Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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We Need A Plan

Gev took a seat in the offered leather chair in the interrogation room. He looked about the small room snickering over the fact that they have oversized blinds for the large windows inside the room, to keep people from watching anyone inside.

“You know why you’re here Mister,” he looks over a sheaf of paper. “London?” Taking a look at the teen, the officer cocks his head, then asks. “Is there something under your coat?”

“Yeah, my winter weight.” Gev rolled his eyes. “This is for medical purposes,” he unzipped his coat to expose the hidden pillow. “I’ve been sick.” He mocked his condition with a pitiful fake cough. “Now, my friend is missing, and you tools are doing little to find him because you wanna believe that he’s suicidal.”

“We’ve recently looked into the disappearance, and believe that something did happen to your friend.” Replied the officer, blatantly ignoring the teen’s snide tone.

The officer’s seen it all in cases like this, usually from the parents. But then everyone is angry when police wanna question them. Made the officers wonder what it is these people have to hide.

“Which is why you’re here. We have a few questions for you, starting with where you were on the night your friend went missing?”

“I was out with friends, none of which were Nono-” He pauses and corrects himself. “Nolan, Clark, or Yakuz-” Again he stops himself then correctly says. “Yakusoku.”

“When did you know that mister Land was missing?”

Gev didn’t even have to think of a way to skirt around that answer, so right away he says. “When his mother, Quinn, called my house thinking that he’d skipped school, and was with me there.”

“Does he skip classes often?”

“I’ve never known him to cut classes without me with him since I started him on doing it. So, I guess to that I can say confidently, no.”

The officer wrote something down, then looks back at the teen. “Was he acting aloofly, or strange anytime before the day he’d gone missing?” He adds. “Did he seem angry, or depressed?”

“Nope. No. Not likely, and you’ve gotta be kidding me.” Gev then shrugs. “Besides, I didn’t see him enough during the week before he went missing- at least not after school. His parents grounded him for beating up some guy at school, and he didn’t leave the house until the day he went missing. And that was for a project at Ludwig Ballantyne’s house.”

“He beat someone up?” The cop scoffed for some reason, then scratched a hand through his thinning horseshoe pattern hair.

“Yeah, but the dick was molesting his sister! And before you say anything, no, I don’t think that he was snatched by the creep in retaliation. He can’t even meet his sister’s eye anymore, so I doubt he’d get up the nerve to snatch somebody.” And that made the speaker laugh. “And if he did retaliate, he’d of gotten Nolan by now because he helped him.”

“We’ll look into that. I’d like you to look at this for a moment. Identify any numbers you recognize from it.” He hands Gev a sheet of paper with Yakusoku’s phone listings.

Giving the paper a once over, he points as he speaks. “Mine. Nolan’s. Clark’s. This one is Ludwig’s but I’m not sure... he’s new to my phone.” He explained. “So I only look to see his name, I don’t notice the number much right now.” Flipping the phone open, he nods. “Yeah. Lud’s. This one is the Land’s home phone number.” Pursing his lips he points. “This is Ai’s- that’s his little brother.” Staring hard at a couple of numbers, he says. “These are his parent’s numbers for their cells. But this one, I don’t know.”

“Its repeated a lot. Do you know of anyone who’s been calling him a lot recently? Has he said anything?”

“No. Oh, wait! Shit.” He straightens in his seat; the leather creaked beneath his movement. “Yakusoku was in something for school, you know those things. You call the number and tell someone your problems, and get other numbers you can call for help, or advice or some shit.” Shaking his head, he says to himself. “How could I have forgotten about this?”

“Nice to get some answers. This number’s been stumping everyone of his friends we’ve questioned.”

“Yeah, there was this chick that kept calling the help line, seemed like she was waiting him out specifically.”

“The number is a woman's’?”

“Yeah. I mean, she seemed mature enough in conversation to be a woman. She called and said she had...” He trailed off to think. “An abusive boyfriend?” He wasn’t sure. Yakusoku said this and that about it, but who could listen to other peoples’ problems? Not Gev. Shit, he wished he’d been listening now. “She found out his cell number somehow and was calling him through that when he refused to take her calls at school. Do you know who it is?”

“It was a disposable cell, I’m afraid.” The officer took the list back from him. “We weren’t aware of the activity at school. We’ll have to get the calling list when we can.”

“Good. I’d bet my right hand she’s got something to do with this. I mean, chick kept saying for him to meet up with her but every time he’d gone she wasn’t there. We started to think it was because we all kept going with him.” Gev stands when the officer holds his hand out to him. “She said her name was Amari, but there’s a good chance she made it up. You’re not supposed to use your real name for things like that.”

“Yes. Thank you very much, mister London.” Says the officer lowering his hand. “I advise you to use a more mindful tone with authority next time.”

“Mm-hmm. Just find him, alright. I don’t believe for a second he offed himself.” He looked at the offered hand then walked out.

“That was scary as fuck, huh?” And this was Nono as they exit the police station.

“Hn. Not my first time in a cop house.” Snagging his friend by the coat collar, he leans in to ask. “Look, I got a theory, right.”


“Oh come on! You don’t even know what it is!”

“Don’t need to, you thought of it.” Replied Nono; climbing into his car, he turns on the engine then the heating system.

“Duuude. Come on!” Gev throws his hands up in the air in defense, dropping them back down like they weighed a ton. “And listen, I need your help... you’ve got a car! And you’ve got a Shelby... just hear me out, alright..?”

Nono looked like he was ready to put his foot down for the first time in his life, but one look at that miserable pout on his best friend’s sharpened face, and he caved like an owner would a puppy who wanted to play when the owner only wants to sit and watch television.

“...Fine. Tell me what it is.”

Sharp fangs showing as he grinned; Gev snatched an arm around his chubby friend and planted a kiss on his plump cheek. “Nono, you’re the greatest push-over I know.”

“Gross, man.” He wiped his cheek off. “Don’t freakin’ kiss me..” He chuckled. “But, you’re welcome. So, what is it that we’re doing?”

Gev told his friend on the way to his car.

“We’re doing WHAT!?”

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