Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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You and You and Me

Yakusoku wished that he wasn’t alone. He wished that someone were there to mock him or laugh at his cowardly state as he runs about the small cell as if fleeing for his life. Which he is! He couldn’t just sit there and let this intruder get at him, could he? He must look like a damned fool; rough, dry throat sobbing hysterically; fingers clawing at the cold cement whenever the rattling chain around his neck jerked him off balance straight to his knees due to his lack of length.

Damn her! Damn her for leaving him down here, where he can be violently assaulted by some missing nutbag! Why isn’t she coming? She must hear him!

Yakusoku threw a frightened glance over his shoulder to where the intruder had yet to move from his spot on the bed. He’s not even sure how he managed to get off the bed in order to get away. He decided that his fear gave him the strength he needed to shove the sack of bones imposter away so that he could make a break for it.

What was it that he’d said? That he was afraid of his own reflection? No kidding! There’s no way that that creepy toned, dying thing should look like him. Just no way! Unless... Parking himself in one of the only two corners he could reach- which are the ones to the back of the cell rather than the front exit- he held tightly to the freezing bare bar beneath the sink and allows himself an eyeful of the monster under the bed.

The intruder sat where Yakusoku had shoved him away to; the teen is boredly looking around the room as if he were thinking about redecorating or something. Yakusoku still can’t see his face very clearly with all that stringy hair dropped down about it. Closing his eyes to shut it out, he screamed bloody murder when, right into his ear, he hears.

“Yo man... it’s cold in here.”

How did he get off the bed so quickly?! In a hurry to flee, Yakusoku popped the back of his head on the underside of the sink. Looking over his shoulder, he checks for any blood that may have freed its self from his bump before crawling forward like a three legged dog towards the bed. His other hand is busy massaging his scalp to ensure it’s nothing serious while also helping in the staunching of the growing pain. He is so focused on soothing his bump that he momentarily forgot about the living Ju-on in the room until his hand came to rest on the teen’s bony knee and he found himself face to face with the shabby look-alike.

“Looks like you touched me this time.” He touched his own cheek with one hand and slapped Yakusoku rather powerfully with the other while saying. ”Fresh.”

Yelping, Yakusoku scoots back rapidly, rising to his feet as he goes until he’s standing up straight against the far wall. He pressed his back firmly to it so the male wouldn’t get the drop on him again. How is he so fast? Panicked puffs of breath come from his mouth like the smoke from a steam engine train puffing along its tracks. Only this train runs on ice blocks and snow rather than coal and fire.

“What do you want from me?” He whimpered miserably.

The bony look-alike just had to keep messing with him, didn’t he? Leaning forward, he set one hand down on the floor then the other, and like a true Japanese horror apparition, he crept along the cold floor over towards him. His pale, skinny body trembling, and shaking as he swung his left leg up into the air, dropping it down over his shoulder to the floor where he moved up a lot closer. He moved up so much closer that he’s now, once again, upon him like an upright shadow.

He took Yakusoku’s trembling chin and raised it so that he could see his face. “Maaan, this is cool.” He chuckled out.

“Leave me alone.” Whimpered Yakusoku.

“Naaah.” He replied nonchalantly and continues turning Yakusoku’s head this way and that.

“What do you want?” He asked with more force than he knew he had in this situation.

“What do I want?” He repeats, then says again as if he honestly doesn’t know himself. “What do I want?” He taps a finger to his chin. “Hmm- to tell you I’m a big fan of your despair. To tell you you’re an idiot.” He shrugged and let go of the frightened male’s face. “To tell you that it’s about damned time you started to remember me. Y’know, the usual...”

“I don’t know who you are...” He shakes his head. “Why does everyone keep saying things like that to me?”

“Because you’ve got a lot of interesting stuff stored up there, Phoenix. I just wanna see that it doesn’t leak over into your current life.” He wriggles his fingers together like a Mad Scientist that’s about to say ‘It’s alive! It’s alive!’ about his latest creation.

Yakusoku only shook his head miserably.

Rolling his eyes. “Dude... seriously,” He says in a tone completely different from the raspy fright he had this entire time. He almost sounded like a surfer bum. “if I wanted to hurt you... I’d of messed shit up the moment you saw me on the bed. But look... you’re still here.”

“Then what do you want?” His breathing grew heavy from being so worked up, and there’s the fact that he’s out of the warmth of the blanket.

“To help you. I’m your friend.”

“If you were helping me, friend, you wouldn’t be in here.” He chided. “You’d be out there stopping Maria, and then busting me out.”

“Oh, that.” He waved it off as if it were the dumbest thing he’s ever heard. “Semantics.” He took a step back; one arm across his torso, the other arm vertical with its elbow resting in the palm of his horizontal hand, he swirls his hand around rather flippantly. “I’m afraid I’m gonna need your help for one part of my ultimate-plan-of-busting-out-of-here.”

