Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Yakusoku was no longer in denial about the lights, or the bed moving. He’s been knocking around the room since Maria left earlier... or yesterday... or maybe even three days ago! It was really hard to fucking tell when he’s been left alone, cold and forgotten in some damned dog kennel, in a looney bitch’s home.

And any time a meal was brought to him, which wasn’t often, Lucian wouldn’t tell him whether it was morning or night, or twelve or midnight. He would leave the meager amount of food beside the bed on the dresser and go without a word.

But he was starting to believe that his sanity was slipping. It was at this moment he realized that he was making the lighting cut off and on, and the bed move. It just, couldn’t be real! And if he could always do such things then why hasn’t he?! He started to believe that Maria truly was messing with him. Doing all these things and lying to him that he’s some damned freak too, when really she’s just playing mind games.

It’s not that impossible to believe when she can’t stop looking like the loneliest girl in the world. This strategy must be Plan B of the Kevin project. She told him what she is, and he freaked out. So why not have the next one believe that he’s got the same disease and you can bond over lies. But it was only a theory.

He could almost bet a million dollars on the fact that once he got out of the house and tried doing this psychic voodoo or black magic crap, it wouldn’t work. She’s already proven to him that she can see him no matter where he goes; and she can control her gift from a long distance, which is how she latched him to the floor that day.

After time had passed on him, while he theorized this and that, the captured teen then tried sleeping to give himself something to do, but the moment his eyes closed he heard this horrible loud sound! It was like someone had pressed the attention button on a bull horn. It shot his eyes right back open and he laid there in a daze. And any time he tried to sleep again... it was the same thing. So he figured that sleeping was out of the question, especially when on the one time he’d managed to pass out something slammed into his shoulder jarring him back awake.

He was also having hallucinations, just like Scrooge from that movie. The first Christmas ghost to visit him was Clark. He was standing across the room in tackle position, then he charged the bed full-force which caused it to go flying into the closest wall. He didn’t say anything to him. No “where are you?” No, “Hey Yakuza, what’s up!” Just a lot of Hike! Hike! Then came Nono. Nono didn’t face him, he just stood at the sink drinking water and laughing nervously any time he said something to his chubby pal.

Ai was the worst, he stood by the bed asking Yakusoku why he wasn’t at home having Christmas with all of them. He asked what he was supposed to do with the gifts that he’d gotten for him. The worst part was when Ai’s brows furrowed, and in an annoyed tone, he told him to go fuck himself for what he’s doing to their parents. Even though he knew his little brother was just whacked-out crack brains, it still hurt. It hurt a lot.

Gev came to him, telling him not to worry about him. That he’s up in Heaven smoking weed with God. He laughed and added, “Can you believe I’m up here, eh? I must have done something right somewhere.” He blew smoke in his face and told Yakusoku not to give in just because he’s dead. He’s a fighter, and he should fight. Go all Japanese syndicate on the bitch. At least it got the broken teen to laugh.

His mother cried. His father ranted angrily about his learning to be careful, and that being careful would keep him from getting into situations like these. He was right. But what could he do now? Maria came in at some point, at least he had hallucinated that she had, when really it was just the sink he was conversating with.

She told him about seeing a man standing at his mailbox actually waiting for the mailman; she laughed after saying the guy was pretty stupid to expect mail on Christmas day but go tell him that. She just vanished when Yakusoku agreed that it was stupid.

Chester was an odd sight to see. He walked over to the bed and just whispered. “Dude, I told you she was bad news.” He shrugged then and checked out.

Meina confessed her feelings for him. She told him that she’s always thought he was handsome, and she wanted to date him but she knew that Enid liked him and she wasn’t going to mess that up. She knows Enid can be shy, and it would be rude to snatch him up just because she can’t get her words out. Yakusoku told the girl to go fuck herself.

The way she’d snapped at Ai believing that he had sent his little brother over to their home in order to get them all to make up, was just ignorant. She had no right to treat Ai that way, he was just trying to help! The Hispanic girl said she didn’t care how he talked to her, she still liked him.

“Oh really? Why don’t you go upstairs and battle Maria for my feelings then? I’d love to watch that.”

That was when she disappeared. Yakusoku, in his swimming mind, waited for one or the other to come into his cell and say that they’ve won but no one came. Then there was the snake. He heard a long hissing sound coming from somewhere, and at first he was really fucking freaked out. There was a snake down there with him! What if he’d been bitten? Maria wouldn’t know until feeding time, and he’d be dead by then...

