Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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When it sucks to be you

Yakusoku’s eyes blinked drowsily as his consciousness went in and out of a really weird sight. It looked like someone was trying to put a sack over his head but they weren’t so sure if they should so they kept removing it. He groaned in drowsy anguish and realized that there was something in his mouth. He gagged when the tip of something leaking a tart fluid bumped into the back of his throat.

He sobbed desperately when upon a good moment of clarity he noticed that orderly Dan is straddled on top of his face, fucking his barely conscious mouth. Gagging again, he starts coughing when the man dragged his cock from Yakusoku’s mouth when realizing that the patient waking up is a high risk of being bitten in a very sensitive place if he doesn’t move, so lowering his hips he sticks with wet humping him over his clothes.

No one on the outside can see exactly what they’re doing since Dan’s bare nether region is covered from behind by the thin blanket wrapped around his waist. Streaks of semen criss-cross over the front of Yakusoku’s white pants, leaving a noticeable off-white yellow in its wake. The dusty taste of his semen is waft in the air and hard in his mouth.

Dan licked him hard up the side of his face like a large slobbering dog would a nice juicy bone, laughing when Yakusoku made an unintentional whimper when trying to speak in order to tell the man to get off of him. The teen’s labored breathing picked up when Dan’s pace slowed down to a guttural grind, and the orderly’s mouth clamped down around his neck.

“Ah ha ha ha..” He sobbed in disbelief while shaking his head to tell him ’No, I don’t want this!’. But he’s so woozy from the shock treatment, all he can do is lay there and let this disgusting pig mark him like a prize.

For some reason Gev flashed through his mind, he’s always nibbling on his neck when he’s higher than the clouds he’s puffing out of his mouth. Yakusoku never knew what the deal was with that. He’d always wanted to ask the male about it, but part of him was always afraid of the answer. But he allowed Gev to do it because he’s his best friend. He would do anything for the male, even allow himself to be chomped on like a chew toy. Deep down, he kind of liked it, it was a personal and private thing shared between them. But also worrisome. Knowing what happened to him when he was a child, he’s beginning to feel like all the world believes that they can violate him and he’ll just accept it. Look at Ludwig! He did it!

But it wasn’t unaware like when Gev does it... Ludwig kissed him on the neck because he wanted to because he believed he could. And had he let him? He can’t really remember much of that night beyond Ludwig’s lips touching his neck.

‘I have to push him off... I have to move him.’ He feels his anger growing, his fingernails dig into Dan’s upper arm, which wasn’t easy since the man has him properly pinned.

Dan felt a shove but it only made him smile. “That’s right, baby, fight me.” He groaned in heat.

‘I will fight you.’ He coached himself. ‘I have to fight!’

His gift shoved the chair that Dan usually sat on; it startled his attacker but only long enough to have him look over his shoulder at what the sound was. But seeing that no one walked in, he went back to what he was doing; when he looked back down at the teen to see his sorrow, Dan got an elbow to the nose.

“Aaah! You little, mother fucker!” He spat holding his bleeding nose. He slammed his fist into his face. “I was gonna be nice and leave your little cherry intact, but now... we play by my rule.”

Yakusoku’s pain crippled and nearly completely limp body is flipped over so that he’s laying on his stomach. Dan yanked the teen’s pants down to his knees, rubbing his hands up the back of his bare thighs; reaching the globes of flesh, he squeezes the boy’s buttocks, parting the cheeks to whirl his tongue around the exposed pucker.

‘I have to figure out how...’ He coached himself. ‘I have to defend myself!’

When he felt pressure from the orderly’s thick thumb trying to gain entrance that was all he needed to break free. The nasty pig went flying to the corner of the room near the door. He’s scared, he knows this time that he’s not crazy, that he wasn’t simply bucked off the boy but thrown. But how?!

“Y-y-y you’re some kind of witch!” He points a trembling finger at the male.

Tugging his pants up, Yakusoku turns around to sit on the bed. “I asked you not to touch me... it should have only been one time, but you didn’t listen- why? Did I seem easy? Or like a push-over? Or are you that disturbed?” He stabs himself in the temple with his index finger repeatedly.

“I-I- I’m sorry.” Dan reached into his pocket, but his shaking hands couldn’t get the card up to the reader, and he yelped when the teen got off the bed and started over to him. “I said I’m sorry!”

“That’s not good enough.” The teen replied in a very detached and cold tone. His steps lowered, lowered until he is down on the floor crawling over to him. “You tried to rape me...” He nods when the man begins shaking his head. “Yes, you did. And look at my black eye... you hit me- and not for the first time.” Crawling over to the orderly he’s right up between his naked legs and thighs and reaching up he placed his hands on the man’s uniform covered chest. “How should I repay that?”

Dan swallowed hard, eyes filled with terror and plead.

Standing, Yakusoku took two steps back away from his enemy. Sizing him up. Nodding when he guesses around some 282 in weight, he raised the man up from the floor then flung him to the other side of the room and back again with enough force to make the man spittle on himself. Orderly Dan was flat out balling he was so frightened. Yakusoku didn’t blame him, he was scared much the same way when Maria started using her gift on him. She thankfully never flung him about a room like a piece of paper caught in the wind.

“I beg you, I’m sorry!” Dan cried.

