Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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‘I went to sleep to get away. Not to dream of colors, locations, abilities like flying for fun or being invisible... I did not dream of goals desired or events from the past. I went to sleep to escape the pain. To feel nothing. I’m gone now... at last.’

Yakusoku woke up when hearing that voice in his head, it wasn’t feminine like he thought it would be... It wasn’t Maria. Is what that meant. No, this voice was different, for starters it was masculine.

He groaned a bit when the groggy mist in his head started to clear away, and he was made aware of the fact that his neck was resting comfortably against the scraggly pillow; and the sound of the rattling chain- which made itself present anytime he’d shift this way and that on the bed- was no longer there. The imprisoned male touched his neck carefully, feeling a bruise from where the collar chafed him, but little more wrong than that.

A chill ran up his spine, but not from the cold, at the thought of someone having been in his cell while he’d slept. Yakusoku took a long nap after that bath Maria gave him, and when he woke up he just sat and stared at the wall where the long iron bars are located. He felt alone. It's what he wanted. He just didn’t know that he would actually get it.

He thought Maria would be hiding out at the top of the stairs again., like she had before. Her words played through his head right then.

‘My gift... nonsense. I’m not some freak like you, I’m normal.’ He thinks bitterly. ‘She’s just trying to break me, but I won’t! I won’t end up miserable, and hungry enough to kidnap someone just for company! Do you hear me?!’ He shouted in case she was off somewhere listening.

He took in the cell a moment and noticed that the door had been left open. Maybe it was an accident, the door being open and all. She could have come in for some reason and forgot to close it back. But would she undo the collar? No. Fuck. Something must be going on. Looking around the room, he finds a little slip of paper beside the pillow that wasn’t there before. Unfolding it, scowling at the red hearts drawn here and there, he cocks a brow.

Upstairs. Now. Or pay the consequences.

‘Fuck. When did she... even leave this?’ He gets off the bed and rushes towards the open cell door, but pauses before going through. ‘No. No... I’m not stupid enough to fall for this... it's a trick of some kind. She wants to see that if I had the chance to go, would I? And the moment I get past the front gate, she’ll knock me over the fucking head and keep on beating until I don’t move anymore.’ That sounded about right. But his thumbnail went thoughtfully to his mouth, and he hooked the nail beneath the point of his canine. ‘But what if it isn’t a trick, and I’m wasting time? She’ll hurt me either way... And if I get out... if I get out I might honestly have a chance here.’

Bracing himself, he closes his eyes for courage, then bolts out of the open cell door. Crazy thing was, he almost got hit with the cell door swinging in on him. He just scooted off to the side when the door slammed shut. Back pressed against the wall, he couldn’t help but notice that it was thick. Heavy. It felt almost like a leather couch. Yakusoku took a moment to study his cell beyond the cage inside. There is about four feet from left to right, and behind him is a set of cement stairs that lead up to an open door. Not much to it. So what’s with the leather upholstery? He touches it gingerly with his fingertips and wondered if it were meant to keep out the cold. A groan from upstairs caught his attention. The door is closing. Shit!

In a hurry, Yakusoku darts up the stone stairs, his feet slapping on the cold cement as he goes; and it was like day and night in the differences between upstairs and downstairs. The heating system is turned on, and the 82-degree warmth was very welcoming to his cold-stiffened limbs. He honestly couldn’t bend his fingers in, they’re so cold. He knew that he was lingering, but he couldn’t bring himself to just go to her- wherever it is that she’s waiting for him. That would be losing. That would be giving in. Not like he’d planned on making a damned sandwich or anything; being that he’s in the kitchen and all.

It's very cozy, considering its inhabitants. There’s a short rectangular island in the center, with a wooden top. It looked like a massive cutting board. Off in the corner is a table with two slatted-seat benches on either side of it, and a single chair at the head of the table, the other open space of the table is pressed into the wall. Atop the table sits a sweet little blue vase with a single yellow plastic tulip in it.