After listening to the snake for maybe 30 seconds, he began to laugh. Not just hysterics either. The kid laughed long, hard, and loud. Hard enough that as he was busting a gut, he was concern that he’d do just that. After his laughter died down, he could swear he was six pounds lighter. He heard the snake three times after that and laughed uncontrollably every time... it was weird.

Yakusoku jumped out of another one of his stone-still spells. It's like sleeping, when really you’re so lost in thought you don’t realize that you’ve only just shut off without going anywhere. It happened to him a lot when he started getting headaches. And it seems to be starting again now that he can’t get any sleep.

Taking a deep breath he swallows over a dry throat. Time to get up and get some more water. It was the only thing he had control over for himself, that and going to the bathroom. Wow. What a life he’s leading now. Before he wanted to be a detective, and now he can only hope to live the next day.

Which wasn’t always true, sometimes he wanted to die. He wanted to break that mirror over the sink and just slit his own throat. He even daydreamed about it. But then he remembered that, mentally, he actually had died and it was painful, painless, and frightening. He can’t see himself doing that just yet, he may still find a way out of this. A deal can be struck! A contract made up that he would visit her two days out of each month or something! Anything!

Sliding his leg, with great effort, to the side of the bed, he pulls the other along after it. Sitting up, he feels the cold stinging him the moment the thick blanket fell away from his shoulders and chest. Yakusoku truly hates the idea of doing anything on that list for rewards but really did want some carpeting and clothes. Kissing her, he’ll suffer through, but penetration. That was a different beast entirely. She always gets so into it. It's gross. And makes him feel like he’s gonna be sick.

Fucking Maria is like having someone call your sister attractive... and then you agree with them! Yeah, it’s that kind of gross and creepy. But none of it will make a difference if she doesn’t come downstairs and see him. What kind of captor doesn’t constantly visit the captive? He’s seen dozens of movies about abduction- Missing being the most frightening... he’s never once seen one where the captured just sits and does nothing for hours or days on end. He often wondered if she’s up there planning something.

At the sink, he turns it on and ducks his head down beside the flow of water lapping it into his mouth like a dog before sucking it in like it was a long strand of spaghetti. His stomach growled at the thought of thick tomato sauce beneath layers of cheese, and sausage, and cottage cheese, and dammit he wants some lasagna! And a big cup of classic cappuccino. He could really use the caffeine kick from that potent concoction.

Maria only gives him water, and very meager portions of whatever it is they’re all having for dinner. It just isn’t right. Weary, and shaking now that the warmth has completely left his body, Yakusoku trembled back over to the bed and quickly climbed back in. Shivering under the covers, he extends his legs then begins rubbing his ice block feet together. His skin is as dry as scales. The sound is scratchy and filling the air with the only noise that’s ever made in this dank cell... his own: his coughs, sneezes, nose whistling, sighs, hysterical laughter, stomach growls and so on...

Feeling a bit more revived now that he’s got something in him, until the next feeding, he’s looking around the dark room- his eyes have long since adjusted to the darkness, and now he can make things out fairly well- he spots a lump at the end of the bed. Touching his face, he sees that he’s alert enough that he can feel things. Wriggling his toes, he carefully bounced his foot beneath the thick blanket that seemed to engulf him if he so much as shifted his hip while laying beneath it. He sees his toes move in a higher up spot on the bed than the lump is located. So what is that?

“Yukkuri.” A voice whispered in the darkness.

Yakusoku’s eyes widened with fright. Someone had gotten into his room! Using his mind to turn the lights on, they quickly blinked back out. What the fuck?! Turning them on again, they dimmed and remained off when he tried to turn them on for the third time. What the hell is going on?! He wondered while looking at the lump. His fear was elevated by the fact that when the lights cut on, it ruined the adjustment to the darkness he had gotten by leaving them off.

‘Maria!’ He mentally called for the girl.

She had to hear him. Had to come down and see what the hell lay beneath his blanket for him. He didn’t care if she picked on him for being a baby, he’s frightened dammit. And if there really is someone running around in her home; out of his mind and ready for trouble, he wasn’t gonna allow himself to be beaten up by some lunatic!

‘Maria!’ He called again.

Yakusoku lay beneath the blanket, frozen in fear, eyes wide, breath stilled and waiting for whatever lay beneath his blanket to creep up and get him.

“Yukkuriiii.” It whispered as it crept. It crept!