Dan is up at the top of the wall being turned upside down, and when the man was pleading to Yakusoku. To God for help. The gifted teen dropped him on his head. The pop was loud enough for someone outside of the room to figure it out. Figure out that 282 pounds of weight on a simple line of spinal column was screaming disaster. Looking at the dead pile bunched at an impossible angle on the floor, Yakusoku felt an odd sort of smile spread across his lips. But when the boy’s frightened rage wore down, he realized what happened. It was like a veil had been lifted, and reality sank in.

“Ho no...” He sank to the floor. “No, no, no.”

Mamoru clapped very tight, very loud, very proud hands together. “Lovely.”

“What have I done?” He whispered.

Overhead the lights flashed. Lights-out time.

“You overcame a hurdle kiddo.” Seeing moisture on the frightened psychic’s cheeks, he rolled his eyes. “Wanna tap out?” Mamoru asked removing himself from his perch on the bed.

Shakily, he nods. And very rapidly his nerves calmed, his breathing feathered and rapidly smoothed out and evened. And the voice in his head saying “look what you did, look what you did” ceased altogether. Mamoru wiped the tears from his charges face and stood up from the crumpled sack position he’d dropped into. He has to work fast. He’ll only have four minutes before the monitor does bed check by peeking through the window of the door.

Grabbing the keycard from where the orderly had dropped it, he stuffs it into the band of his tighty whities since his patient clothes don’t have pockets. Pulling the man’s pants back up on him, Mamoru climbs into bed rolling over to face the window- not the door.

“Bed check. Any trouble Danny?” Asks the monitor.

“Hn.” Snorts “Danny”. The peeking hall monitor doesn’t see that the man is dead, nor does he sense that Dan’s body is being controlled like a large meat doll by a dark puppeteer. “Brat’s been in and out of sleep since shock treatment. Everything’s fine.” The dead body gave a thumbs up.

“Good. Night, Danny.”


Mamoru climbed from the bed and hurried over to the door. There are no more checks once the lights go out, the only real issue is avoiding the cameras. Yeah right. Pressing the card to the scanner, he slips into the hall and hurried in the direction of the patients’ lounge.

“Wo? Wo? Wo?” He wonders as he searches. “Wo ist das telefon? Ah.” Dialing a number, he waits out the rings.

“Who are you calling?” Asked a very sorrowful voice in the back of his head.

“Someone who can help us.”


“Ssshh! He’s picked up.”

“Oui?” Said a voice very familiar to the hidden teen.

“Hey sexy, how ’bout bailing me out of a bad sitch?” Mamoru replied to the confused greeting, which in turn only made Ludwig more confused.

“Qui est-ce?” He asked then translated remembering the caller spoke English. “Who is this?”

“It’s me... Ma-..” He stops himself then shakes his head. “Yakusoku.”

There was a very long pause. “Are you serious?”

“I wouldn’t lie.”

“You don’t sound like him... frankly, I think you’re the same weirdo that called before- are you trying to start trouble. Trying to hurt his family?”

“If that were the case I would have called his- eh, my- or is it his?”

“Don’t fucking call here anymore.” He hangs up.

“Oh, that went well.” He shoves his fingers into the dial tone. “Who else should we call?”

"We aren’t calling anyone, I want my body back so I can call home.” He’s quiet a moment. “How do I get out of here?”

“Not by shouting, nervous wreck.” Replied the alter stuffing a finger into his ear to still the ringing. “I’ll let you think on that, while you hear this. I’ve been thinking..”

“Scary thought, but what about?”

“Maria. Her gift isn’t as strong as mine,”

“Pat yourself on the back. So?”

“So she can’t use the phone, her range isn’t even wide enough to fill outside a market... If she’s calling you then it would be from somewhere inside the building- like when she’d tricked you at school.”

“You mean when she calls me she’s actually somewhere nearby?”

“Or someone.”

Yakusoku shivered within his own skin. If that were true, could she disguise herself as an orderly? Or even the head of this place? She’s tricked him into thinking that Dustin from next door had stuffed his hand in his pants when it was her all along. The trick is incredible and frightening.

“But what does that mean?”

“It means she’s watching you, that she’s keeping tabs and waiting for you to really want her- need her, to crack... then she’ll make this magical appearance and take you home with her.”

“Sounds good to me,” He thinks happily. “It’ll be easier fleeing Maria than this place. She’s nuts, but this place is scary as hell.”

“I’d just as soon pretend that I didn’t hear you say that.”

“No, think about it,” says Yakusoku. “You showed me how easy it is to stop Maria, so when I go back with her I’ll stay long enough to learn how to control my gift so that I don’t have to keep relying on you. Then we’ll both be strong together.”

Mamoru felt his heart beating rapidly, then he’d lost his sense of feeling altogether. With a gasp he says. “Schmutzige CHEAT!” He called from beyond the barrier.

“I don’t know what that means, but what I’d said, I meant it.” Yakusoku all but stuck his tongue out like a four-year-old on the playground.

“That’s what makes you so dirty.” Retorted the male just as childishly.

“Please, Mamoru... Let’s endure this until Maria calls.”

“Or until she’s forced to come and get you. We could start a riot and be taken home, eh?”

“Maybe.” He thinks. “It’s faster than being here through August anyway.”

Yakusoku felt his nerves prickle over going back into his room. He spat on the floor still cursed with the man’s taste in his mouth. He needs the bathroom to rinse this filth from his tastebuds. Heading down the hall, he found himself sprinting to get to a toilet as vomit scooted from his gut to his throat was very ready to come out of his mouth.

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