Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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December 21. Abigail Hospital.

“Oh Gev, you’re finally awake!” His mother cried out in her broken English before tossing her arms around him, blocking his vision with her encasing body.

Listening to his mother sob for a moment, Gev rolled his eyes then shoved her away. It took a moment to process, but he was slapped instantly by the fact that the walls around him are a sterile white, not black like in his bedroom; there are posters but they’re about birth canals and heart care, not rock or metal; certainly no Hollywood Undead posters with kickass masks staring back at him, telling him that they don’t care and neither should he.

“Where am I?” He asks at risk of being hugged again. He then took notice to the thick pink blanket around him.

“The hospital. You...” And she broke into a fit of tears.

‘Lunatic.’ Gev scowls and shakes his head. Scanning the room, he spots Victoria sleeping on a loveseat. “Psst! Vix! Wake up!”

“No, please, Gev. Do not wake your sister... she’s been crying so much about you.”

“Why am I here?”

“You were at a friend’s house, and your heart stopped. They called the ambulance and then they use your phone to call me.”

“...My heart stopped?!” And then it dawned on him. Fuck. He was given something from his dealer, said it would take the edge off from wanting crack, and damn if he didn’t feel fine all day. So what happened?!

“Yes. And Victoria has been worried here over the past days.”


“You were out for two whole days, groggy from the surgery.” She takes a seat on the chair beside the bed; grabbing a hold of her son’s hand, she has to fight him just to keep it in her grasp as he keeps tugging it away from her. “Gev, please?”

He sighed heavily, then took her hand. How embarrassing. “God” He croaked falling back onto the pillow. “This is... past the point of fucked.”

“I know.”

That made the boy laugh. What would a parent know?

“Oh,” She hands him a small pad of paper. “a friend left this message for you earlier today.” Her finger taps the pad as if her son couldn’t find where the words were. “I called his family when you started to move. He asked it of me.”

Looking over the note, Gev cocked a brow. It reads: Gev, what the fuck?! I’ll be by later to tell you everything. Don’t move.

“Who left this?”

“I know this boy...” She began, placing a chunk of raven black hair behind her ear, she thinks over her son’s friends.

They’re all so nice to her, and helpful too! She doesn’t understand why Gev is so cruel to her when really all she does is love him.

Watching his mother was a sad sight, and he tried to help her out. “Was it Clark?” No. Couldn’t be Clark he wasn’t there that day. “Nono?”

“Not Nolan...”

She used the boy’s real name as any parent does when they figure out that ‘Nono’ is only a nickname that the guys gave him because he can’t stand that his parents gave him an attached name as lame as, Nolan-Norman.

“but another boy, with the semi-curls to his hair...”

“Pretty boy? Dark blue eyes?” He continued offering his help. “Was his name Ludwig?”

“Yes! That’s the boy!” She nods enthusiastically. “He was the one to talk to me when I arrived. Such a nice boy.”

“Okay, okay. Don’t cum now.” He waved off her compliments towards his friend.

Brushing a hand through the male’s soft, clean hair, she smiled at him. “I am so glad that you’re alive.”

Gev only spared her a glance then looked around the sterile hospital room. It was during this that his eye caught Ludwig walking up the hall towards his room. The two locked eyes briefly before Ludwig averted them to the floor.

“You can go now.” He told his mother.

“Oh no, she can stay.” Ludwig butted in. He knew Gev’s history with his parents... well, actually, he only knows that it’s rocky. But the reason for it is anyone’s guess but Gev’s. “You can stay, Mrs. London.”

“I will leave you boys, for now, but I’m going to get Gev something to eat.” Mrs. London wiped the tear streaks from her cheeks as she left the room.

“Yeesh. What a mother.” Gev says when said mother is out of earshot.

“You say it likes it a bad thing.” And Ludwig took Mrs. London’s seat by the bed. “Are you ok? I mean, really ok?”

“I hope so,” Replied Gev staring up at the ceiling now. “because I feel like shit.”

“Yeah? Well, you’re about to feel worse.”

Ludwig looked over a pamphlet beside the bed that looked to be an explanation of living with a pacemaker. It was worse than he had thought. Two days ago, they were all enjoying one another’s company over at the Delgado’s, and the next thing he knows Mrs. Land calls and then Gev just fucking spazzed out. His eyes literally rolled up in his head, they were wide with shock and then he just dropped.

