Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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So Alone

Yakusoku eyes squeezed tightly shut in hope that whatever, or he should think whoever, is behind him doesn’t melt his skin off from their suspicious touch. Ridiculous and young to think something like that- impossible too- but look at what’s been happening so far! A girl can move things with her mind, and speak to him with it. That just doesn’t happen! It’s impossible! But it’s happening, which means the impossible has now become possible; so the creeping hand coming up at his shoulder could very well melt his skin off.


He leaped into the air about a foot, and yelped as he did so; the frightened sound unheard by the toucher- apparently- because when he whirled around to confront the menace he found not a serial killer with a magic melting hand but the psychotic, love-struck blonde girl standing behind him.

Clutching a hand to chest, he tries to calm his racing heart.

Maria cocked a brow at him and smirked. “I’m the only one who can open this door... well, after some time you’ll be able to open it as well. ...But by then you’ll be so in love with me, you won’t want to escape.” She beeped his nose. “Standing here, though, is a direct violation of what I’d told you to do. How should I punish you for it? Take away the meal I offered? Give you a little love-tap.” She touched his cheek.

Yakusoku shook his head, wanting neither.

Snickering, Maria shook her head in response. “I’m kidding!”

And she laughed away as though Yakusoku were laughing with her; she must have thought so with the way she touched his arm as if they both had to calm themselves from the jovial mood.

“I knew you’d try the door or the phone. So I’m letting you off the hook about it.”

Yakusoku tucked himself inward when Maria leaned her weight into him pressing herself against his body as if she were a skin-tight tee shirt. The girl hummed as she rubbed her hands up and down his bare chest; and damn it was odd hearing the hum with his own ears. It was a strange almost frightening sound, with a thickness and weight to it. He actually felt his insides lurch when she sighed. It seemed that, mute as she is, she can still make some sounds on her own.

The captured male had to slap his cheek as a terrified tear just shot from his eye and down the side of his face. Weird reaction.

“Come on. Let’s get you something to eat.” Taking his hand she leads him into the kitchen. “You haven’t earned the kitchen table just yet. But eating it downstairs will make you all warm inside. It’ll feel wonderful- like having hot fudge at a ski lodge.”

“Or like a prisoner eating in a cold cell.” Grumped Yakusoku.

“As you liiiike.” Sang Maria without a care in the world.

Releasing his hand, she stationed herself at the covered pot on the stove. “I’ll just fix your bowl. You go downstairs and wait for me.”

Yakusoku glanced through the kitchen’s exit into the living room. He could make a run for it. But run where? She’s the only one who can open the door- and he’s guessing that that meant every door. Besides that, Maria told him that they aren’t the only two people in the house. What if he were to wander into said guest’s room and the natives aren’t friendly? He didn’t wanna think about it. He can fight alright; but what did time with Maria do to the missing male, that the girl had talked about, that he’d actually wanna stay? This hidden freak could be a beefed up body builder. Or criminally insane! He would see Yakusoku and not think once about killing him in cold blood.

The captured teen snapped out of his thoughtful stupor when Maria tapped the ladling spoon against the edge of the pot.

The chain hanging from his collar rattled as he turned to head back downstairs into the tomb of a basement. It was like day and night; the air stabbed him with its cold touch so quickly, so powerfully that his bones chilled through clean, and his limbs stiffened in movement. Right after his body had absorbed all of that wonderful artificial heat from the hot/cold A.C.

The delicious taste of vegetables and beef in the air from the boiling stew vanished into the taste of dank and stale mildew of the underground tomb, mixed with the dust of rat hair. The warm atmosphere that’s almost like a winter cottage became the cold loneliness of his prison. At least the lights are on so he can easily see where he’s going- not that he wants to see where it is that he’s going. The cell still bothers him. The whole damned situation bothers him. And he hoped like hell his family finds him sooner than later.

Reaching for the cell door’s handle, his hand quickly wrenched back due to the door swinging open for him. He had to steady himself from going mental over the idea of constantly being watched. But it’s only a suspicion, he doesn’t actually know if he’s being monitored- or even how. Can she really use her gift to track his every move? His fears were confirmed when his body jerked forward and the chain hanging from his collar re-attached to the metal stud in the floor. Yakusoku didn’t bother with giving it a few rebellious tugs to try to unlatch himself. He knew he was stuck fast. So, taking a seat on the loud bed, he waits for his captor to come down.

“Smells good, huh?” Maria asked once entering the cell. “It’s rich in fiber and protein. It's got lots of vegetables and beef.” Maria flopped onto the bed; weighing it more than she should have in Yakusoku’s opinion. But then, he’s always been a little on the light side.

“Maria, can I ask you something?”


“How much do you weigh?”

Laughing; Maria dipped the spoon into the saucer-deep bowl and held it over by Yakusoku’s mouth. “Eat up.”

“I can feed myself.” Grumped the male.