Boney, cold fingers slithered up his leg! So cold to the touch it felt like nothing but a cool breeze brushing over the hairs on his leg. Creeping higher and higher until something with weight lay over his bare lap. It drummed its fingers against his thigh.

“Yukkuriii... Yukkuri...”

‘Slowly?’ Yakusoku translates. ‘Slowly, what?!’

“Uh-ohhhh... you can heeeear meeee.” Whispered the voice.

The sentence, being longer than the word, let the male hear the dryness in the voice. The utter creepy, crawly, monster-under-the-bed tone he has. His thin, cold fingers creeping up and down his bare thigh, weren’t helping ease his fear. It felt like a sticky-footed tarantula was making its way up his legs. Creeping one step at a time.

What if it is a spider?! A poisonous, man-eating spider! He smacked at his leg with shaking hands that expected someone’s hand to latch onto his own. But when swatting at the phantom spider, it became just that... a phantom. He knew it. He was going crazy. Shit. And he’s just letting Maria do it to him. He has to calm himself. But a gargled laugh sounded in his ears, having his steadying nerves unlevel again.

Bravely, but over a pounding heart and heavy breathing, he asked. “A-.. Are y-you... Are you Al?”

“Yes.” Ground the voice before saying. “Oh wait, wait... no.” The intruder wriggled its fingers at the frightened male’s hips. “Maybe.”

‘Oh fuck!’ He felt his heart pounding away in his ears.

She said he was mental! This is proof of that! As if that little tidbit of knowledge weren’t enough to make him die on the spot, the monster under the blanket grabbed him by the hips, his nails sharp, and his grip as tight as a vice, so that he could pull off his next manoeuvre of hoisting himself up the length of Yakusoku’s legs to rest heavily upon his lap.

‘Stop it, Yaku’... this is all in your head. Just like seeing your friends.′ He closed his eyes.

“All in your head, huh?” Asks the disembodied voice. “You should probably lift the blanket then... just to be on the safe side.”

He nodded, then winced for being stupid enough to agree with, as well as listen to, this intruder. He could be dangerous. And the moment he left the blanket, he’ll pounce on him and kill him with his bare hands.

‘It’s not real... it’s not real...’ He coached himself.

But he wasn’t entirely convinced, and so when he raised the blanket, it was only about for inches up. Peering down beneath the blanket, he expected sharp fangs, bleeding eyes, and maybe even a missing nose. Crazies do all kinds of violent things to themselves as well as others, so why not tear off his nose? But all he sees is darkness.

He closed his eyes as relief washed over his weary mind like a tidal wave; he felt his tense muscle relaxing. But upon opening his eyes he looked back down beneath the blanket and like something out of a horror movie, and truly it was a hair whitening sight... A face appeared almost in an instant when really the resting head just tilted itself backward to show itself.

‘Fuck! It's a Ju-On!’ He declared.

And the scream that came from him was like nothing he even knew he could make. It was high and loud, and no one could hear him scream. No one but himself and the Ju-On which flipped its closed eyes open to reveal its dark pools to watch him, study him... scare the shit out of him further. If this is all in his head, he prayed to whoever was in charge of weird shit to just cut him a break and make it stop.

“What to say... what to say...? Been yeeears after all.” Says the voice, doing the fourth most frightening thing since it appeared... it sat up.

The blanket is covering him over his head so that his paleness is hidden somewhat behind the folds of the blanket’s cover. Yakusoku wasn’t sure if he should watch or close his eyes and wait for the pain to come. Where the hell was Maria when he needed her crazy ass?

“I could say something cliche like... Heeeere’s Johnny, but eh... been done to death.” He waved it off, his hand knocked the blanket as it came down and the cover began to slip away.

The cover slipped away... and the lights began to slowly glow back on. Yakusoku looked around and wondered if this not-Al-Al was doing it, but his eyes quickly returned to the ghost before him. The blanket continued sliding down his bare body showing off his long ghostly hair that came down by his hips, and covered a bit over his face. He’s thin like he hasn’t eaten in years, and his sides are somewhat sucked in.

“I’m gonna need something original...” He continued saying as the lights came up. “How ’bout... Look Sorrow... I’ve brought you an angel.”

A single horrified tear burned down Yakusoku’s cheek; caught by the intruder.

“This for me? Hmmm, haven’t tasted sympathy before...” He rasped out before licking his palm. “Salty. Must be terror then. My mistake.” The intruder grinned at the captured male, the crooked grin grew even wider seeing the fear in the light of the room when his face shown proudly to the bedridden male. “Come on, you can’t really be afraid of your own reflection...”

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