Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Crazier by the second

“Are you sure I’m not real?” Mamoru asked as he walked about the small padded room. “Because last time I checked you and I had an understanding about one another.”

“Last time I checked that so-called ‘understanding’ was a lie. So, you’re no longer real.” Retorted the teen, never taking his eyes from the view out the window.

A courtyard. A pepper of traveling white against the gray concrete of the ground, the red brick of the building, and the three crops of green where three trees stand tall, planted inside them. Planted perfectly to stand inside permitted bits of dirt with green grass. All in order. Order.

‘Tch. They’re trying to give these people order.’ Scoffs Yakusoku. ‘I wonder if that’s why they’re all wearing white? No individuality. Course, it could be used with any color really, so long as everyone is wearing it.’

“Glad you’ve still got some fight in you to dissociate yourself from these pods.” Seeing the curious look on Yakusoku’s face, he clears it up for him. “You said why ‘they’ all wear white instead of ‘we’.”


“Soooo. It means you might be willing to listen to me... go along with my plan.”

“Great! Hear that everyone? Mamoru has another brilliant plan.” He looks at his clone then past him to the large man seated on a single chair not far from his bed. ‘Damn. I’ve been here so long that I’d forgotten that this guy is in here.’ Frowning at the orderly, he turns his attention back out of the window. ‘Why the hell is he not saying anything, though?’

He rubbed his arm, feeling itchy now that he’s recalled- beyond Mamoru- he’s not alone.

As if Orderly Dan had sensed the sudden tension in the air, he clears his throat then asks. “Who’s Mamoru? Your girlfriend?”

“Hn. I’ll fuck you like you’re my girlfriend, and maybe leave a bit of you alive to twitch afterwards.” Mamoru hissed.

‘What does that even mean?’ Yakusoku wonders.

Yakusoku focuses, instead, on the patients in the yard as they wandered aimlessly around. Does it make them feel better? Like they’re back with society. It couldn’t possibly. Look at them! Some are pacing with help from an orderly, one is pretending they need a wheelchair which is completely ruining her posture. One is laughing hysterically at the tree's shadow. That’s not society, it’s just another good reason to become even more insane- if, for more than half of them, that were even possible.

“I heard you.” He ground out when being questioned a third time about Mamoru. “Your job is to mind my behavior, not question it. That’s why I see the shrink every Wednesday and Friday.”

The large man balked at that. “Got a lot of lip for someone who is supposed to be getting better.”

“Oh, what?” He looks at the orderly. “Are you reading my files now? An awful lot of interest for someone who’d once said everyone in here would be better off dead.”

“Was I lying? Look at these people... listen to them.” He stands and moves to the window. “Save aside the few who get phone calls, no one cares that they’re here- may as well be homeless. At least then they can go farther than the courtyard.”

‘Would they?’ Wondered the captive teen, looking out the window at a particular nutcase making out with the wall.

He’s so into it that he doesn’t even realize that his lips are bleeding. Yakusoku was sure that if he stayed in this place any longer he truly would lose his mind. September couldn’t come soon enough. September. That’s when Maria promised to come for him.

He sighed with a quick huff.

Wetting his lips, Dan studied the teen’s profile while the juvenile is looking quite intensely out of the window. Slowly, his hand reaches out and brushed the teen’s hair behind his ear.

Mamoru’s eyes widened at the absolute audacity! Did he really? Did that lard-ass just really do that?! Approaching the bed, he climbed on behind his twin. Whispering in his ear- as if he could have actually been heard- he says. “Just say the word.”

‘If I panic it’ll get worse.’ Thinks the lightly assaulted. And so, very calmly, he says to the orderly. “Please keep your hands to yourself.”

Snorting, the monitor reaches up again this time brushing his fingers across his earlobe. “Or what?” He’s goading him now. He wants the encounter.

“Nothing. Just keep your hands to yourself.” And Yakusoku offered his very best death glare within a single side-glance.

This wasn’t the first time the man has been suggestive with him. But before, he’d ignored it. The way Dan’s hand accidently brushed his ass when he’d moved him to the door and reached into his pocket to grab the keycard to unlock it. Since Yakusoku stood in front of the man, he had to endure the brushing of his butt twice, once as the man’s right hand went down into his left pocket, then again when bringing the removed card out and up to the reader. He let it slide.

Another time was when they were heading to the cafeteria, and orderly Dan went to put his arm around his shoulders and his fingertips brushed almost affectionately across the back of his neck before resting his strong hand on his shoulder. Not to mention when he’s being forced still during hydrotherapy, orderly Dan always grabs him at the thigh, as high as he can wrap his lecherous hand.

He should have just left it at the first rejection because further acknowledgment only got him pounced on! He grunted when orderly Dan grabbed him around the throat and began choking him, while at the same time shoving his girth down on top of him to pin him down. If only he’d left it at that.

“Fuck!” Mamoru, at the side of the bed, gave the orderly a very strong shove with his mind.

To say that Dan was shocked would be putting it mildly. The man sat where he was mentally flung for a good surprised-pause. But once the initial ‘what the fuck!’ wore off, he charged him like a bull.

Yakusoku was prepared to make for the door- the locked door- and bang like a fucking ghost in the night to get out, but he wasn’t quick enough to get off the bed and his foot got caught in the blanket; it tugged him to the floor like it was the death grip. As he fought to get his foot free from the tangle, he’s pinned from behind instantly and he felt himself cringing when an all too obvious mound poked him in the butt through his light pants. Damn comfy cozy patient clothes can’t just have a hard frame, zipper and fly like jeans. Nooo, they gotta be all elastic with a drawstring and linen-like material. Fuck!

He bucked like a bull in a rodeo, hoping it wasn’t further getting the man off as he tried to move free. His flailing became even more erratic when his neck was moistened by the tip of Dan’s tongue; and he prayed like fuck it was the tip of his tongue and not something else, getting his answer from the band on his pants elevating. Why hadn’t he seen this coming? Oh, gee, couldn’t be because every time he sees the monitor lizard he’s hitting on a female orderly named Stina, he’d even heard them screwing around quite compliantly in the staff room, once, when he was on his way back from therapy.

Then there’s Matilda, a bitch who’d told him that he needed the harsh treatments in order to get better. Dan flirts with her all the time too! So why this? Why now? Has he flipped?! He’s so obviously straight.

“Is he at it again?!” Asks Dr. Strauss.

Walking in on the scene, the doctor has a view from the far end, which meant he saw nothing but a pair of his patient’s legs and Dan’s covered back. Not the front where Yakusoku’s pants are up in Dan’s grasp while being slightly pulled down to the center of his bare cheeks, a stubby finger aimed at his hole. Jerking the patient’s pants up hard enough to damn near give him a wedgie, Dan moved off of the lad and turned around in a huff.

“Little punk was starting up again, talking to imaginary friends and raising his voice at it. Look what he did to the bed.” He points.

Yakusoku looked back at the pulled away sheets and things from when he’d tripped getting out of bed. Turning his head when he heard the doctor tisking, he stared wide-eyed as if to convey to the man that he wanted to get out because orderly Dan was lying.

“Again with this imaginary friend... young man, please come with me.” Strauss waved his hand to ask that Yakusoku follows him.

“You’re dead!” Mamoru ground out to the orderly as he followed the two.

The plump man’s brows furrowed in wonder over who’d spoken to him, playing it off as nothing while following after the doctor and patient.

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