Over the island, he noticed the shine of pots hooked onto a hanger for cooking ware. He wasn’t sure what it was called. But to him, it looked like an ugly chandelier of pots and pans. The sink is to his right, right beside him, just a few steps up from that is a gas stove with a pot resting atop it. Whatever is cooking smells deliciously soupy or maybe stewy. And right next to the entrance to his prison room, is the refrigerator. Stainless steel with double doors, and a large drawer that’s the freezer beneath them.

His stomach wished upon an organ that it could have something from beyond those silver doors or the contents of that wonderful smell coming from the pot. But he ignored it and proceeded forward toward the living room.

His body temperature hadn’t quite leveled yet, and he still had some stiffness in his tired joints and frozen feet. So he looked a bit like a guy straight out of a coma, all rigor mortis, Frankenstein walking and all. Hitting the living room, his eyes go straight for the door, then the windows. There wasn’t a board to be found upon them. He’d honestly thought that Maria would have locked this place up like a fortress, but the door and windows were simply a door and windows.

His gaze swept the room quickly, drinking it all in as it goes by. It looks like a sort of cabin, there’s wood everywhere! The floors are hardwood, shiny and clean with a throw rug covering only the end of the staircase, which is in the center of the room going straight up and breaking off into two directions, left or right.

‘Must be bedrooms.’ He thinks.

‘Well, duh.’

He spun around wondering who had said that- or rather who had projected it to him. But he saw no one- no wait- he jumped from fright upon spotting Maria seated in a rocking chair watching him.

“Maria...” He began then stopped himself. ‘Maria, listen. I’m giving you one last chance to let me go-..’

“This is your last warning on the matter; I’m not letting you go.” She sets down a lovely cup, filled with what Yakusoku guessed was tea.

‘You can’t keep me here forever.’ He protested. ‘Your parents will come back from their cruise, or wherever the hell they went, and you’ll have to let me go.’

“Come over here.” She demanded, her tone is low and serious. Maria means business.

Yakusoku remains where he is.

“I said... Come. Over. Here.” Maria repeated it slowly, and with as little niceness as her icy tone could leave out. Her eyes went wide with fury, and before Yakusoku could blink he was jerked forward and dragged over to the girl. “Will you please, pleeease, stop making me have to use force with you? Promise,” And she cups his face by the cheeks within her hands. “it would be so much easier for the both of us if you just co-operate.”

Maria seemed nearly in tears as she nuzzled her face to his, peppering kisses anywhere they would land. Yakusoku turned his head, as much as he could within the vice grip, and tried to avoid being kissed on the lips.


“Don’t tell me to stop!” She shouts. “...I wanna reward you, love you... not punish you because you can’t seem to get it through that,” And she punctuated her words by stabbing the side of his head with her fingertip. “thick. head. of. yours... that you and me are meant to be.”

She pressed her lips to his again, this time, her tongue went in reaching far, and lapping deep.

‘Bite her! Bite her!’

Maria froze. Straightening, she looks over her shoulder to the landing above the stairs where the halls to the bedrooms are. “Hmm. Looks like someone is getting jealous of us.”

‘There’s someone else here?’ Yakusoku wondered.

“Yes, there is.” Holding the back of his head, she strokes it dearly. “But you are faaaaaar more beautiful and precious to me than any of the others. ...That’s why they’re so jealous.”

‘Dumb bitch.’

Her hairs bristled. “And they act stupidly at just the thought of you.” Kissing him tenderly, she pulls back. “But don’t let that bother you. Now,” Maria cups his jaw, holding it tightly, and painfully on his end. “back to the task at hand. Loving each other. So, when someone pays you a compliment, you say thank you.”

Yakusoku blinked. Someone paid him a compliment? When. Oh, right. He’s beautiful. “Th... thank you.”

