Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Game of Phones

Ludwig couldn’t figure out what to do about the random call he’d gotten 3 nights ago. It didn’t even really sound like a call, it was more like someone had called him then held their phone to the television so he could hear a scene of panic going on. His first thought was to call his aunt Rissa. Judging by the zip code the call came from Canada, and she’s the only one he knows out there. It’s always been like that. He’s not even a stable rock of a person, but she loves him and looks to him for comfort when she’s frustrated or down.

She could have called, but the message itself made no sense. When he called her, they spoke for a long while until he casually brought up the phone call. She said she was fine, she also said that the call couldn’t have come from her because she’s been over at a friend's having tea and waiting out the blizzard. But she’d gotten home safely the next morning. She also mentioned that she bought a cat- or three. The woman loves animals. Ludwig was happy to hear that, she needs company- even if it’s animal companionship.

Looking back through his phone, he tried calling the number that had called him but it was out of service.

‘Yakusoku... Could it have been you?’ He wonders.

“I’ll take an iced latte and a small Ceasar salad, please.” A female customer said to snap him from his stupor.

“Right, just one moment.” Picking up a plastic bowl from the stack, Ludwig puts together the woman’s salad with haste.

He’s not exactly a coffee prince or anything, so he’s better being the salad and sandwich boy rather than one of the baristas. It’s easy work for good pay. Although sometimes the stink of coffee bean could get overwhelming. Between Arabica and vanilla beans, he’s sure his nose is going to run screaming and never look back.

“We’re backed up as it is.” Says a fellow male employee. “If you’re gonna space out, just go home.”


Once handing the customer her fill, he became pensive again. When thinking about his aunt, it dawned on him that she could maybe help him and the Lands find Yakusoku. She might be able to! When he was younger, she could always find lost pets for kids, no matter how far in the neighborhood they’ve strayed. And she always cheated when they played hide-n-seek. He could have asked her for a slight loan to get out there and see her, but he didn’t want the pressure of owing money to someone when he’s unsure of when he can pay them back. So he went out and got himself a job in the pulse of America, the local Starbucks.

He supposed if his new crush hadn’t mentioned how much he loved those instant cappuccinos, he would have picked a different job, but he wasn’t kidding that night when he’d practically told Gev that the missing male had become everywhere to him. Sometimes he would be walking into the room with a smile on his face, other times he’s crouched in the corner of the room he’s currently in like his bedroom, the classroom, and currently the coffee shop. And he’d just be shivering with tears in his eyes, saying to himself over and over that he’s cold.

Slapping luncheon meat and lettuce on a corn wrapping, he feels a shiver of his own upon recalling the latest vision of Yakusoku. He and the guys were at his house one afternoon because he wanted to drop off his backpack; they apologized to each other at school and decided fighting wasn’t really going to get Yakusoku back, so they should stop being so horrible to each other- in other words, it was mostly the brooding goth doing the apologizing- but when he walked into his bedroom and saw Yakusoku tied to his desk chair, blindfolded, and covered in white clothing from head to toe, his startled yelp of ′Merde′ that backed him into a wall was justifiable.

Clark took it as an incentive to crack wise and say. “It's too late to realize this room is too douchey for company because they’re already over.”

Nono, thankfully, gave the male a shove in his steed. He didn’t see what was so wrong with his room. A few posters of favorite composers and his favorite bars of musical scores painted on one wall. Just regular stuff. Minus the tied up screaming ghost of his missing friend, of course. It vanished almost as quickly as it had appeared. Was it a sign that Yakusoku is suffering some new and horrible fate? Or that he’s... Ludwig didn’t want to think about it. But he’d spent the rest of his friendly visit at home glancing at the abandoned chair incase Yakusoku popped up again with some sort of clue as to where he is, but he never showed, and if he had, Ludwig must have missed him when he went out.

A bang on the window alerted his attention, looking across the room he spots Ai through the glass, waving at him. Waving back, he smiled when the boy moved on to continue going wherever it was he’d intended to go that evening. One more week of this and he could head to his aunt’s in Canada.

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