Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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One More Note

Quinn removed herself from the world. She was no longer a part of it. She no longer cooked. She no longer sewed. She simply didn’t want to exist. Not after reading what she’d read in that letter from her son. Reeve didn’t believe it was Yakusoku, he believed that it was the abductor- but didn’t deny that the letter was written in their son’s handwriting. He took all the letters down to the police station with him when he left this morning. Yesterday had marked Quinn’s end.

Ai hugged her and Marisol hugged her when she brought the letter over that her son received. She told her it would be alright, she hugged her so tightly she could have broken her in two.

But Quinn took it and returned it. She needed those hugs from both her son and her best female friend since they’ve stopped speaking to the Aaronstrups. But the moment the hugs went, she crumpled and hasn’t been able to get up since.

Quinn would be water logged if she didn’t stop crying. She had the letter clutched in her soggy hand until her husband took it from her to bring to the police station to be looked over by professionals. Those words will not leave her. They won’t silence. They just keep repeating in her head. The whole thing... just shattered her.

Mom, Dad, Ai,

5. I’ve done something really stupid, and I left because of it. I don’t want you looking for me anymore, it’s pointless. So no more flyers, no more press conferences, no more anything, just move on. I know you’ll probably tell me that it’s not my fault and that I can’t blame myself, but I do, and I always will. I was a terrible son, and I’ve been lying to you for years... I was never happy at home. Never. I was confused and dysfunctional and no one noticed because I was playing a good kid since I was surrounded by good people. I... I just can’t be in a home like that. ...Not anymore.

I’ll always appreciate being adopted and taken from that home, but you guys... you’re smothering me. I can’t be free if I can’t be me. But... I guess you were right in the matter because it’s gotten me into trouble, and I don’t want you saying that ‘I told you so’. I just... You can’t protect me from me. If one falls, we all fall.

I know this probably doesn’t make much sense to you, but it will when you’re ready to stop thinking about me as a baby and start seeing me as the problem I was. I’m serious... stop everything. It’s over. We may have had some good times, but those times were just when I was too small to know any better. I can’t keep this up. I’m protecting you from my building anger over this. It’s only hurting all of us. So please don’t. Forget me. Yakusoku.

So dry. So insincere. Did he mean it? Was it even really from him? People can forge signatures, and copy handwriting styles. When she was a girl, she would copy her friend’s style all the time. It was better than living off her slobby print. Of course! It's fake! Reeve was right! Someone else wrote those letters. Even his friends said that it didn’t really sound like Yakusoku. But then what? What’s gonna happen now? They know that he’s at least alive- if he wrote them. They also know that they can’t do anything about it.

Yakusoku left nothing in the letters. Not a single hint as to where he might be, or if he’s hurting. How could he? Whoever has him would probably be reading them, if not coaching him on what to say. He wasn’t happy with them. Yakusoku has always been happy with them.

Tears ceasing, Quinn felt her strength to fight return. How dare someone take her son, and then mock them by making him send letters filled with hateful words and lies?! Even if it takes to the end of forever, they will bring Yakusoku back home!

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