It was a nightmare! Nono flipped out and started shaking Gev violently until he told him to call for an ambulance, at which point he started CPR unsure of what it was that was wrong or even what to do. But Gev wasn’t responding to it. He can honestly say he’d never been so terrified in his life... then Mrs. Land spoke to him over the phone- briefly- because he was on his way out of the house with the paramedics, and they wouldn’t allow him to use the phone in the ambulance.

Gev’s heart had stopped. They had to whip out the defibrillator paddles! That day still swirled around in Ludwig’s head like an angry bee waiting to sting him into his own shock. But he had to keep it together, for all of them.

“Why? You hear to tell me I’m dead Haley Joel?”

“No. And stop kidding for a minute, this is serious.” He hoped his gangsta-goth friend had an off switch. “Something happened two days ago... with Yakusoku.”

“What?” He asked then as if something had dawned on him, he sat straight up in bed. “That’s right. Quinn called because he didn’t go to school... what the fuck was that about?”

Ludwig hated to tell him, he really did. The hospitalized male is paler than normal, and he may not believe it of himself but he’s moving slower since the surgery. Must still be coming down off the medication, and sleep.

“Yakusoku’s missing. He’s been missing for two days now; the police have started a search for him.”

Gev only blinked hearing that. “You’re shitting me?” He snickered raspily. It was like hearing an old man try to bust a gut. “Come on. Dude, seriously, it’s not funny.”

“I’m not being funny, he’s seriously gone.”

Gev was silenced by that, and a staring contest ensued between them to see who would crack up first. Ludwig, who’s possibly lying, or Gev who has only to believe the truth. Gev wasn’t as strong willed as he liked to believe because the blanket was shoved away from him and he used all the strength he had to sit up, turn himself in the bed in a attempt to get out of it. But Ludwig grabbed him back.

“No. You can’t leave,” Pushing, gently, but forcefully against Gev’s shoulder, he guides the male back down in the bed.

“The hell I can’t! Where are my clothes?” He fell back onto the pillow by another push. “Get off me!” He snapped.

“No!” Ludwig snapped right back. He’s never been one to use force, but he’d make an exception this time. “You’re still hurt. How else can I manhandle you like this?”

“You’re not funny.” Hissed the impatient patient.

“I’m not trying to be... Just please,” Ludwig took his seat when he saw that Gev’s body gave out on him, leaving him weighed in the bed. “for Yakusoku’s sake, just relax and listen to me.”

“What’s been going on? How is he missing?” Gev shook his head in confusion. “Who the fuck goes missing?” That kind of shit you just hear about, you never know anyone it’s happened to. “From the beginning, everything.”

“Okay. Last night Yakusoku was over at my house, he was supposed to spend the night, but didn’t..” He had to swallow over a lump in his throat over the reason why Yakusoku didn’t stay over. It’s been eating away at him since it happened, since the call. “I called him, must’ve been... seven minutes after he’d left, because his mother had called over to my house to see if he was there- she thought he’d ditch his school work and just hang out with you guys.” And he meant Gev, Clark, and Nono; since he wasn’t officially a troublemaker in Quinn Land’s eyes.

Gev listened intently, nodding now and then.

“So, when we talked he sounded weird... like, I should know where he was.”


“Well, he’d asked me to go with him when he left, but I declined...” He didn’t add the part where he wished he hadn’t turned Yakusoku down. “And when I called, he said that I knew where he was, then that he’d go home.” Ludwig picked at the pamphlet on the small table beside the bed. “That was the last I’d heard from him.”

Gev looked physically wounded, and it wasn’t because of the surgery. “Well, what have the cops been doing?”

“He’s a teenager, Gev. He was looked at as a runaway, or that maybe he’s staying over at a friend’s house whom none of his actual friends know.”

“That’s bullshit.” Interrupted the angered male.

“I know. So, we- the Lands, Clark, and Nono, and me- have been out searching for him in the meantime. I have a tape recorder,” He digs into his backpack. “I recorded the message from his phone onto it.” Holding it up, he turns up the volume then presses play. “The cops are helping search now, though.”

“Ssshh.” He hushed the dour male.

The recording played out and sent a nasty chill up both teens spines. It said: “I’m sorry you guys... I’m really sorry. But I just can’t take it anymore.”

“It sounds like him.” Gev declared. “His voice anyway... what the hell is he talking about, though? What can’t he take?”

