Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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What Makes A Good Boy?

When Maria returned from her trip out she found the strangest sight she’s ever seen. Yakusoku is laying on his bed, in the fetal position. But, that wasn’t the strange sight. The strange sight is the fact that the bed is sliding across the room. The screeching of the metal frame is like Banshees crying out with their own ears covered over the shrill cry of other Banshees having a barbecue. Or something like that.

The bed slammed into this corner, and that corner. Left to right. Forward and back. It had even gone in a diagonal! And through this violent go-kart course, Yakusoku remained still on the bed as if none of it were going on anywhere but in his head. Maria knew that that was entirely true. The captured teen wouldn’t believe that he’s the one doing it, but he is. What’s got him so melancholy anyway? All she did was go to the store.

‘Did he miss me that much?’ She wondered while opening the cell door. Walking over to the bed, she had to use her gift in order to stop it from slamming into her.

Yakusoku was so enthralled in driving the bed about the room, he didn’t even notice that she had walked in. But he does notice that the world had stopped slamming around him.

“I’m back.” She announced sitting on the bed. “You don’t have to be so down anymore.” Touching his hair, she brushes it from his forehead. “You’re really sweating down here, aren’t you?” She grinned broadly. “You’re working up a nice sweat using that brain of yours.” Leaning over she kisses the melancholy male’s forehead. “You’re so weird that way... emotions. Hnhn...” She snickered lightly. “I guess mine grew because I was so serious about wanting to reach out to people without having to sign it, like some monkey in a zoo; hoping and waiting for the peanut chucking humans to take time out to understand me.” Kissing his cheek, she then rests her’s to his. “But why can’t you let me train you to use it out of the sheer joy? I don’t wanna make you upset so that you can learn how to just use it naturally...”

Yakusoku’s drowsy eyes opened just then and he looked across the room at a shadow in the corner, watching them, hiding casually by standing sort of right out in the open.

Maria noticed his eyes had opened, and she looked across the room to where his gaze fixated. Not seeing anything, she shrugged and returned to resting against him.

“I...” His voice came out dry. Barely there. “I’m ready to listen, Maria, I’m sorry... please don’t hurt my family.”

Gently, tenderly Maria kisses Yakusoku’s damp cheek. He’d obviously been crying. “Is that what you thought? That I was out hurting your family?” Wrapping herself around him more firmly, she sighs. “I went to the store because I had to get something for Christmas dinner tomorrow, and I also wanted to get you a present.”

“...You mean it?”


“I...” He started to say what he’d been thinking she was doing, but he didn’t want to give her any ideas and instead says. “Thank you.”

“I didn’t do it for you. I was testing you, upstairs in the bathroom... that’s all.” Sitting up, she looks down on him. “I knew you’d blow up on me- you’ve developed such a nasty temper since I left your known sight.”

He hated hearing that. It made him feel stupid every time. And he is stupid. How can he be seen as otherwise?

“I see you’ve been doing some redecorating.” She snickered at her joke.

“I didn’t do anything.” Replied the captured male closing his eyes again.

“Well, you’ve been sliding the bed all about the room... Don’t tell me you thought it was me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” It was then that his teeth began to chatter.

“Mmm. It is cold enough to see your breath down here... Maybe I can cut you a break because you’re starting to see the weight of the situation.” Stroking his hairline again, she paused. “Would you like an early Christmas present?”

“If you’ll give it to me.” He answered.

But it wasn’t as he’d planned. He’d thought a nice comfortable blanket, but what he got was Maria unzipping her jeans and climbing onto his bare lap. How could she think of sex as a reward? ...It would keep him warm, though, at least for the duration of it. And he found himself putting his hands on her hips and shoving in.

Maria seemed eternally lubed. It was the weirdest thing. Was she really that hot for him? He meant what he’d said upstairs in her bathroom, he really doesn’t find himself attractive. And yet, somehow, here he is.

He shuddered clear up his spine right then. Not from the cold. Not from the act itself, which truly was repulsing him. But from the fact that Maria, yet again, made that whimpering sound deep in her throat. It cut him like a knife carved from a chunk of fear. It fucked with his soul that sound. And he just couldn’t place why.