“I know you can; my lover isn’t some paste-eater. But eating is so much more romantic this way.” She cocks her head to the side, her blonde hair fans out like a curtain. “Don’t you agree?”

“I’d say no, but I don’t wanna be disciplined.” He muttered with his voice rather than his mind.

“I weigh 105, by the by.” Replied Maria. 20 years later.

Sure that she’s lying, he let it go. “I’m about 120.” He then threw out there.

“Is that thin for a boy?” She asks while tilting the spoon his way again.

“I don’t know.” Taking the mouthful he swallows it barely chewing. The stew is damned tender.

Yakusoku had no idea of just how long it’s been since he’s eaten, or of how hungry he truly was until the rich beefy stew hit his tastebuds. And honestly, he didn’t expect it to be delicious. The captured male thought it would taste like pussy, especially since it was the last thing he’d had in his mouth. His stomach groaned in the memory of the event, and he was overcome with wanting to toss anything he’s eaten within the past few days out in hopes of removing any of the bile fluids that might have slipped down his throat- and there was more than a mouthwash’s amount full- it was disgusting. Sickened, he closed his eyes and allowed himself to smell the stew before him so that it was all he tasted.

“I have something to give you but I can do it later, I suppose.” Maria was saying to him.

Wiping the back of his hand across his mouth, he looks over at the girl. “What is it?” He had to ask.

“Just some rules and rewards. Think of it as a cheat-sheet to getting along with this situation.”

“This situation, as you call it, doesn’t have to be happening.” Yakusoku glared at the girl to show that he means business. “You still have time to let me go.”

“My Nanna taught me how to cook this.” She completely ignored his words. “She taught me how to make a lot of things... unlike my mother, nanna cared for me...” With a shrug, Maria leaned over another spoonful.

“Oh.” He replied. Yakusoku doesn’t care about something like that. So ‘oh’ is the best she’s gonna get.

“That’s enough,” Maria said without the bowl even being finished.

“But...” His stomach did the rest of his protesting by grumbling deep inside of him.

She wasn’t really going to just cut him off before he’s been properly fed... Was she? It would seem so. Maria set the bowl down on the floor and that was that. Yakusoku looked longingly down past the girl’s crossed ankles to where the bowl was set; distracted by Maria’s movement to fold her hands over her lap.

“I don’t like your friends now, I mean, I didn’t like them then but now... yeesh.”

Yakusoku says nothing in response. He isn’t going to, nor does he need to, defend his friends to this nutbag. Funny thing was it felt like his mouth was moving, though nothing was coming out. Must be imagining things because Maria would have said something if he were talking to her. But she continued on with her hate crime.

“Nono is fat... I think your friend Clark is molesting himself on objects- or would it be that he’s molesting the objects with himself?” She actually thought her words over in wonder.

His head lulled a bit forward. He almost thought he’d smack into the cold concrete floor. But why? He was wide awake a moment ago...

“But that Gev... he’s a damned monster.”

Yakusoku’s head wobbled that way, and he thought without moving his lips. ‘I feel funny...’

Hearing him, Maria turned her head and smiled. “Ohhhh, I’m glad to hear you say that!” She clapped her hands together, very pleased at the unspoken declaration. “With you all relaxed as you are, it leaves you open to restoring your gift.”

Breathing heavily, Yakusoku felt himself move without doing it on his own. “I don’t have a gi-...” His words cut off. Vision fogged over, he shakes his head. “Son of a bitch...” He slurred before falling back onto the bed. It was the food. Maria had done something to the food.

By the time the drugs wore off, Yakusoku awoke to the sound of the bed springs bouncing like a trampoline. Groaning at the thick fog in his head, Yakusoku blinked his blurry eyes around the room. Maria’s groan hit his mind like a brick into a pile of bricks. Groaning in disgust, he reached forward into the moving haze and tossed it to the floor. The thick thump of a falling body sounded right before her scream.

“Stop it! Stop IIIIIT!” She bellowed.

“You...” His exhausted voice whispered. “first... bitch...” God his body ached. It felt as though he’d been tossed from a window ten stories up, over and over. And somehow managed to live. He groaned again as pain swept through him.

“And after I was so nice to you!” Maria snapped in reply. Getting to her feet, she growled at the disobedient male. “I fed you, asshole!”

Yakusoku didn’t even have a second to think when he was pulled violently to the hard concrete floor, landing on his right arm where he was jerked along by the chain dangling from his collar. The floor scraped and scuffed his skin with every jerked inch; his frightened flailing wasn’t helping in lessening the damage either.

“You wanna act stupidly, then you’ll be disciplined.” Her voice hissed into his mind.

The lock has been removed from the lower part of the chain and then replaced back into one of the loops much closer to the disobedient teen than he’d of liked. In fact, he was a mere seven rings away from being latched right at the throat.

“Let this be a lesson to you, Promise... that you will do as you’re told and if you refuse... let’s just say this had better be the last time this has to happen.”

And she left. Just like that.

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