Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Grief Stage

It’s been days. So many that the people around the police station have put up decorations to ring in the new year tonight. The Lands have just finished making another commercial to ask that the abductor please bring their son back home. It was a lie that no actions would be taken against the person once Yakusoku came back, but they had to say whatever they could to appeal to them.

Quinn spoke from a mother’s perspective in the first one, trying to make the woman- if it’s a woman- understand that what she’s doing is wrong. That Yakusoku is her child, and no mother should be separated from their child. It’s easy to understand how one would want to be a mother, but taking someone else’s child is not the way to go about it.

No word came in about any information of anyone seeing Yakusoku, or even a look alike. The abductor made no contact, not even a discreet little inkling that the message was even received. The police did have them check over some security tapes from the airport that day and the day after, in case their son wound up there. But no one looked like him. It’s as if the world just opened up and swallowed the boy whole. Never to be seen or heard from again.

Their flyer hanging street-team said they’d be back next week in January; so far no one has called any of their phones saying they’ve seen Yakusoku. There was one call from some bitch saying to tell him to give her a call if he ever came back. What the hell is wrong with people?

It’s truly becoming hopeless to think that the abductor can be appealed to, or that anyone knows anything. He was taken because he was wanted. This wasn’t some random abduction, this was premeditated. Whoever has him will keep him. And they’re making sure of it.

1 week later.

Gev watched as Ludwig listened to his mother reading a letter from Yakusoku over the phone to him. He wasn’t saying anything at the time, just listening. The guys are on their ways back to Connecticut and found a hotel for them all to stay in that afternoon since they were beat from going from state to close state hanging flyers with Yakusoku’s picture on them. When Ludwig got the call, he thought his mother was asking for him to come home, but she asked him “what was the name of that boy who’s gone missing again?” and she had his full attention.

The Russian was waiting for his mother to call him to read his over the phone because Clark and Nono are having the same thing going on in their room; he has yet to hear Dove & Grenade start playing from his cell. He may as well call on his own. No sense in dragging it out.

Dialing home, he waited for an answer. “Maht, did you check the mail yet?” He listens to his mother speaking. “Go look for me. See if there’s a letter with my name on it.” He waits in silence a moment.

“Read it to me again,” Ludwig says so suddenly that he startled Gev who visibly jumped. “Hold on. Do you have any paper and a pen?”

Getting up from the bed he grabs the notepad; it’s complimentary to the room. “Nothing? Okay.” He ends the call. Handing off the notepad, he leans forward to watch the Canadian write something down.

“Go ahead.”

Nono walked into the room carrying a notepad, right along with Clark behind him. They seemed to have the same idea as Ludwig and came to compare notes.

“Thanks, Ma... bye.” Handing the book off to Gev, who was going to leap onto the page to read it, he sighed heavily and shook his head. “I don’t believe it.”

“What did yours say?” Nono asked, taking a seat beside the Russian on his bed.

“I didn’t get one yet.” He reaches for Nono’s and Clark’s sheets of paper. “Let me read ’em.”

1. Clark, you’re probably thinking that I’m the biggest prick in the world right now because I didn’t get all sentimental on you like I did with the others, but I’m freaking out because I don’t know you as well, so I don’t know what to say. I just want you to know that I did like you as a friend, and we hung out more than anyone knew... So, I guess that’s just something between us then, huh? You’re an ok guy when you’re not being weird... wouldn’t have killed you to let us drive your car once in a while. Don’t bother with looking for me, I really am in a better place. Yakusoku.

2. Nono... I think if I never met Gev you’d be my best friend. Before I went pro-goth, you were my speed. Mild-mannered, and just a dork on the inside. I never intended for this to happen. Dude, don’t change because of this... I’m gone because I wanna be gone. I did something bad and this is my punishment; I know that you and Gev were really close, which is why I have to apologize to you most of all. I’m sorry. I’m a coward. I don’t deserve to be friends with a guy as good as you. Yakusoku.

3. Ludwig... You’re like that kid Jamie from X-Men 3, by that, I mean that you see a mutant and you strip their powers away. But, in this case, I guess it’d be people’s bullshit. And you could have sent me away when I broke into your house that day me and my friends shoplifted, but you let me stay. It’s rare to find someone who can see past the bad to the good. I can’t tell you the bad thing that I’ve done, not this time, but you probably already know since you’re the one who told me to tell him to stop in the first place. Gev really did like you man, and so do I; it’s why I let you in with us on my birthday. But, I can’t be forgiven for this it’s too major...

Maybe instead of me telling him to watch out for you, I should have told you to watch out for him... Tell the guys I understand if any of them hate me for it... but... I don’t know. I just can’t come back. Please, help my little brother get over it, and my parents... Like I said, you’re good with that sort of thing. Yakuza.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Ludwig says once Gev stopped reading. “He’s all over the place.”

Gev cocked a brow as he re-reads the parts where he’s mentioned.

“One minute he’s apologizing, the next minute he’s saying what great people we are to he deserves to be punished for something. And he sounds as if we all know what it is?” Shrugging with a shake of his head, the Canadian adds. “I don’t have a clue.”

“Yeah,” Chimed Nono. “And why would he need to apologize to me about Gev?”

“Not to mention, I’ve never once called him Yakuza, so why end only my letter with that name?”

“Yeah, and in Lud’s letter he says ‘did’ instead of ‘likes’. Am I missing something?” Asks the Russian looking over the letter again.

“Yeah... it’s weird.” Nono chews on his plump lower lip.

“It’s like he thinks I’m dead or something.” Gev shakes his head. “Why would he think that? I’m not dead.” Groping him chest he looks across the distance of the two beds and says to Clark. “Dick-sick, punch me in the face.”

Perking up, Clark replies hastily. “Okay!” Pulling his fist back he frowns when the Russian stops it by catching it from its path to his nose.

“I’m gonna call the Lands and see if they got anything.” Pressing the button for their line, Gev looks over the letters again.

He scrunches his face wondering what the hell the meaning is behind treating him like he’s dead. Something’s just weird about the whole thing.

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