“Aaah!” Her mind moaned. “Oh God, this is so fucking goo-...” but her words trailed off. “No. Promise, roll over. I wanna feel you move. I’m always on top, you fuck me. Fuck me!” She ordered more forcefully.

Climbing off of him, she rolls over and lays down on her back. Yakusoku braced himself for full blown nausea and hoped like hell he doesn’t end up throwing up in her mouth, or throwing punches when she clutches him. Laying himself down over her, he repositions and shoves back in. He could give her credit for keeping him warm, though, that was for sure. His erection snuggled itself deep into the warmth of her body, and he felt like just lying there and sleeping when her arms came around him.

“Yakusoku, we never got to before... but I’m ready now.” He heard Enid’s voice in his head.

Enid. That’s how he’ll get through this. He’ll think of Enid.

The captured male’s lips rest lightly against Maria’s neck and he sucked and lapped at the hot throbbing nerve beneath the skin. Moving his hips back he rocked back into her, like a duck on a rippling pond.

Her little verbal outburst was thankfully only one time because the rest of her experienced pleasure was all mentally transmitted to his brain. It was strange hearing himself breathing heavily in the thick silencing room. But his panting, tired, frozen, and cold mist making voice weren’t the only sounds in the room. The bed screeched and hollered something awful during their romp. And why would he drag it out? He has no love for her- especially no like for her. He just wanted to be warm, and at the moment that’s exactly what sex with Maria was giving him.

Maria isn’t stupid, though, she’ll know at some point, that he isn’t going to love her. He has no intentions to. He’s merely keeping his family and friends safe from harm. And obedience is all he’s got for their defense. When his palm began to pet her wet exposed lower flesh, she really began to buck.

“Faster..” She said breathlessly.

Picking up speed, he felt himself slipping over the edge when her inner walls tightened around him. Her limbs went squirrely when his hot blast shot into her, and the two trembled against each other; her nails dug in deep in his shoulder. The chill didn’t take long to bite at him again, and he shuddered within her grasp. Taking the flimsy blanket up around him, he tried to get a good cover going. His member slid noisily from her body, like the sound of really sticky noodles being mixed around and around inside a bowl.

“I’ll bring you a warmer blanket.” Maria, dazed and giddy, says off-handedly. “It's supposed to go down to thirty-two tonight.”

When Maria left the bed, Yakusoku reached for her, pulling her back. “Maria?”


“I don’t know what you want from me... isn’t there anything more than sex that makes you happy?”

“Love.” She replied easily. “I wrote out a list before I came down. Earn yourself some ‘rewards points’, and this cell could be a regular paradise.” Tugging her jeans back on; she reaches into the pocket and leaves a slip of paper on the bed beside the shivering pile. Blowing him a kiss, she then leaves the cell.

Yakusoku lifts the slip of paper and looks it over. He really felt like crying then. Or screaming. Or dying... well, after mentally having his neck snapped, maybe he isn’t ready to die just yet. But he’ll be close to it if he does any of this stuff.

Hand holds = Kisses.

Kind words = Food. He can at least pull off that one. He gives empty compliments all the time.

Nice getting to know you conversation = Two hours upstairs to chat and watch tv.

Penetrating sex = Carpeting for your cell.

Kisses = Clothes.

Heavy petting = Blanket. Well, he’s earned that without knowing it. It's because of being with Enid that he learned how to heavily pet like the best of them.

Head = Baths. Soap toothbrushes and paste. How ironic on that reward.

Massages = Heavy petting. He’ll remind himself not to do that.

Hugs = Washings. Funny that it didn’t say baths, but instead washings.

Listening = Will get you far. What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?

Kindness = Kindness in return.

Obeying = Lessons. Lessons in what?

Behave badly and you’ll see something the likes you’ve never imagined.

And that was written at the end. He’s got a lot of pride to swallow if he’s gonna make it out of here. And what happened to that mystery voice? Is it just Maria messing with his hopes, like he’s come to believe. He’s down in his cell, but he has yet to hear from the mystery speaker. His stomach groaned in hungry protest. Looks like its cutesy conversation time.

