Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Give it up

Yakusoku walked back into his cell. Head down. Shoulders drooped. It has been a trying day. Even after being upstairs, he’s unsure of what day it is. There are no clocks anywhere so he still doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. He broke down and... he...

“Oh. You’re here.” Muttered the emotionally battered male.

“And just what do you mean by ′you’re’?”

“Let’s see, for a guy who claims he’s harmless and wants to help me get out of here... you’ve accomplished... hmm none of the above.” He shuffles over to the creaky bed and climbs in under the blanket, newly acquired slippers and all. “Maybe you’re harmless.. at least to Maria.” He snatched the blanket up about his shoulders and rolled over.

“And that’s my fault? You’re the one who hasn’t let me out.” He scratches his ankle, then returns to what he’s been doing before Yakusoku showed up.

Yakusoku turned his head and watched the intruder as he moved across the room doing what looked to be a ‘kata’. “You said you would help me get out of here...” He’s a little alarmed when the, once M.I.A, intruder stopped his movements around the room to look at him. It's still unnerving seeing himself outside of himself like this without a proper explanation. “And then you disappear for hours.”

“Weeks actually.” Mentioned the male off-handedly. “And you’re the one who left me, not the other way around.”

“Why wouldn’t I leave?! You... I don’t even know what the fuck that was!” Yakusoku spat out; sitting up he tries to look intimidating but it’s next to impossible with all his energy tapped.

He’s literally been worked to the bone physically and mentally. Emotionally too. He had to get something to wear, that was his first thought. It’s one thing to be naked in the cell when you’re all alone, but there’s a chance that he hasn’t gone mad yet and this intruder is real. He could do anything weird to him, and even though he’s only got a flimsy pair of pajamas covering him any struggle for the ghost to get through is worth it.

“I told you that there was another way of getting out of here since you couldn’t remember my name I merelyyyy...” He rolled his hand around in a circle.

“What? Hijacked my body! How did you even do that?”

“It’s not magic... we used to do it aaaall the tiiiiime.” And now he was being cryptic again.

“Do you know what day it is?” Yakusoku asked deciding to change the subject. The male could try all he liked, he doesn’t nor will he ever know his name.

“Mhm. Somewhere along the lines of February tenth.”

Yakusoku drew in a sharp breath of disbelief. “February?” He lowered his gaze to the thick green blanket that, when flipped, is dark blue. He wondered if she had done that on purpose. “I didn’t realize it’s been that long. But... How do you know?”

“Because I checked.” He moves over towards the bed.

Yakusoku tensed. He still doesn’t and probably never would trust the male- especially after he morphed inside of him or outside or... well, he stole his body! ‘He sure as shit could be some plastic surgery job looking to learn about me. When he gets the ins and outs of my characteristics, he’ll be sent home in my place... and I’ll have to live with Maria forever! Bad enough I had to write those goodbye letters to everyone.’ He can still remember that day.

The two of them were pushing a palm-sized rubber ball back and forth to each other like some sick game of catch. It was weird to see the ball move, just because Yakusoku imagined it moving. There was no way he that he’s capable of such a feet, and yet, he did it. Just when he fought it, just when he believed it was all a lie and that he’s normal like the rest of the world... he was proven wrong, and will now be branded as a freak.

And he could tell that it wasn’t being faked... that he truly had been moving the ball. He may not have thrown it like Maria could, but the thing rolled on its own and hovered bumpily through the air to the girl. It was weird, and as if the moment just had to get weirder the movie they were watching on NBC cut to commercials and then this televised conference came on. And there before him stood his mother and father.

Lights flashed, cameras flickered. It was a real spectacle. And then they spoke. They spoke to Maria pleading with her that she bring him home. Her words shot through him, her appearance was what hurt the most. His jolly plump mother had lost a considerable amount of weight. His father’s thick brown hair was starting to gray. How can they have changed so much in such a short amount of time? Worse, how could Maria watch that and not be affected? She instead stormed away into the kitchen and after a moment of slamming this drawer and that, she returned and smacked a piece of paper and a pen down before him.

“You’re gonna write those undeserving fuckers a goodbye letter.”

It was the most frightening tone he’d ever heard from her. Accented and hard. It was better to obey than not listen and be punished.

‘As far as that spooky ghost-possession thing he pulled... I wouldn’t write it off that I’m cracking up and imagined the whole damned thing.’

Climbing into bed with Yakusoku, the male wrapped his arms around his torso. “You’ve got such a wild imagination, man. But you’re waaaay off.”

“Then what?” He asks exhausted of the subject. Exhausted of everything actually! He just wants to sleep. Sleep and never wake up.

