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My Bad Body Double

How could they-? When did they-? Behind his back no less! Was he really behaving so badly that they had to assume the worst? Fuck. Checking his watch he realized that third period was underway. He didn’t feel like going. He felt sick actually. Good thing he and his friends planned on skipping. Pushing open the bathroom door of their usual meeting place he took in the familiar and comforting white tiled floors, and freshly painted over the summer blue stalls.

Pacing while waiting for the others; he couldn’t shake the counselor’s questions. His parents are starting to believe that he isn’t happy with them. Fuck! His pace slowed to a stop and he stands before a mirror; taking in his appearance he frowns at himself. His frosted blue tips, that clump of green so out of place. And look at his face all pale and made up- eyeliner for fucks sake! This isn’t him. This is Gev. This is that other kid who comes around only to smoke with them... Luther. But it's not him.

“This is not what you wanted...” He leans forward popping his forehead against his reflection’s. He can’t bring himself to look into his eyes- which today has one cat’s eye and one brown. Yeah, no wonder the counselor thought he was lying. “This isn’t right... Now they think you don’t love them. Fuck.” Fist balled, he pops himself in the face repeatedly. “You’re so stupid, Yakusoku... stupid.. stupid... stupid.” He muttered over and over with a pop to the face to emphasize each one.

Straightening, he notices that the sleeve on his hoodie slid down a bit exposing his red and brown spotted wrist. Good thing Mrs. Price didn’t see this. He isn’t cutting himself, thankfully he isn’t that far gone- not that he hadn’t lost sleep over wondering if he could. But for a few days now he’s noticed little healed pricks along his wrist- like he’d been poked in his sleep by something. Maybe he’s got bed bugs, or ants. Hell with the look of his room he wouldn’t be surprised by either or both.

It looks like his wrist has freckles. Taking in his appearance, even though he met his reflection’s eye contact, his actual gaze- the life behind it- remained distant and far from present in those eyes. He felt the sudden urge to scrub his face, and when he reached for the faucet handles a stall door sounded off behind him and out walked that kid Ludwig from before. Great. This day just kept getting better.

He caught Yakusoku’s mirror gaze, paused only for a second then continued up beside him to use the beside sink. Washing his hands he stole a glance over at Yakusoku, who is outwardly watching him. Probably for the shock factor, Ludwig figured. But he had a purpose for being here, he isn’t stalking the odd-looking male. Better get on with it and go before he thinks otherwise.

Shaking his wet hands forward and down into the sink, he grabs for a napkin then says. “Your friend, Clark, told me to give whichever of you guys was in here a message.”

And then his gaze fell upon Yakusoku’s wrist, only because he was avoiding the male’s cat’s eye and brown eyed hard gaze, he blinked as thoughts rushed through his mind over how the dots got there. They looked like ink but then he wasn’t stupid.

Noticing where his gaze had fallen the goth teen covered his wrist in one quick push, then he asked. “What was the message?”

“Right.” He shakes off the urge to ask what the poking was all about, and gave the information he’d obtained before excusing himself to use a bathroom not even in a hall he’s taking class in. “Clark has practice and skipping might get him in trouble, so he’s not gonna come.”

He shrugged then and moved to the trash can by the door. He was about to exit but something stopped him, and he looked over his shoulder- not yet brave enough to address the male outright- to say.

“Whatever you’re going through, it isn’t worth that.”

“Hn. What the hell would you know?”

“I know no pain should bring you to your knees, it's like giving into it- even a little bit.”

Yakusoku smiled just then, it wasn’t a kind smile it was actually leaning on a sneer. But he said in a dry tone. “Pause.”


“Yeah, anytime someone tries to fag-out on you, you say ‘pause’ to dispel it.”

Thinking, Ludwig shakes his head. “I’ve never heard of that?”

Yakusoku shrugged a hand. “Gotta be in the know to know.”

“You know, if you didn’t look like such male-pussy maybe you wouldn’t have to keep telling people to pause.”