“That’s better.” Straightening in the seat, she pressed her back to the chair; let go of the fist she’d made around his hair. “You know, your eyes are remarkable... I’ve never seen a Japanese person with eyes like yours.” She sighs dreamily.

“Thank you.”

Laughing merrily, she sings. “Good boy!” But the laughter didn’t last long, and her expression became very serious. “I’m curious about your knowledge of punishment for bad people, bad deeds... Do you know how to make a person crack, my Promise? How to get what you want when you want it?”

Yakusoku shook his head. He honestly doesn’t wanna think about it.

“There are many ways... One is by simply torturing them.” And Maria chuckles into the side of her hand. “Can you imagine how fast you can make a mouse find cheese in a maze... if you shock him at every turn that’s incorrect.” Maria closed her eyes. “I can... I can play with fear Promise.”

The teen’s body twitched at this. He had no clue what she would do to him, but it didn’t sound good.

“I know what scares you most... I’ve seen everything about you. From beginning to-.. well... I can’t see into the future quite well enough, but I’m learning.” She winked at him. “Back in the old days,” It seemed her tirade had only just begun. “if you wanted to get your wife to tell you something- if you thought that she was cheating on you... A man would cut her hair off. A woman’s joy is her vanity... threaten to take that vanity and you now hold the world of her information in your hands.” She began to pet him again. “Do you know how to squeeze a man, Promise?”

He swallowed hard, shaking his head. He wanted to look away, but her eyes were so intense, he was sure he’d burst into flames if he did. As though those eyes were the only things keeping him safe... for now.

“Simple... You take away his dignity- his priiiide. I can crack you, Promise, if you don’t listen to me.”

“I will listen.” His voice was quiet, and he dropped his head to avoid looking at her anymore.

“I know you will.” Maria’s smile became cocky and she slid down in the seat to a more relaxed position to show off the fact that she isn’t wearing any underwear. “...Lick it.”

The command was clear, plain, and simple. It also wasn’t going to be done. Yakusoku looked up at the girl, his eyes narrowed to the slits razor thin, and he lowered his head to the point where his chin touched his collarbone.

“No.” The male’s words weren’t mumbled or stammered in any way. He rejected her words, plain and simple, just as Maria had asked of it.

The girl tilted her head back laughing carelessly. “Oh Promise, that’s so cute how you say that as if you have a choice.” Removing one hand from his head, Promise soon felt that bare side come into contact with the arm of the chair. HARD!

“Aaahhh!” His eyes closed as pain washed through his vision.

Again Maria laughed. “Oh my sweet, Promise, you have lovely bed music... I looong to hear you sing for me.”

Placing her hand on the side of his head again, she let her fingers play in the blood running there. It was almost like she had gone into a trance. Lifting the captive’s face, so that he could look at her she spoke in a melodic, sadistic tone.

“Rule number one, when I talk you listen. If something is asked of you- obey- without question.” Yanking his face quickly to hers she sneered as she barked. “DO WE UNDERSTAND!”

Yakusoku nodded frantically; his vision still swimming.

“Good... Now... Lick it and like it."

Yakusoku’s mouth went dry.

Watching him, hesitating, Maria rolled her eyes. “Don’t just look at it- eat it!”

Oh. She’s definitely gone psycho. He couldn’t believe he was going to do it, he doesn’t want to! He truly doesn’t want to. But he was so weak from hunger; who knows how long it's been since he’d eaten. But he feels so weak with hunger, if Maria were to hit him any harder he would surely black out. And there was no telling what would happen to him if that happened.

Leaning forward toward the girl’s crotch, he took in a shuddered breath then stuck out his tongue and did as she asked.

Maria giggled and moved her hips forward on contact. “Much better... See how nice I can be when you listen.”

Yakusoku hated himself for being this weak. Why couldn’t he just run? Could she really stop him if he did? ‘I’m strong... I can get out of here. I can get out of this. Strong and smart... Pull from that, Yakusoku. You have to.’