“What are you talking about?” He asks; becoming less afraid all of a sudden. He eases the tension worked up in his back's nerves. “Far as I’m concerned, you come and go as you please... at least that’s what Maria said.”

“Where it’s true I can, at the moment, I can’t. Not without your help.”

“My help? My help? Look around you, idiot, I’m not in here by choice!” Good! Get back some of that badass you’ve acquired over the years. He thought while cracking open an eye to spot where the clone had gone. But he was right in front of him, face to face and looking around as though he were just noticing something.

“Oh yeeeeah, look at that. Details. It can be changed.”

“How? Unless you know something I don’t; the door is locked. And as far as I’m concerned you just appeared out of freakin’ nowhere.”

“All minor details.”

“No! They are major details!” He declared like his mouth were a pistol firing the words just then. “And even if the floor can open up, I’m not gonna be able to get very far with this collar around my neck attached to the floor!”

“Tch.” Scoffed the clone becoming cockier by the minute. “I can remove the collar, I can open the door, hell, I can level this whole damned place if you want me to but... it comes with a price.”

Suspicious, he side-eyes the male. What could he possibly want? He has nothing. Fuck, he’s naked! Surely anyone can clearly see the proof of his lack of anything. Unless he wants the bedspreads for his own hole in the wall.

“I’ll tell you once we’re out, but right now... I’m a little useless without your attributes.”

“My attributes?”

“I can’t use my mojo because I’m locked up right now.”

Yakusoku blinked. That has to be the DUMBEST thing he’s ever heard... Oh. Wait! Now he gets it. “You’re another hallucination. Wonderful.” No longer skittish at all, he trudged towards the bed to get out of the cold before the nip and the nitwit could get at him anymore. “Have fun helping me believe that I’m crazy, but you should know, I’m ignoring you now.”

“Don’t ignore me.” The look-alike said in a tone so serious that Yakusoku actually had to stop and look at him to study his movements should he decide to pounce at any moment. But he only came over to the bed and climbed in with him, though he’s sitting up on the back of his legs. “I’m telling the truth. I’m not equipped to lie.” He fluffed the flimsy pillow. “It’s simple. You only have to say my name... I swear.”

“Listen to me... carefully. I. Don’t- that’s, 'do not' for those who don’t know- Know. You.” He tugged the blanket about his bare shoulders and over his neck; and frowned at the male like a child refused candy by a parent who’s usually a push-over.

“And you listen to me. I’ve come too damned far to be written off as some damned hallucination. Now you do know me, Phoenix. Really!” He said as if that were supposed to sway Yakusoku immediately. “The others didn’t touch you, right? It’s because they couldn’t touch you. But I can... see.” He voices his next words. “Poke. Poke. Poke, poke. I’m not a hallucination.”

Smacking away the offending fingers, he asked. “Aren’t you?” Yakusoku stares at the wall across from the bed. “Everyone else has been, what makes you any different just because you can touch me?”

“Well, for one... I’m talking to you intelligently.” He cocks his head to the side; the dirty almost dreadlocks of hair sweep out beside him to hang like black snakes in the open air. “Did any of the others do that?”

Yakusoku only sucked in an annoyed breath through his nose then let it out through his mouth. “No.”

“Mhm. And did the others offer to help you leave this place?”


“But I did because I can.”

“But how can I trust you?” Now that he thought about it. “And that’s another thing, why do you look like me?” He asks staring at the intruder's long hair. “Minus the length of your hair, but that could only be because you’ve been here for so long.” He explained for himself.

“Because I-...”

“You’re my twin.” Yakusoku finished the male’s reply in a rapid realization. “You were kidnapped, and Maria... she wanted a matched set. But you ran away and hid... now she’s throwing all her attention on me.”

The intruder blinked. His dark green eyes amused and thoughtful. “That would make a really good book... or maybe a movie- not a big fan of reading. But” He faked a gag; climbing in under the blanket beneath the covers beside Yakusoku. “not even close, kid. Try again.”

“I... then I don’t know.” He shakes his head. He hates the fact that the intruder is so close to him and yet he can’t feel his body heat. Not even a little glimmer of it. But, he’s touching him... he can feel his dry skin, his bone. “Maybe... maybe Maria kidnapped you and... I don’t know, drugged you so that some doctor could give you plastic surgery to look like me?”

Again intruder repeated his facial expression, and again he seemed on the verge of laughter. “Wow. Seriously, man, you gotta get published for that wild imagination. But no... I" And he points a finger into the air for Yakusoku’s attention. “and let me finish this time... am the 'you' that you don’t want to be, and can’t be.”

“The 'me'... I don’t think I understand.” Yakusoku sighs. “How does that help me know your name?”