Flipping Yakusoku off Ludwig tugged open the bathroom door, brushing roughly past Gev and Nono as they walked in. He only caught a brief glimpse of their faces, but he could see where Yakusoku- he learned is his name- got his sense of style. He screamed Gev’s bitch, and the owner of said clone had bullseye contacts to prove it.

He could hear their rowdy exchange before he left the hall. ‘Pause? Hn. What a bunch of assholes. Clark’s an okay guy. How the hell’d he get mixed up with those losers?'

Yakusoku let the delicious flavor that is greasy pizza own his taste buds to the fullest. This was much better than eating cafeteria crap- oddly enough they are having pizza today- but it just doesn’t compare to the real thing. Those icky cardboard slabs with the wet and chewy toppings of pepperoni and cheese. Bleh!

“I love pizza. Maybe more than sushi.” He declared before taking a hard swig of root beer.

This was really doing some good for him after the morning he’s had. He can still hear the damned words of Mrs. Price. He’ll have to have a talk with his family after school or over the weekend. His mom and dad will no doubt be wondering if the counselor called him in, and even if they don’t outright question him they’ll look at him with wonder of wanting to know. Ugh.

He could always talk to them before, now it was kind of turning his stomach to think about it. Setting his cup down onto the checker-cloth table top he turned his gaze out the window. At least the darkness of the place would hide his forelorn expression. Hm. Looked like rain- or snow. It snowed last week but it was small and faded quickly away.

“Hey, you guys wanna grab some snacks from the convenience store before we head back?” Yakusoku asked out of the blue.

“Yeah.” Was Gev, who's pulling balls of sausage from Yakusoku’s pizza choice dropping them onto his Hawaiian pizza. “Don’t have any change, though.”

“Yeah, me either.” Turning his attention back to his lunch, he finishes the slice from his plate then grabs for a slice of supreme from Nono. “That reminds me.” He sets the cheesy greasy mess down onto his plate and brushing his hand across his pant leg, he then reaches into his backpack pulling out a folder. “Here.” Tearing out a picture, he hands it off to the hispanic male. “Charly.” As if he had to say who the drawing was. It was obvious since his talent with drawing is boarding on brilliant.

“Hell. Yes.” Nono said in awe of the sketch.

He’d seen Yakusoku doing finishing touches on that girl in class he likes, and so he’d asked if Yakusoku could draw a girl for him. His friend didn’t know her so she had to be pointed out in the cafeteria, since then the male has been stealing glances at her while sort of stalking her about school just to make sure the picture would be accurate.

Yakusoku had even gone as far as to bump into her to get a look at her eyes and nose up close. What a true friend. A really good friend. He could feel himself hardening at the picture. Charly has a finger in her mouth, hand down at her thigh, legs raised up on the seat with her knees parted but ankles together. His friend’s mind is either truly sick, or truly great to think up these poses.

“Let me see.” Gev reached for the photo after watching the exchange. “Wow. And this is Charly? I knew her from kindergarden, baby grew up.” He admired before handing the picture back to Nono. “Yakuza, you gotta do one for me. Isobelle Lancaster from English- you know her.” Yakusoku nodded. “Yeah, draw her giving me a blowjob.”

Yakusoku raised a brow at that. “I’m not looking at your dick,” he said vehemently.

“You don’t have to, just put her mouth all the way around the good stuff.” He grinned like a fiend; black lipstick making his fanged teeth look extra white.

Snickering, Yakusoku nodded to agree on the project.

“Sick- ooh and make it so that’s she’s fingering herself.”

Nono shook his head, a tinge of humor in his serious brown gaze. “I hope no one ever finds these, I really do.” Folding up the mentioned ‘find’ he stuffed it into his pocket.

“Better get moving, lunch ended four minutes ago.” Yakusoku reminded his friends. Standing, he gathered two slices to take with him on their side trip to the mini-mart.

“Our ever studious gang member.” Gev clasps his hands together with a look of pride toward his best friend.

“Zip it.” He snickered in reply.

He really wasn’t that into going back to school actually. He just wanted to get the day over with and head home to crash with his thoughts.

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