. Was there a snake in here?! No. It isn’t that kind of rattling, its more like-... “Hhhurrrrr!” He was swiftly jerked to the floor via a hard tug at the back of his neck.

He whimpered when his body hit the floor; and he curled in on himself, holding the back of his head to give it some sort of comfort. He felt a panic attack coming on as he reached up to his neck; his cold fingers and throat hadn’t felt it, but there is a large metal choker clamped around his neck, with enough space between his flesh only for swallowing properly.

“Oh God...” His dry voice uttered. Hands tracing the brace, he reaches around and finds that the rattling he’d heard was from the long chain attached to the neck brace.

Turning around, while keeping the chain in his grasp, he follows the length of it until he’s at a large bolt in the floor. Tugging it, his hands have a hard time locking around the metal rope tightly. “Rrrrr! MMMMMMMMRRRRRRR!” Frustrated, he let out a scream.

He slumped miserably, when his voice carried no echo or trace of volume from his outburst. Wherever he is... its a solid block. Sound proof. No. Not like this. Grabbing the chain, he tries to pull it free from the floor again. Feet stuck hard to the floor to support him, hands gripped tightly, he throws his weight back, planked in the air at how little he means to the bolt in the floor.

He gave up, the minute he’d slipped and hit the floor again. “AAaaaa!” He screamed at the ceiling, eyes shut tight. It was that his lid-covered vision had a momentary blink of red, followed with a hum of electricity that had him open his eyes in belief that a light had come on. But when his dual gaze looked around, it was nothing but pitch black like before. Then what was that? Fuck! How did this happen!? He was in trouble. He knew that much. He’s been taken. Someone had fucking taken him!

The boy’s eyes filled with tears, sticky, cold tears. The broken male’s right eye twitched. He wasn’t alone. He wasn’t sure how he knew it, but he knew right then. Someone else had either entered the room, or have always been. That buzzing sensation again. A crackling, static-like feeling that happened from time to time.

A giggle sounded from somewhere in front of him. His head whipped up. He tried to stare through the darkness but saw nothing, and no one. His breaths came out of his mouth, louder than before. “I-...” Yakusoku had to swallow over the desert to get moisture in his throat. His voice was strained after his neck had been abused from the collar. Not to mention, he knew when the last time was that he’d had a drink. “Is someone there?” He asked in a quiet tone.

“Is someone there?” The voice repeats, a hint of humor in the words.

Yakusoku blinked for a moment, then tried again. “Yes... My name is Yakusoku Land, and... I can’t see anything. Where are you? Maybe we could help each other?”

The person giggles again.

“Please don’t laugh... I’m..” He hesitated. But he couldn’t lie, not at a time like this. “I’m scared... I don’t know where I am... I don’t know- please stop laughing.” His voice sounded frantic.

“I am scared.”

He knew that voice, he knew it all too well. “Amari...” He says with conviction.

Why must every girl he meet be a damned lunatic? Getting into a sitting position, he squints into the darkness.

“Where am I? Where have you taken me?” More so, how did she take him! The last thing he remembers is... being in the room with Ludwig. Ludwig had kissed him on the neck... and now he’s here. Wherever here is. “What?” He asked when hearing her say something to him.

Her words jumped up and down as she shouted. It sounded strange, kind of like she weren’t really saying her name, but instead something else. “You’re scared... I was scared! I was alone for so long, and finally... I get someone to help me and you turn out just like the rest... Chicken.”

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you- what was I supposed to do?!” He felt his voice rising. “You didn’t want my help! You wanted to love that abusive dick you were with. How is that my fault!?”

“It’s your fault...” Her voice lowered. “because you’re a forgetful little fucker.”

Shaking his head; he felt beat up, ravage, and tossed aside on the road. “What?”

“I’m gonna sing you a little something, so pay attention.” There was an odd scraping sound right then, like nails on bumpy metal. “A-ma-ri-A. A-ma-ri-A.”

‘Fucking ditz.’ Covering his ears, he tries for blocking her out, but her voice was drilling right to his brain. Or he should say her high pitched, scraping singing. It sounded like she were trying to sing. God, her voice was loud. How, in that thick dense room, he doesn’t know. But he can’t shut her out. It was like she were shouting it directly to his brain.

“Llllisten to meeee. Aaaaamaaaarrriiiiiaaaaa.”

What was she trying to say? He didn’t get why she would repeat her name over and over like that. Amari-Amari Imaria- Why was she saying the A like it were an I?

The girl stopped her little chanting song and began to laugh.

Yakusoku could hear her feet shuffling across the floor; trapped or not, he backed away. “What are you talking about? Why do you keep repeating yourself!” He sat back on the floor, holding his hands over his penis. It may be pitch black, but the girl could have had night vision goggles or something.