“You won’t...Aaahhh!” She cried in pleasure. His tongue swirled around and dipped inside her sex, sending shivers here and there about her loins. “..-be escaping anytime soon, my Promise. Rule number two, if you want to ask a question, you ask if you may first.”

Yakusoku nodded, never pausing his actions. It smelled so horrible, he thought he would vomit from repulse. God. It smelled just like his bedroom that day he’d walked home with Ludwig. ’So Maria was there, in my bed... That stupid bitch. How could I be so dumb?

‘You’re dumb because you’re weak, just like when you were a kid.’

Both Yakusoku and Maria looked up hearing that. ‘So I’m not crazy, she heard it too. Someone is trying to get my attention.’ He quickly brushed a hand across his mouth to wipe the girl from his lips.

“Now I know someone is in a lot of trouble.” Says Maria responding to their hidden interloper.

Yakusoku spotted someone peering down at them from the hall, and they hid when he’d almost made out a face.

“Tut, tut! Back to work.” She pressed his face into her vagina. “Rule number three, you are nothing more than a slave here. You are my lover. I can play with you however I want, when I want. I am the queen.” Her words faltered a bit as she sighed again. “You are good at this... I might just...”

Maria bucked her hips forward into the ministrations, rolling them, and pressing his face so close you’d think she was trying to shove him in there. Her ‘words to live by’ became nothing more than a slew of panting gasps, and groans, until her body drooled into his mouth and she shoved the boy’s face away.

Yakusoku coughed and spluttered the bile fluids from his mouth; glad that Maria was so caught up in coming down, she hadn’t noticed. The back of his hand came across the bleeding side of his face. He hoped it wasn’t serious, the last thing he wanted was for her to patch him up. Who knew where that would lead.

Maria caught her breath shaking her head. “Enough...” She pants. “Truly you spoil me, lover.”

“I’m... glad, I could... make you happy.” He lied.

“I’m glad you can too.” Her mouth twisted into a bitter, tight, little smirk. “Rule four... If I am not here... you are to watch our daughter until I get back. I think the two of you need to get better acquainted, you always leave before she gets a chance to know her father. You’re all fuck mommy and never let her have fun.”

Yakusoku cocked a brow. “Maria?” Wincing when she raised a hand to him. Correcting himself, he says. “If I can ask a question...?”


“Our daughter... I’ve never met her. I mean, is there really someone here?”

“Don’t be stupid. Of course, you know her. I talked about this over the phone- well, Amari did.” She giggled. “Honestly, you’re so easy to fool, it's almost sad.”

“I know it.” He replied dryly.

Because she’s right. It is sad! How could he be so stupid as to believe that this menace was gone? Now look at him. He could only hope that they aren’t too far from home. He knew for a fact that his family would be looking for him.

“I have to go address something. You’ve earned a meal, go back downstairs and wait for it.” Getting up from the seat; she missed Yakusoku turning his nose from the waft of cum floating through the air. “Don’t be bad. Remember what I said.” Her words rang darkly from her mouth.

Yakusoku may have nodded, but the moment she disappeared beyond the hall upstairs, he bolts for the front door. Grabbing the knob he gives it a swift jerk. It doesn’t move! Not even the slightest budge! Is it a false door? Can’t be. It's got normal padlocks on it to turn, and a couple with keys. True, there’s five of them, but they’re typical locks all the same. He can pick them easily; thank you very much original ratpack of friends. But that won’t make a bit of difference if the knob won’t turn!

Going to the windows, he finds them just the same. Stuck shut, and tightly at that. Fuck!

‘Only Maria can open that door, dummy.’

Yakusoku jumped at the voice in his head. He didn’t wanna turn around, didn’t wanna see who’d be standing there watching him.

‘But... I can help you.’

“Who... who are you?” He hoped whomever it was, wasn’t deaf like Maria.

He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. His gaze drifted slowly to the left where he could feel a hand coming up to his neck...

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