Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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But He Can't Be

By the time the hundredth photo came from the machine, Gev was getting stir crazy and punching himself lightly on his pillowed chest. Didn’t help that neither he nor Ludwig has said anything to each since leaving the car. Ludwig was about to break the silence when Gev’s phone rang to cut him off.

“What?” Answered the phone owner. Listening, Gev checked his watch. “Yeah, I can be there.” Closing his phone, he shrugs. “I have to go to the police station for something.”

“Probably to give a statement of what you were doing on the eighteenth.”

“That should be a hoot.” Gev rolled his eyes. Going to the police station was the last thing that he wanted to do today. Sitting around being questioned about something like ‘what he was doing’ is pointless.

“Do you need a ride?” Ludwig asks while gathering their finished stack of print-outs.

But it would seem that Gev is very popular today because his phone went off again. The Hollywood Undead song played out for all patrons at the photocopy place to hear its explicit lyrics. “Nope. Looks like Nono got called in too. I’ll get a ride with him. You take these and go with Clark or the Lands to put them up- No,” He’s now texting Nono while speaking to Ludwig. “forget that, go with Clark’s dizzy-ass and ask him if he’s free for the week.”

“Then what do I say if he is?” Ludwig follows his friend out of the building.

“Nothing. I’ll tell him the rest when I see him.”

“I don’t know where he lives?” As an afterthought he says. “I don’t even have his phone numb-..”

Gev reached into Ludwig’s jeans pocket, retrieving his cell phone. Adding Clark to the list he stuffs the phone into his coat pocket then heads for the corner to wait for Nono to arrive.

“Okay then...” Did he mention that Clark scares the crap out of him?

Of all of his new friends, including the one who beat him up when they first met, he’s found Clark to be the weird one. Big and brawny and odd. That whole ‘Dick-Sick’ thing doesn’t help it. But... what’s the harm? They’ve all hung out before... What’s a little alone time?

“Lucian... was it? You don’t have to do this.” He pleads with the tall male, who’s currently shoving him into his cell before closing the door. “Maria’s gone right now, we can get out- together- all three of us!”

“Miss Maria says to put you in your cell. I have.” Responded the male, keeping his head dipped.

“But she isn’t here!” Yakusoku sobbed desperately. He can’t stay here another minute! No. Another second! He jerked the bars repeatedly as if with sheer anger he could tear them open. “You don’t understand! She’s gonna kill my family and my friends... How can you know this and just sit there?”

“Miss Maria will only hurt people you love if you don’t listen to her.” Replied Lucian softly.

“Did she... did she hurt your family?”

“I’m not sure. I haven’t seen her until recently.”

“What do you mean?”

“She came to get me when she was going for you.”

“But she said you were with her for years...”

Lucian nodded.

“H-... why are you still here?”

“I wasn’t with her physically all this time... But she had me.”

“Had you, where?”

The older male began to scratch his head. His fingernails dug deep into his scalp; scratching it to bleed, Yakusoku could guess. Now that he looked at him, shadows of bars over Lucian’s face... he... he could swear he’s seen him before. No. That’s impossible.

Now he really is beginning to lose it like Maria has. It wasn’t only that... Lucian’s demeanor seems... tucked. You know, like the kind you see from people who’ve been locked up for a long time. His arms would just come up around him like he’s in a...

“Did... did she put you in a Sanitarium?”

That only made the male shrink in more. And that was all the answer Yakusoku needed.

“I’m not gonna allow her to keep me here, or you, or Atsuko. When I find a way to get out, we’re getting out together.” He said very determindly. “I just need you to stop listening to her and help me when I have a plan ready.”

Lucian shook his head. “No one gets out, no one ever gets out.” He moves from the door. “The one kid that did, wasn’t the same person when he got out.” He sighed softly. A burnt out sound, like he hasn’t felt anything for a long time and it physically hurt to have it escape him just now. “You’re already in so deep again... don’t make it worse.”

Yakusoku shook his head. He isn’t going to listen to nonsense. “But someone at least did get out- Lucian! Don’t leave me down here! Don’t go!” He called after the departing male. It was too late. He’s gone. Gripping the bars, he sighs heavily.

His tears have stopped, but he still feels so empty. And not because what little he’s had to eat is currently floating threw drain pipes... but because he heard it himself. Gev is dead. And if he doesn’t obey everything Maria says... so too will be his family and the rest of his friends. Feeling the weight of the situation finally sinking in; heavy limbs walk the captured male over to the creaky bed where he just let himself fall down onto and stay...

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