As if on cue Maria opened the cell door, and from the distance, tossed a thick comforter at him. It wouldn’t have made it for most people, but this is Maria... her gift could probably shoot the thing to the moon if she’d wanted.

“Thank you.” He said sweetly. Sincerely, really.

“You’re welcome.” And she turned and left.

Yakusoku lay in bed looking over the note over and over. Returned to the alone. The Cold. The reality. He needed to keep his mind distracted from the fact that his best friend was murdered. But noting the fact that he is trying to distract himself took away the distraction, and now all he can do is lay there and play over his friendship with the mad male. He can remember it as if it were just happening.

Gev plunked down on the seat beside him that afternoon at school, looked him over and smiled.

“You’re more emo than me kid,” He said with a snicker. “What’s your name?”

“Yakusoku.” He replied half dead to the world, which is truly how he felt.

“Yakuza, huh? Bad ass. I’m Gev.”

Yakusoku sniffled into a small smile. He knew what kind of guy Gev was on day three when he went to his house and was introduced to rock music. Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead- Gev’s live and breath, as the others call the group behind the male’s back- his personal favorite Sixx AM, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Bullet for My Valentine- another one of Yakusoku’s favorites. So much music, and so much general knowledge of nothing, all packed into a few afternoons.

Gev smoked with him for the first time; it was a strange bonding moment.

“Here,” Gev said that afternoon. “this way your hands are clean of that pesky ‘but he made me do it’ notion.”

Chuckling, Yakusoku replied. “Don’t you mean that your hands are clean of peer pressuring me into smoking?”

“Details, man.”

“So what do I-...” His words are stopped by Gev grabbing him by his cheeks.

The Russian gave them a squeeze so that his jaws are parted and his mouth is open. Gev leaned in then and blew the smoke into his mouth, after which point he released his grip. Yakusoku blinked in confusion then blew the smoke out with a sudden cough afterward.


Smirking, he removed a cigarette from the packet. “Got a light?”

Yakusoku sobbed out loud at that memory. Rubbing his cold, sticky eyes with the front of his hand; he rolled over onto his stomach and pressed his face into the pillow. He has to get these damned images out of his head! But they just kept rolling in.

The last time he’d even seen the male was at school, by his locker before he went off to the T.H.A.T meeting. The Russian ran his fingers up the back of his head, making beeping sounds like a car horn before he 'vroomed' and kept going. He looked over his shoulder and waved goodbye to him.

That did it. Yakusoku just let the tears flow. The pain rush out. The sorrow to win over him.

On the stairs, Maria listened and watched the mental video playing in her lover’s head. It would seem that she’s finally starting to break him. And when the bed began to knock around the room again, she smiled. Standing, she grabs the door knob and exits the cellar.

Reeve walked into the master bedroom toweling his hair. His wife was, no surprise, still weeping softly into the pillow. She’d cried all day, and she’ll cry all night again it seemed. Sitting on the bed, he tosses the towel back into the bathroom.

“Quinn, Gev called. That crazy kid says he’s going to go from state to state leaving posters around in case anyone has seen Yakusoku.”

Sniffling, she at least found the will to laugh. “If nothing else good about him, that boy loves our son.”

“Yeah. ...I’m having my doubts about his character now. He even told the police that some girl had been stalking him over the phone at school. They’re looking into it, they said.”

“A girl?” Quinn sat up. Her face is swollen from tears and crying. “How? A girl?” She just couldn’t believe it.

“The police aren’t sure, they have to check with the numbers from the school phone.”

Quinn nods then lied back against her pillow.

“He has to be found... there’s not enough clues to go by... but how far could the person have gotten?” He pats his wife’s back. “We’ll drive out to another state if we have to as well- fly if need be. But he’ll be home before this month is over.”

She wasn’t so sure, but she held her husband’s hand regardless. It gave her comfort. The same comfort she got in checking Ai’s bedroom every night, these days. Yakusoku will be found before any further damage could be done.

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