Silent Worlds: Dial Tone Book 2

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Strength in restraint

“I think the plan went awry.” Mamoru bobs his legs up and down while they are heightened off the floor from how far back on the bed he’s sitting.

“Nooo. What was your first clue?” Chides Yakusoku. “The part where we were pinned to the floor, the part where we got thrown back into our cell slash bedroom, or the part where you forgot about the fucking ankle monitor!”

“Well if it were black I would have remembered it.”

“Right. And you know the dumbest part? Maria didn’t even sho-..”

They look up when the door to the room opens. Doctor Strauss entered and behind him, Maria! His old pair of jeans on from when he was abducted, a pink shirt with a blue cardigan covering the tucked-in tee shirt. His eyes drew up to the pink tiara in her hair.

“You look really pretty.” He swallowed over a lump of bile.

“Please leave us alone.” She asked the doctor.

“We’ll talk later, mister Atkinson.”

Looking over her shoulder after the doctor, she then turned her attention to her lover. “What did you think you-...”

She staggered backward as Mamoru rushed upon her. He pressed his lips to hers while having her pinned to the wall; his right hand squeezed her side and his left cupped her face. He smirked when feeling her heart and her mind racing with wonder. He listened to her confusion over the kiss, a kiss he deepened by jamming his tongue down her throat.

They were connected at the mouth and hips until Maria moaned, then he backed away. She looked at him through half-lidded eyes; her chest rose and fell in hard pants. Her ice blue gaze snapped to the right and the door on the window slid shut with a thwack! Before Mamoru could register what was happening he’s knocked over onto the bed.

And he felt himself growing beyond sick when spreading her thighs so her legs draped over either side of the bed. With his gift he elevated her hips to remain up as if he were holding them, while his hands busied themselves pleasuring her; one cupped and groped at her small breast, spinning rolling circles around the protruded bud with his thumb, and the other spun lazy circles around her wet mound, past the hair and lips; his thumb sometimes passing into the inner warmth of Maria’s body.

“What a waste.” He thought as he pumped his hips into the unloved bitch’s anus. “Better appreciate this hündin.” He screamed to her unhearing mind. “I fucking hate women.”

“Oh! Oh, God!” Her legs flung up to wrap around his hips, and she clenched them painfully as she reached her climax, and he forced his. “Ohhh... Aahhh...” She milked her pleasured moans as her limp body rag-dolled onto the bed.

“Now here’s the real vomit factor.” He rolls his eyes as he lays down beside her. Pulling her close he kissed her cheek and neck. “I missed you.”

“I can tell,” She’s still catching her breath. “Where did that come from?”

“Missing you.” He kissed her collarbone then breast. “I wanna go home.. with you.”

“Home?” Her voice changed then, it lost its bedroom tone that drifted comfortably along with the scent of sex in the air and changed it right back to the edge Maria had when first walking in.

“You... you were right. You love me, and I was dumb not to see that.” And he allowed tears in his eyes. “I’d like to thank the Academy.” He toots his horn. “It’s hell here- torture! The man assigned to watch me forced himself on me!”

Anger flared in her icy eyes and she tried to sit up, but he held her back only to have his hand moved so she could sit up anyway. “Is that why you have those bruises?” She looks at the healing red digits grabbed into his thighs and arms. “And that black eye?” She touches it tenderly.

“I took care of him, I broke his neck.” He moved her hand to his lap, then started kissing her on the lips then neck.

Head tilted back enjoying the moment, she scoffs. ”You did? Ha! I always thought that you were such a light weight, although, you did hurt me.”

“And I’m sorry. I was scared because I didn’t know your type of love, but I’m not afraid anymore.” He looks deeply into her eyes. “Please let me come home, to you... to our daughter and my...” He paused to think. “Are we calling him my brother? Son?... I really don’t know. But Lucian.”

“I think you should stay here, you sound a little funny.”

“Yeah, I sound funny.” Snipped Yakusoku. “Wanna tone down the gangsta-lean?! I don’t sound like that, or talk like that!”