But no sooner had he done that, did a bright spot light come on, aiming right at him. Raising a hand, he covered his face. Well, he wasn’t blind, that was a good sign. But there was someone there. A dark figure coming toward him!

“Amari! Please, help me!”


“Why do you keep saying that!”

“You have a pretty selective memory my love.”

Love, what is she talking about now? The frightened teen wondered.

“Listen to my song lover.” She was closer now, he was beginning to make out the girls body and some of her features. No. It couldn’t be her. “Aaaamarrriiiaaaa, Immariiiaaa.” Finally she was right before him. Standing there. Her slender body clothed in a pair of jeans; that looked an awful lot like his. She’s also wearing a sweater jacket over a beige tank top. Short length hair, he wasn’t sure of the color- maybe blonde, could be brown.

But when she bent over in his face, his skin turned white as a ghost. She-... she’s... She IS-...

“I’mMaria.” She ran her words together like in her song, so he could understand what she were saying. Maria’s smile screamed with intense feeling of love that’s been betrayed and from the glint in her eyes, she planned to pay Rocky back ten fold.

“M- Maria...” Yakusoku whimpered.

“Hahaha,” She laughed gayly. “No need to cover up my dear,” She swats his hands away from his crotch. “I’ve already seen you, and I think you’re beautiful. Like a handsome, ashen prince...” The insane girl knelt down before him.

“Please... You can’t do this to me, I-...” He shakes his head, trying to shrink away.

“I can do whatever I want to you.” She stands again. Spreading her arms as she backs away. “And I plan to do a lot my love.” A laugh escaped her lips. “A LOT!”

Lights came on all around him. Florescent, bright, with a loud hum generating from them. As scared as he was, Yakusoku looked around at his surroundings.

He was in some sort of cell! Well, it seemed more like a basement. A moldy, run down and impossible to escape from, cell room. It was decorated with a queen-size bed, set at the far off wall to his right, the bed is placed in the center of the wall. It has a pale white sheet on it that, thankfully, looked clean. A small pillow lay at the top of the bed, and a blanket that looked like a cut up joke lay over the sheet. To the left, there is a sink with a gross, molded mirror over it and beside that is a toilet, small white and also very dingy.

The only thing giving the place any life was the light bulbs. But what scared him the most is that nothing was hidden. Nothing was behind a door, or curtain. This room was completely bare to the world, so that they- or at least Maria, would be able to see him no matter where he was, or what he does.

“I trust you like your bedroom?” The girl said getting his attention back on her.

“No!” But he wasn’t saying this to her question. He was saying it because as she spoke, Maria was backing up toward the exit.

There was a set of prison bars from floor to ceiling behind her, closed off by a prison door. Beyond the bars is the rest of the room, a mere stone hall with stairs leading to the main part of the home. And set before his sell is a tiny wooden stool, he assumed was for her to sit on whenever she decides to look at her eye candy without touching. How long had he been asleep? What had the psychic girl done to him while he was out?

“You’re going to be here for a long loooong time my love. We’re going to rekindle the flame between us... We must have to! You didn’t even recognize my voice in your head when I called you from the phone at school.”

“H- how?”

“You remember that girl on the other side of the room who smiled at you on your first day... ta-daaaaah!” She laughed playfully.

“This is sick! You have to let me go!” He shouts.

“Our flame, our flame...” She chanted merrily.

“There was no flame!” He shouted mostly because he was so afraid he was unaware of how loud his voice was coming out.

Maria continued to laugh, shaking her head. “That’s not what it felt like that night at the club... When you kissed me, brought me to a private place where we made out...” She stepped beyond the barred door, closing it after herself. Taking out a key she shoved it into the small hole locking it off. “You were ready to make love to me, but no... you weren’t ready yet. So I turned you down, you were so upset by this... so I decided to let you have a little fun with me.” Maria leaned against the bars and smiled. “I’ll leave you alone to fill in the blanks... It’s lunch time and our daughter needs to eat. If you’re lucky, I’ll bring you something too.” Kissing her palm, she blows it to the boy.

Yakusoku turned his face away.

Maria didn’t care, just laughed at this and walked away. Up a straight of stairs to a metal door that sounded its parting open, with that of a signal to the end of a basket ball game or something close to it. Though she knows he can’t see her, she waved goodbye to him from beyond the small square window set in the door. Then with her gift, she turned off the lights, and she was gone.

Yakusoku’s heart pounded in his ears, as reality was really beginning to sink in. He was locked up somewhere in a basement, with that mad woman, Maria. And from the way she managed to turn on the lights without touching the switch, Yakusoku could tell she was a lot stronger...


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