Lifting the blanket from Yakusoku’s back, the intrusive intruder smirked. “Nice threads. And slippers to match!” He declared as if he’d only just noticed the captured male was wearing these things. “What’d you have to do to score this loot?”

Yakusoku bit his tongue to keep from going ballistic. This guy’s been here longer than he has, he should know what it takes to get things under Maria’s watch. This look-alike had left the cell after that hijacking incident- and he knows- because he came down a few times when Maria was sick of his company. And no-name was nowhere to be found. Now suddenly he’s back, clean, dressed in silk pajamas and speaking in riddles again. What the hell was he doing all that time? Stealing? Sneaking around in secret tunnels in the wall to spy on the home and its inhabitants. If he’s really so free, why not just leave? Why stay here?

It wasn’t fair, though, they’re in the same predicament and if he wanted clothes, and he unfortunately did, he had to offer the demented girl kisses. It was repulsive but necessary, and he’s now dressed in polyester dark blue pajamas with navy blue fuzzy slippers. The clothes are doing little for keeping him warm, but at least he’s not naked anymore.

He and Maria shared the unwanted kiss after she came downstairs and saved him from the intruders’ intrusion. He didn’t know what came over him to do it, he was just grateful to not be in the dark and cold place... and he wasn’t referring to his cell.

He thanked her, then he lied and told her she looks pretty- it wasn’t a total lie, though- her hair had been curled a bit and she wore a red ribbon in it. Her dress was a long silver thing that looked made for a swanky holiday party at the office or something. It looked like it might be her mother’s. Maria is weird like that, she has a very adult feel to her. Couldn’t be because she’s got him kidnapped and no one is there to tell her to stop it. He could never get away with something like this, hell no one could! Unless, of course, you killed your parents. But would she? She said over and over that she hated them.

Gev hates his parents, but he would never harm them. It's more of a miscommunication in his case. But Maria... if she can do this, she would do that. He has to keep everyone safe, go along with it until he can get out. Unfortunately, his means of getting out is in the hands of a stupid dick, who likes to speak in riddles like a child.

“How’d you get your clothes?” He asked suddenly. The last thing he wants is to be leered at by his reflection. It’s just too freaky.

“My sexy new body seemed to be upsetting you so I got some clothes.” Smiling, or something close to it the male cocks his head back and forth thoughtfully. “You see, I do everything to please you... and you give me nothing but your problems. Typical. But I’m used to it. So what do you say? We getting out of here or what?”

“I’ve only been...” He cut himself off or rather becoming annoyed cut him off. “For fuck’s sake, why not just tell me how to get out of here and I’ll do it my damned self.” He sits up.

“Hn. Yourself, huh? You haven’t got the juice right now. Nothing short of being with Maria for six years will get you up to the level three you used to be, much less the level five I currently am.” He holds up three fingers. Wriggling one, he says. “Look, you watch X-Men, right? I’m the Phoenix to your Jean Grey. And Maria... well, she’s just some low level trying to be big. She’s strong but Xavier wouldn’t invite her name to the conversation of Harmful Mutants at a good-guy convention- if you catch my drift.”

“Again with the riddles.” He rolls his eyes. “I’ve been here. With her. Since December break. I need to get out. Now.” He spoke slowly so that the male would understand. “If you can’t help me, then say so... if you can.. tell me how. Please.”

“Listen to me, sweetness, and listen good. I’m all about helping you... but you have to remember who I am. It’s your rule.” He straddles the captured male’s lap. “You said ‘so no one ever brings you out of me... I’m the only one who can release you’ end quote.” He shrugged.

“Why can’t you tell me who you are?”

“Ruuules.” He sing-songs. “I’m not allowed to speak my own name unless I’ve been let out.”

“Can you give me a hint?” He sighed in annoyed disbelief that he’s even gonna allow himself to buy into the nonsense. “One small thing.”

“I’ve been giving you hints you tool!” Snapped the look-alike. “But all you wanna do is sulk. It’s pathetic really; and here I was a fan... not so much a fan anymore.”

“Try me again. I was freaked out! You can’t blame me!” He shoves the male off of him. He’s a little too touchy feely for his liking. “Here’s this guy who looks just like me with no real explanation beyond... you’re the 'me', that I don’t or can’t be...” He bunched the blanket up around him. “You ask me to guess your name...”

"Know my name, not guess. You might can guess it, though... just try.”


The male cocked a brow with a face that said ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’.



“Peter.” He rolled his eyes.

“Loooook at me, don’t just sit there taking guesses.”

Sighing, fed up, he looks the male over. “Yakusoku?”


“I’m too tired for this... I just wanna go to sleep and never wake up.” But he continued staring at his look-alike’s face.

