Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Let's Go!

“Look who’s awake,” Maria announced walking over to the cell door with the key jingling on its hoop in her grasp. “Did you enjoy your sleep?”

“Yeah... it was very insightful.” Replied Yakusoku as he moved groggily to a sit.

“I’m gonna swap out with you now,” Mamoru informed.

“Go ahead.”

Cocking a brow, Maria smiled. “Go ahead and what? You don’t even know why I came down here.”

“To spy on me. It’s always to spy on me.”

“There’s that mouth again... what’s it gonna take for you to surrender?” She walks over to the bed, very slowly, and in her opinion very seductively. Her thighs brushing softly together with each step.

Yakusoku didn’t have to wonder if she were in ‘the mood’ she only ever really wore a skirt when she wanted to fuck around with him. Other than that she dressed like she knew it was winter, with big sweaters, and jeans with thick leggings underneath. He coveted her clothing, wanting to be dressed badly enough to actually wear girls’ clothes. Yakusoku closed his eyes when feeling the thick drape come down over his head from Mamoru’s mind and presence taking over his body.

“Maybe we need to make a little love to each other,” Maria decided. “it’ll help you understand and relax. I don’t want to hurt you Promise, I just wanna be with you.” She leans over to crawl across the bed to where her prey sat.

Mamoru watched her approach, looked down at the hand that reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder. He watched as Maria’s other hand located his thigh and had it travel up to his member where the tip of her finger gave the slit of his head a light brush. She brought the finger up to her mouth giving it a little lick as if to entice him.

Mamoru raised a hand a brought it up behind her head, smiling when she whispered heatedly. “Yes, give it to me.” And he gave it to her alright. He moved aside and with enough force to break her nose, he smashed her face into the stone wall behind the bedframe. Maria’s scream startled Yakusoku to the point that he yelped out loud through his mouth rather than in his head where he is.

Mamoru slapped a hand to his mouth like a kid would after he realized he’d just cursed in front of his parents. “Whoops. How’d that slip out.” Shaking it off, he grabs Maria by the back of her head again. “Now where was I?” Jerking her down onto the bed, he raised his free hand into a fist and slammed it right down across her jaw.

The girl cried in pain from each blow. How could this be happening?!

“Aaaw Mariaaaa... Aaaaww, Mariaaa.” Mamoru sang in a crazed little throaty sound. “Pooor sweet Mariaaa... Such a sad tale, Mariaaa..”

“No, stop!” Yakusoku continued to plead as he watched the blood flowing from Maria’s nose.

He was laughing like a mad man as he battered and bruised the slender, almost fragile girl pinned to the screeching bed beneath them. But she isn’t fragile, she powerful and cruel, and this is her punishment.

‘No! No, stop! It’s too much! We can go now!’ Yakusoku pleaded.

“She’s still breathing, isn’t she!?” Mamoru bellowed, but it was too late he felt himself being dragged back. Back and away from the world of the living, from breathing, from touching, and doing. Fuck.

“Are you out of your fucking mind? We were home free!”

Yakusoku could feel the anger roiling around in his skull, but he bit it back. Even when his eyes burned to the point of looking red and blood-shot through the whites. He couldn’t have her killed. It would be murder on his hands. HIS hands, not Mamoru’s.

“Maria’s been stopped- look at her- she’s out cold.”

“Should be out dead,” Mamoru said in a bored manner.

“I can... I can do it, I can open the door.” Assured the captured male.

Though it was a dream or whatever, Maria still taught him the basics of how to use his gift. It hurt like a bitch, though, trying it fresh out the gate. He focused all his energy on the cell door, and in one swift motion it pulled open.

“Yes!” He cheered proudly.

“Run! Run!”

Yakusoku tore from the cell at top speed. Fuck, he forgot about the door to the cellar.

“Anything you want, just do it!” Mamoru coached from beyond the border.

The door struggled due to its thickness, but after two tries it shoved open for him. The heat in the house was a welcoming smack in the face, and everywhere else if you get his drift. Lucian jumped out of his skin when seeing Yakusoku tear into the living room.

Standing, he says. “Hey!”

Mamoru manipulated Yakusoku’s body enough to point a finger at the larger male and say, in his own voice. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

Lucian looked beaten by nothing but simple words and shrank away back down onto the couch.

“I have to get Atsuko.” He mentioned to his imaginary friend.

“Fuck the kid, we’ll come back for her.”

“But she's..!”

“The same as the rest of us stuck here. We can help them all by not traveling in a group. She’ll slow us down, and we gotta move.”

Yakusoku hated to admit it, but Mamoru was right. There is something, though.


And he looked up to the kinder voice that spoke to him now, though momentarily confused by the strange behavior, he nodded as if to say “Yes?”

“I need some clothes, where’s your room?”

“Last door on the right upstairs.” He admitted quickly.

“Thank you.” Rushing upstairs he turned right and heads down the hall.

Yakusoku couldn’t help looking at the young girl through the window as he passed by.

’I told you that we’ll come back for them. Move!”

Nodding, he hurried past the doorway because the young girl had turned her head at the sight of movement through the window. He hoped that she hadn’t seen him. Entering Lucian’s room, he locates a dresser and quickly grabs the first pair of blue jeans he could latch onto, and a white sweater thick and soft and more importantly, warm. He couldn’t find a pair of boxers as he rifled through the drawer with the hand that isn’t helping him jerk the jeans up his leg and over his butt. Forgetting the boxers, he pulls the sweater over his head and smooths it down his body.

“There might be sneakers at the door.” He says to Mamoru. Hurrying downstairs he spots a pair of sneakers and thanked Gods that he doesn’t have to go out barefoot. Although, a coat would really do him some good. “Don’t you tell her that I left.” He orders Lucian while slipping his feet into the oversized sneakers. “I need some time to get away, and if she thinks that I’m still in the house I’ve got that.”

Lucian wasn’t even looking at him.



“Seriously, I’m gonna go get help and you and Tsukiko are gonna be saved as well. I won’t leave you!”

“Oh touching... will you fucking go!”

“Right.” Closing his eyes, he concentrated on what it would look like if the door were open.

And the thing jerked open like someone had blasted it with a stick of dynamite, though it isn’t broken or anything. Wind howled through the opening bringing with it ice and bits of snow, as well as a long cold windy trail that chilled he and Lucian to the bone instantly. Freedom. He couldn’t help but smile as he stepped outside into the whirl of wind and snow. Jerking the door closed behind him.

Lucian looked at the solid obstruction. Standing, he heads into the kitchen to grab a towel to clean up the melted snow from the floor. If Maria sees it she’ll know that he’s left the house, and then no one will be happy. He can still feel those white walls staring at him, and he walked over to the couch to cover himself from harm; and with his legs drawn in, tears in his chest, he rocks and he waits.

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