“All right, quiz time, pay attention...” He clears his throat dramatically. ”Guten tag, mine patient. How do you feel right now?” And now he’s pretending that he has a pad and pen in his hand; not mention the phony German accent. “Vat do you wish for most?”

“...I...” He shook his head. “This is stupid. It can’t be real. I’m talking to myself again.” He declared to the ceiling. “Don’t leave any smoke residue when you poof out, please.”

“Knock it off.” Grumps the male, taking an even more childish position in personality.

‘What? Does he have schizophrenia or something?’ Wonders the imprisoned male.

“I really can help you.” He insisted.

“I can’t trust anyone or anything as my own thoughts- not here. Maria’s manipulated my mind before, she could easily be doing it now. The minute I get my hopes up, you’ll fuck me over. And I’ll be worse off because I’ve failed another one of her many ‘does he love me’ test. Get lost.”

Twisting and turning his lips thoughtfully, he shrugs. “Alright! But listen to me a moment you dick... I really am your best shot to getting out of here!” Insists the male. “You’d better appreciate me, or I’ll really leave you all on your own down here. It won’t be like last time... Maria is crazy because she chooses to be crazy, her gift has nothing to do with it. She wants you freaked out, yeah, but only so she can break you and make you her’s for good. Do you want her to win? That bitch is well aware of what she’s doing even when she’s being nice.”

Rolling his eyes, he turns over. “Do you wanna know why I’m not listening to you?”

The intruder humored him with a bored stare.

“It’s because you look like me. Not a normal occurrence!” He snaps at the cocky bastard. “And since the reason is none of the above during my guessing game, I’m gonna chalk you up to hallucination, or one of Maria’s dirty tricks- despite your knowing that you’re a dirty trick.” He shrugged. “So either stop talking or leave. Your choice.”


Yakusoku stared at the male long enough to be sure he’d stop talking, then he collapsed back onto the pillow from the lean on his elbow he had a moment ago. The silence didn’t last long, though, because the look-alike puffed out his cheeks then began to make farting noises with his mouth. Yakusoku gaped at the male in disbelief. What is he, seven?

“You’re not gonna make me laugh.” He said defiantly.

The childish intruder only looked over at him from where he’s laying beside Yakusoku, and then let out a particularly wet sound.

Snickering, Yakusoku stiffens his facial expression. “Stop it.” He commanded.

“Haa Haaa HACHOO!” He then faked a sneeze.

“Stooop,” Yakusoku couldn’t hold back his smile. Sitting up, making sure he tugged the blanket up around him when he does. He looks at the male then says. “We’re not kids anymore, that’s not gonna work this... time...” His words slowed when he heard himself say this. These weird feelings coursed through him. Old and familiar. It was like being hugged by his mother, it was just... needed. He grunted when a vein at his temple began to throb.

The intruder looked on with a hopeful expression.

“I know you... dammit! From where?!” He held his head.

“Nevermind from where, just think of a name.” Says the look-alike. He turns his head when hearing the sound of a door close. “On second thought, there is another way.”

“What way?” Yakusoku asked.

"Karitemo ii desu ka?” He asked.

Blinking, Yakusoku took a moment to register hearing Japanese before his mind translated it. “U-uummm, I guess.” He replied, unsure of what it was that the male wanted to borrow exactly. The Blanket? His pillow. Again, he doesn’t have anything. What could he possibly want?

He got his answer too. Reverting back to his creepy ghost style behavior, the male sat up on Yakusoku’s lap; mouth wide open to look like nothing but a black void, along with his eyes. They drained of all color and then completely ceased to be there as the intruder leaned in as if he were going to vacuum his face off. Yakusoku had a second to yelp before he was stopped. Or was he stopped? What happened?

“Where am I?!” He panicked. “Why can’t I... What happened?!” He was all over the place crying out in panic.

That’s when the cell door opened and in walked Maria. It was odd for her, something felt different. The air was... heavy. Like someone was covering it with a wet blanket- mostly herself- and she couldn’t throw it off. But the weirdest part of all is Promise. He lay there in bed like he was watching her. He never looks at her when she enters, he usually dips his head or is already staring at the opposite wall. But it’s not even that he’s looking at her really, just that he’s... he’s got this weird aura coming off of him. Like he wants to harm her. That would be impossible. She’s much stronger than he is, and he knows that. So what’s with this confidence boost all of a sudden?

Clutching the tray of food closer to her stomach, she clears her throat. “Promise... Come on, get your dinner.” She said quietly as if her voice would disturb whatever force was keeping the male laying in bed at a safe distance, and not attacking her. It was the weirdest thing, and not exactly her favorite feeling right now. What is going on? “It must be from the cold. It must be getting to him. Maybe he should eat upstairs with me.”

“It's not the cold.” Hissed Yakusoku’s voice.