Grinning, the crooked smile broadened when Yakusoku looked deeply into his eyes. He doesn’t know why he didn’t think of it before! “I went to sleep to get away...” Says the teen softly. Reaching out he touches Yakusoku’s chopped hair. It could really use a washing. “Not to dream of colors, locations, abilities like flying for fun or being invisible...”

“I did not dream of goals desired,” Yakusoku joined in. “or events from the past. I went to sleep to escape the pain.”

“To feel nothing.”

“I’m gone now, at last...” Yakusoku looked at the male, only this time his eyes were different. “We used to say that... I used to say that. And you were there... and you said back to me.”

“Don’t worry... Ore ga..." Says the male, just as softly as he would have then.

"Mamoru... I will protect you. Your name is Mamoru.” He felt a certain peace at the sound of his former friend’s name. But he couldn’t place the reasons or the locations as to why he was so comforted by him. Why his chest is all swelled up with warmth, though the air around him could give you third-degree freezer burn. But it’s nice. It’s oddly familiar.

“I am your gift and your curse. I am the protector to anyone causing you pain.” Mamoru says proudly. “You made me up to be your gift... you couldn’t take the pain of being different. I was there to carry that. I’ve always been there... and I will always remain. You made me... you have me... I am yours, as well as I am you.”

Yakusoku nods. He can remember a voice... that day. He lay there on the floor. He can remember a strong feeling to disappear that day. To be gone. To die. He was scared because he’d just admitted to himself that he has a gift. Mamoru even said it, he’s his gift and his curse because he’s built up of everything that frightens him but remains strong to it and protects him from those things as well. He protected him that day. He’s protected him every day since that day... And he has continued wanting to do so. His savior. Mamoru.

Grinning crookedly from ear to ear, the creation nods. “Nice to be back, ’Nix.”

“Nice to have you back.” He leans into the touch on the jaw his created-twin is affectionately giving him.

It always amazed him how he could feel, physically feel his imaginary friend touching him. His ability is that strong that he was almost like a real boy. It seems it’s still that way because he can feel him right now. Even his warmth. Sometimes he felt that he was a little bit afraid of the imaginary friend. The way he always has a wild look in his eyes, the way he sometimes got him into trouble then would exit their body so he would be the one grounded and stuck at home instead of him. It was funny how he wished that he could remember home. Not his current one, but the one before. Does Mamoru know?

Mamoru can sense that his better-half could barely remember him, even if he knows his name now. Protect. Even if the male can feel their connection he doesn’t fully trust him yet. And he needs that trust or he’s useless- not completely- but not enough that he can really use his juice. He’s protected him from his fears of being a freak. Of being alone. His counterpart. His stronger-self. A him that he can’t be because his fears were so great that separating them from himself was all he could do.

And Mamoru was there to take those fears and destroy their power. Mamoru would play with him and laugh with him. He made being a psychic fun. Not like Maria. She uses it to hurt and trick people. She’s messed up, and she’s gonna mess him up too. But with his alter here maybe not. In fact definitely not. Because now that the binding around him restraining their gift have been broken he’s ready to have some much-wanted fun.

“I’m gonna take your body again,” Mamoru informs Yakusoku.

“No.” He barely got the word out, as the thought scared him that much.

It was horrible! Horrible! Wherever it was that he had gone, he didn’t like it. The darkness, the cold. The silence. Nothing but his own voice screaming. He may be in that type of situation now, but at least he can feel himself here. In there... he was nothing. Just gone. That was why... why he’d made up those words... or Mamoru said them to him. He did go to sleep to get away... to be gone.

He really did use to let Mamoru take his body. But it’s different now... right? Something weird is in there... something dark and equally familiar as Mamoru is. Another imaginary friend perhaps? A darker one formed when Mamoru became too familiar and kind? It was hard to say. Can imaginary friends do that? He made Mamoru up, is it possible for Mamoru to make someone up as well?

“Only long enough to get us out of here.” Mamoru continued, while poorly pretending that he wasn’t listening in on Yakusoku’s thoughts.

“Something just feels weird about all of this.” He shakes his head slowly.

“Do you wanna get out or don’t you?”

“I wanna get out.” He said very firmly. “My mom and dad are suffering without me. I can only imagine how Ai is doing.”

“Good. Then we’ll need to get you used to the switch again.”

Sighing, Yakusoku closed his eyes. Was he really going to do this? He knew the answer to that. “Okay, Mam’... let’s do it.”

The male crawled forward, dipping the bed as he came up around him, and before Yakusoku knew which way was up, he was writhing in pain on the large soft bed while his soul got used to being gone.

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