“I don’t know.” Ludwig shrugged. “Everyone instantly thought, call his cell, and that was the message left on it as voicemail.” Ludwig’s tone dropped an octave, and he whispers. “The police think he’s suicidal.”

“Oh, why? Because of the dotting? Big fucking deal! It’s not as if he’s cutting his wrist. We’ve all got shit.” He sighs. “He is not suicidal,” Gev assured.

“That message says otherwise. Honestly, they’re helping search, but they all think we’re looking for a body. Police hate wasting manpower if they think a kid chose to do something.” He sighs heavily. “But... they’re tracking his cellphone, they should find it soon enough.”

Shaking his head, Gev scrubs his hands over his face, groaning in annoyance. “I’ve gotta get out of here. I need to help look for him, Yakuza..” He stopped himself because he wasn’t sure if he should be saying it or not, but this was no time to be careful with words. Any little thing helped. “Yakuza said he had to drop the bullshit... it was back in November, I thought he meant the goth thing but... shit. He didn’t sound suicidal- didn’t even look it.”

“Gev... You need to stay put until the doctor gives you the go-ahead to leave. In the meantime, if you know anyplace Yakusoku might go to hide out, could you tell me?”

“Yeah I’ll fuckin’ tell you, gimme a pen.” He reaches a hand out to the male, knowing that he’d have one in his backpack. He smiled thoughtfully at the sight of the thing since school vacation started two days ago. “You’d better find his goofy ass, and tell him Gev’s gonna fry him if he pulls this disappearing shit again.”

“I will.” Ludwig was somewhat comforted by the male’s ability to make jokes. Maybe Yakusoku was just hiding out for a while. Probably hoping that whatever had sparked his need to pounce on him would die down.

Both boys heard the gasp before they spotted the movement of the little bundle of a child curled on the loveseat beside the large window in the room. Turning their heads, Gev is alerted just fast enough to avoid having his guts smooshed in by the 48 pound five-year-old; and he grabs her up into the bed with him before she can cause any damage to him.

“Gev, you’re awake!” She nearly screamed, coiling her spindly little arms around her brother’s neck. Victoria was crying before she even knew that she wanted to. “I was scared because you weren’t moving, and then mommy said that you were going to be ok but daddy looked grim.”

“I’m ok, Vix. Monsters live forever, you know.” He nuzzled his pointed nose to her cheek.

The little girl frowned at her brother, her big eyes glassy with tears. “But you’re just Gev.”

“You saying just Gev’s not tough? I’ll have you know I invented that monster, so I,” And he tickles her. “am tougher than he is.”

Laughing, she calls out for him to stop so she can wrap her arms back around him again, and lay her head on his chest. “I believe you.” Finally spotting Ludwig seated beside her brother’s bed, the girl gives him an open-palm wave, then smiles. “Hi.”

“Hi.” He smiled back. “I’m Ludwig.” He holds out a hand shaking the little girls.

Hiding her face by turning it in the opposite direction, Victoria whispers hoarsely to her brother. “Can he be my boyfriend?”

“No. He can not!” Gev declared. “And he’d better get outta here before I murder him.” But Gev smiled at his friend. “I’m serious man, find him. I’ll be out of this bitch as soon as I can to help.” Quickly, and around his sisters Koala hugging back, he writes down some locations that he and Yakuza visit. “Keep me posted.”

“They don’t allow phones in the hospital.” He gets up and heads for the door.

“Its fine, just write me a letter.”


Winking playfully at the male, Gev looks at his sister then says. “Hear that Vix, big brother’s gonna get love notes from your boyfriend. What a cad.”

“Cad.” Victoria chimed in.

Ludwig rolled his eyes at the jabs. But he did think it was sweet.

“Give them to Vasylyna.” His mother- and female twin in the looks department.


Ludwig had to step aside for a nurse, who’s coming into the room. Food cart in hand, and a smile on her face. She must have been just as taken with Gev’s sharp gray eyes as the rest of the world who sees him without the multitude of contacts covering them, because she seemed to actually jump from start.

“Bye. Bye Victoria.”

The girl giggled away at the attention from the cute boy, moving from the bed when the nurse came over.

Ludwig listened in to as much as he could hear while making his exit. The nurse, it seems, was about to go over the use of Gev’s new contraption with him. That should be awkward. Looking over the locations, he cocks a brow. He’s lived here for years and has never seen any of these places, of course, he doesn’t make it a habit of walking around town to find places to get high. He hoped whatever he found it wouldn’t land in the same place as Yakusoku.

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