Actually, it didn’t even sound like Yakusoku- not to Maria, not to Yakusoku who suddenly found his voice again upon hearing Maria’s.

“How did I get here! Help me! Help me!” He pleaded with whoever could get him out.

Maria looked around the room, then back at her prisoner. “You’re here... with me... nothing’s wrong with you- except maybe you’re a little hunger-crazed, or the cold is affecting you faster than I thought it would. Why not come upstairs and have something to eat, and get out of this chill. You’ve earned it, I suppose.”

“Whatsa matter, Maria?” He asked turning his legs to the outside of the bed. “Afraid to come over here? And you’re offering me nice things- what? No witty remarks about how I look pathetic, and you’d gladly be good to me if I behave right?”

“Why are you talking like that?” Asked the girl, ashamed to say that she actually took a step back when seeing that Yakusoku was moving from the bed.

“Acting like what? I thought this is what you wanted? For me to acknowledge how sexy I am... And I gotta say, I like it... I feel all big and handsome...” He caressed his chest moving his hands up and down. “And now I’m supposed to instantly be attracted to you as well... so come over here.”

“Stop acting weird,” Maria warned, or at least she hoped that’s what it came out to sound like.

“Maria!” A panicked Yakusoku called out. “Help me! I don’t know where I am!”

“Will you shut up, it’s working!”

“Why are you acting like this?” She asks. Taking another step back, she calls out. “Lucian! Lucian come here!”

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid.” Growled Yakusoku crossing the room.

His strong stride has Maria backing out of the cell far enough to pop against the back wall. Fast enough, and frightened enough to drop the tray of food to the floor. The mess spilled all over the place at her departing feet.

At least Yakusoku can’t get out with that collar around his neck. Or that was how it should have been, but he approached so quickly that she barely had time to blink when the collar just snapped from around his neck! Her breaths stilled and for some reason, her blood ran cold. What happened to the feeling of being in charge? What happened to it all figured out? Yakusoku swore he would never hurt a girl no matter what. She was counting on that commitment to his father’s warnings, and the righteous male’s own personal code of being a good guy.

But then again, he has been rolling with a different crowd since his other friends abandoned him. But he couldn’t really have changed that much just for them... could he? Moreso... How did he break the collar open?! I mean, she knows how, but when did he regain his abilities? She hasn’t given him a lesson yet. She hasn’t helped him remove the lock he’s unknowingly placed on it. So how did he do it on his own?!

“Time to play house.” Yakusoku was a mere five feet away when his strong trail jerked to a stop.

It wasn’t just a stop actually, it looked as though he were in the middle of a fight suddenly. His body jerked and whirled back and forth almost as if he were being punched by some invisible force. His hand shot out to grab Maria around her nervous little throat, but rather than go forward his hand instead swiped off to the side and grabbed the entrance bar closest to him. Whatever was going on seemed to almost be over since Yakusoku tipped forward and started crying.


Yakusoku couldn’t believe how painful that was. How much it hurt. Where the hell was he just then? What happened? Looking up, his blurred vision spots Maria, frightened and standing before him. He lunged at her wrapping his arms around her. A silent shriek came from her mouth; she was so frightened by the sudden movement that she didn’t even have time to think about screaming it just tried to come out of her mouth naturally. But she isn’t being attacked like she feared. Instead, he hugged her so tightly she thought her bones would snap in her back. Raising her arms slowly she hugged him back. What. the. hell?

“A-are you all right now, Promise?”

He could only sob. His body ached, and his mind is spinning like a top. He felt something in there... something frightening. It was wild and huge and wanted to get him. Like a wild animal with big claws and a nasty grudge to match.

“We’d better go upstairs, you need to warm up.”

“I was so scared.” He whispered. “It was so cold, and dark...”

“You should have turned on the lights then.” She said as if it were the most obvious ‘duh’ moment in the world. And with nothing but a glance, the girl turned the lights on. She was just glad that the air lightened up as well as the room. “It’ll be ok now, just come warm up and get something to eat.” She looked down at the mess on the floor.

“Don’t you dare go upstairs!” Screamed the disembodied voice of his look-alike. “I’d like to have a word with you.”

Yakusoku didn’t think so. “I’d like that.” He mentions to the request.

“Okay. Stop acting so damned crazy.” Says the girl leading him upstairs.

Lucian opened the door to the cell. It took him a while to find the key but it seemed that everything was all right since Maria is leading Promise from the cell. He probably collapsed or something and she wanted help with walking him up to the main part of the house. Stepping aside, he waits for them to go by. He was about to close the door when he spots the mess. He’d better clean that up. He walked through the kitchen gathering items: a scrub brush, a bucket he filled with hot water from the sink, and some paper towels. The air felt so chilly down there all of a sudden. More than usual... way more. But he had to put that aside and clean. It was the least he could do to keep the new guy out of further trouble.

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