“Right. My bad.” Mocked the alternate. “That’s how I’ve learned to deal with my anxieties. I just use tough talk to back them off.”

“Shithead. I’m not a sap either.” Snarls the voice in Mamoru’s head. “Just swap out with me, I won’t screw it up.”

“Oh good, cause I’m about to hurl if I have to kiss her one more time.” Griped Mamoru readily moving back into Yakusoku’s head.

Rubbing his eyes then forehead, Yakusoku hastily removed Maria’s hand from his crotch, but held tenderly onto it, he even went as far as giving it a rubbing caress. “Please, can I go home with you?”

“I’ll have to think about it over seconds.” She pushes him down onto the bed. “And this time none of that kinky up the butt stuff. I’m not a dog and neither are you.” Straddling his hips she slides herself, still rather wet from their first go, over his flaccid member. “I like the idea of you getting hard inside of me.” She whispered against his lips.

She rode him up and down moaning and gasping for breath when his member began to give-in to the warmth and harden inside of her. Holding her by the cheeks, he kneads the fleshy globes, squeezing whenever her clamping inner walls pleased him as well as her.

“No, no.” She disciplined in a pleasure heightened tone that just sounded weird to the male. Removing his hands from her buttocks, she places them on her breast.

If he’s going to squeeze anything it’s going to be something feminine. This place really is messing with him, maybe she should bring him home early? Yakusoku really seems to have learned his lesson about not listening.

“Ah!” She cried out; hips now slamming up and down on Yakusoku’s lap.

They shared in a very languid french kiss; his hands in Maria’s hair. His tormentor lowered her kiss down his chest, rolling her tongue around his naval and dipping the tip inside like a scooper into a tub of ice cream, the exit a languid brushing just like a scooper would for getting the frozen treat. Head lower, she slips a ball of flesh beyond her lips and rolls her tongue around it. His hands gripped onto the blanket when his loins pound in response to the favorable actions being performed on him.

A fine sheen of sweat formed on his body and Maria made the moisture movable by running her hand along his chest, pelvis, and thigh. Blowing him stupid, her head bobbed up and down over his sex; her mouth tightened and widened like a professional sphincter with the most force being applied at the head and base of his length.

The twice captured male hated himself for each moan, he hated himself even more when his hand cruised down her ass and his finger tucked between her legs to fuck her female anatomy with his index and middle fingers.

“Mmm.” She purred with her mouth still over him. Bouncing her hips up and down over his fingers, she couldn’t help but move so her ass is now on his face.

He intended to continue finger fucking her, but she brushed his hand aside and lowered her hips in a need to have the favor returned. He felt nauseous at the thought but recalled an even more nauseating thought of what orderly Dan had done. Going in with wild abandon, he licked and lapped, swirled and stabbed his tongue against her sex. It tasted awful, but it didn’t taste like Dan.

Just remembering his name, seeing the full picture of what it is he’s doing, Yakusoku shook his head and pushed her off. “No. No, I’m sorry. I can’t do it!” He scoots away from her, wiping his mouth and shaking his head.

“What?” She pants. “Why are you stopping I was almost there?”

“I can’t... do that.” He swallowed over a hard panicked lump.

“Why not?” She was angry at first until he had a flash of what happened to him. Seeing his thoughts like they were a movie, she growled. “Bastards. I’ll have this place closed down for that. Was he the only one who’d touched you?”

Yakusoku nodded pathetically. He felt like a whipped dog looking at a mess the cat made but he’s being questioned for. Weird, but that’s what it felt like. Yakusoku felt like he had done wrong when it was someone else.

Caressing his cheek, she sighed. “I can see that you’re really freaked out about it. I’m going to get you signed out, and bring you home.”

He couldn’t even say thank you, he just nodded.

Pecking him on the lips, Maria moved from the bed and got dressed leaving him alone in his room.

Sighing with relief, he grabbed his patient clothes and redressed. He’s going home.

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